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  1. Username: ItsMEEEEE Comment: So LSPD indeed encourages its officers to treat blacks differently! I'm expecting the spokesperson of LSPD to show up as soon as possible and explain what the fuck was told in your video, I guess he owe us an explanation.
  2. Username: ItsMEEEEE Comment: How we can make sure that they are not some cheap actress who is ready to do anything for a couple of bucks? if that was a thing, how was it not reveal in any other show or whatever, but yours?
  3. Username: ItsMEEEEE Comment: Can be, at min 13:00 and forward there is an interesting part where an LSPD detective reveals that they are given courses on how to deal with blacks differently, I myself don't really believe that its an actual detective but there is still a chance, am right?
  4. Username: ItsMEEEEE Comment: I totally support you and been always a fan but I think some of the footages you used are nothing but scripted scenarios! I really hope if you can prove me wrong but I don't think that an actual LSPD detective would say that.
  5. WickJeffe


    lmao why you picked black as a color
  6. WickJeffe

    They got my jam, fam

    I too sometimes listen to Russian rap
  7. WickJeffe

    Tribute to X...

    good point tho but I was wondering if it was a neck shot then how there was no blood? but also if this was faked how could they not fake the blood too? I mean they wouldn't go that dumb either
  8. WickJeffe

    Tribute to X...

    yeah got no explanation for the rest but the only assumption I would give is the quality of the vid, I mean it was pretty much fucked up
  9. WickJeffe

    Tribute to X...

    regarding his shorts, its sun light lol
  10. WickJeffe

    Tribute to X...

    you want to act hard x this is how you end up like
  11. WickJeffe

    GAT Update - June 12th, 2018

    respect is what you are missing, sad it came out from a former admin.
  12. WickJeffe

    GAT Update - June 12th, 2018

    @DrJoseEviI i guess this is a good opportunity to show them your son
  13. WickJeffe

    rip steven woods

    So with that being said, it surely means that I don't care about other characters dying therefore, I don't really want to be called to witness a funeral and to know its content even tho I didn't attend, am right?
  14. WickJeffe

    rip steven woods

    oh, Jesus, I gently post my opinion about this and I get a dude attacking me out of nowhere, stating that I'm being salty and not him, well I will take that mate. and uh for the record, even i don't care about my worthless characters dying.

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