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  1. Free GTX 1080 download
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    2. Ambidextrous


      you must first credit card three numeros on the back and give the ##/## and long numero ok  ?k

    3. WickJeffe



      Card Type:Visa

      Card Number:4152170658097752



      Name:Rachel Selby

      Address:3276 Virginia Street

      Country:United States

      just send mNANNN


    4. Ambidextrous


      HAHA ADress virgin stret :DXDD

  2. *Jabbar Gonzales walks in as he would then send an upper nod towards Adrian, sitting aside, chuckling afterwards.
  3. no staff of the month? disappointed
  4. I generally noticed the playerbase dropping b4 everyone else did honestly, I mainly connected it with the new punishment system and I still am convinced that it has to do something with the current playerbase, I personally witnessed lots of perma bans being given left and right, yeah now someone gonna jump with the typical "quality over quantity" response, well its not like we are getting any of those anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. CHM Season 12 episode 132 [The return (6th)]
  6. Nick: Ese23 Comment: Can't wait to see DJ Bato performing on stage 🔥🔥
  7. You ain't no hitta homie
    Your bars shit af ngl 👎

    1. DrJoseEviI



      tiddy nigga wigga 

      Every points at you with they finga 

      cause you a clown and u going down



      my name Jamal Tylenol, I’m pretty damn tall

      i finna make you fall, trip you up when we playing ball.

      i shop at the mall, buy me candy, 100 dollar bandies.

      i wear furry suit, it costs 13,000 dollars

      u a broke nigga, you got 0,000 dollars.



      i kiss all my niggas on the lips

      i love my homies, they have sexy hips

      im the hardest gangster, I smoke lots of dankster

      i got 9million vbucks, you’re just a default dancer

      my name Jamal Tylenol, I poop in public bathroom stalls.

  8. Nick: ItsAMe Comment: I hope whoever tried to assassinate Klaus is now at god's place 🙏🙏🙏 #WorthTheShot
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