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  1. I am a bi-gender, gay, bisexual, jewish, muslim man from the U.S.A. I work in Wal-Mart and make $4 and hour. I am currently living in a single apartment with 27 other Gay, Muslim Jewish Bi-Genders. I like the color red ❤️ and I enjoy reading Anime and watching Manga. Thank you for reading and I hope to talk with someone soon, we can meet and maybe go on date. xoxo - Jhared Shmaheirk
    I also like of play EXS BOCKS on game call 'LEGOLAND DS' One day I also hope to detonate myself, and spread my FABULOUS 😍  body peices everywhere ❤️  while taking out DISGUSTING 🤢 NON-BELIEVERS 🙅‍♀️  I hope to give my body to ALLAH by letting fellow gay-muslim-jews spray his seed allover my remains 😍 😘  

    1. WickJeffe


      this is very nice Jada 😍👍

      you are doing the very good stuff 🤩😗

    2. Serx


      haha men

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