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  1. Congratulations you’ve won the auction. You will be contacted shortly on the details of our arrangement.
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1993 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: Silvia Q's S13 VIN: xxxxx Mileage: 105090 Description: Out of many Nissan Silvia's made, the S13 is seen as one of the most under rated ones. This car is featured with one of Nissan's best engines, the SR20DET powered with a 5 speed manual transmission. Currently, this vehicle has Z32 calipers in the rear, a BN Sports Type III Widebody Kit, 326 Power Rear Spoiler, Silver Work VS-KF Rims wrapped in Federal Tires. Where this car stands, it's perfect if you're wanting to enter the drifting scene on a track or even build this car to be a spec pro drift car. With the popularity of this car, finding parts is really easy. With the right engine performance parts, you can easily push higher horse power numbers and be on your way to tear up the drift track. Images Starting bid: $15,000 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $40,000 Auction end date: May 31st, 2019 Contact details: Will be contacted via email. (( Forum PMs )) * IC AND OOC COMMENTS ARE DISABLED *
  3. Happy birthday mate ❤️

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    Welcome mate xx
  5. Alright after further reviewing all evidence provided. Both characters will remain CK'ed. When reviewing the video and logs, it's shown that both players disregarded their lives. First of with Borislav Petrovich, knowing that fact that Justice Powell is affiliated with illegal actions, you should know that by speaking to him in an alley way and then reaching inside for your jacket to pull out a gun is an immediate threat to someones life. Be realistic here, if you were brought into an alley way where someone reaches for their weapon, you would react and due what is necessary which in this case, Justice Powell withdrew his firearm and shot you in the head/to end your life. As for Justice Powell, he was also disregarding life since he decides to withdraw his gun and shoot someone to kill them. Which this led to the witnesses, as shown in the video to kill him as well since he posses a threat to everyone there. With that being said, this CK appeal is going to be denied. Regards, Zuclya.
  6. No more further comments on this appeal. I'll be handling this appeal and looking into the evidence provided. If you're asked for questioning, you will be tagged, anyone who is not tagged for questioning and posts a reply will be dealt with forum admins.
  7. Vehicle was already sold to the buyout winner.
  8. Congratulations, you’ve won! Please contact Dinocos hotline so we can further process the sale!
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle 1 Vehicle 2 - SOLD
  10. Zuclya

    Howard for CC

    Nah this is it chief! Howard for CC!
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