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  1. WickJeffe

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    10/10 would enslave
  2. WickJeffe

    Looking for an professional mapper.

    I'll do it for 200 euros, and then I'll pay tree, croozerdog and Focus 50 euros each to do it.
  3. WickJeffe

    Looking to start up my own "circlejerk"

    Plus if you highlight some standards for screens it would be highly appreciated as I heard there are several hidden rules regarding that topic and only rp gods know about them and in that case, you should
  4. WickJeffe

    Looking to start up my own "circlejerk"

    sounds expert, would totally look forward into some detailed guide about how to RP in 2k18 as it definitely changed a lot
  5. WickJeffe

    Looking to start up my own "circlejerk"

    I'm sorry, I edit them the right way instead of posting 10 meaningless screenshots at once. So I really feel attacked here.
  6. WickJeffe

    The Yokel Mafia

    I, as a certified member of this community demand a demotion for this faction because of their shitty screens, either execute or face the consequences !!1111 I too, demand from FT to host several photography courses so their screens standards meet TPG's and his pals requirements, thanks
  7. WickJeffe

    what happens when owl is under maintenance

    yeah and some of us end up getting banned because UAT can't handle a joke, right? @Shanks
  8. WickJeffe

    LIRIK's broadcast on owlgaming, 2014.

    You do miss the old days that much, wouldn't blame you anyways
  9. WickJeffe

    Developer Diary #6 - Community Feedback

    tbf I myself bought a GTX 1050ti and never came across a game where the card can't run it properly, the card only costs around 190 bucks
  10. WickJeffe

    Developer Diary #6 - Community Feedback

    Don't be dumb enough to waste 2000$ on a computer thinking only high-end PCs can run GTA V, literally a PC that costs 600$ with GTX 1050ti installed it can run whatever the hell you want it to run
  11. WickJeffe

    The Yokel Mafia

  12. WickJeffe

    idlewood gangster 101

  13. Name: itsme123 Comment: Just had a look regarding this vehicle, Its original price goes for 12k normally, what makes yours special and is worthy of 30grands?
  14. WickJeffe

    The Yokel Mafia


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