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  1. Sad to see MTA OG go. It was definitely the best RP server out there with such a great community and staff. I hope to return soon to play OwlV. Farewell MTA, you gave all of us unforgettable memories.
  2. Joking don't freaking cry. The suggestions made are pretty good.
  3. Major YIKES alert. Joking, don't catch feelings *cough* some niggas *cough* +1
  4. @Chaotropy Congrats my nigga you finally got in!
  5. Zuclya


    Personally, I vote Owl V. I mean after taking MTA seriously in the last year and a half, I have come a long way, grown within the community and was apart of the GAT for a short period of time. And to be quiet honest, after the countless hours @Chaos and @Daniels have put into the server, I'm fucking amazed. Sure, V is lacking features but for a BETA, it's great! MTA will always have a special place for me, it's where I became more involved with the community, whether you hate or love me now, I don't care, the fact is MTA is an old platform and it's time to move on. Owl V will only get better and better every single day, with people making bug reports and the developers quickly seeking to fix them, I'm very impressed. As someone who has played other RageMP rolepaly servers such as GTAW and many more, Owl V has way more potential within the upcoming months. Just with speaking with Chaos and Daniels they seem to be highly motivated and driven to bring great features for the server. This is a new beginning which will only get better with time and the involvement of the community making the necessary reports for Chaos and Daniels to fix them. Great job on the beta Chaos and Daniels, your hard work and time spent was worth the wait after all this time! I'm loving my time on Owl V! Cheers to you guys!
  6. +1 on everything. As it is right now, I see a lot of room for improvement. Like for a Beta apart from the stability issues which are mainly resolved right now, it's fucking great. I would like the server to see better stability and fix many of the bugs it currently has and then add all those features mentioned.
  7. Congratulations! You’ve won! You will be contacted shortly on the details of our arrangement.
  8. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2017 Vehicle brand: Audi Vehicle make: RS7 Performance Prestige VIN: xxxx Mileage: 22115 Description: Audi, one of the greatest if not the best German automotive company in the industry. Why choose the Audi RS7 Performance Prestige over anything else in the 4 door performance sedan market? This car features Audi's twin turbo V8 4.0-Litre engine making 605 horsepower and 553lb of torque. Although the car may seem slow, trust me, Audi has done a great job with this vehicle and destroys in 0-60 runs. ** For all the speed nerds ** The car tops out at 142 MPH or 223 KMH. Images Starting bid: $50,000 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $80,000 Auction end date: August 10, 2019. Contact details: Will be contacted via email. (( Forum PMs ))
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