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  1. I sent on discord the logs. They gave no orders... When they did, admin told me I couldn't obey them.. Did you read beginning of app?? It was re-rp due to me getting in passenger seat and automatically going to driver seat to drive of. Scriptwise [2018-09-20 16:26:23] [Output] : Lamari Jason: (( lol okay )) [2018-09-20 16:26:24] [Output] : Sid Burnham: (( you just randomly ran for the car )) [2018-09-20 16:26:28] [Output] : Sid Burnham: (( we didnt have time to do anything )) [2018-09-20 16:26:30] [Output] : Sid Burnham: (( lmao )) [2018-09-20 16:26:32] [Output] : Lamari Jason:
  2. I had my own gun on me, and didnt know gun rack was in driver seat of Trooper car. Yes I had a machine gun on me, didnt want to go to prison and eventually ran out of places to go. And I was laying flat across this seat not reaching for anything.. Please tell me where the GUN RACK was here... 2018-09-20 16:22:34 Copied 'http://media.itsmelodyy.com/2018-09-20_22-22-34.png'. 2018-09-20 16:22:47 Charlie Carter: (( FYI, that's the interior of her police vehicle ))
  3. I valued every character I made, at every server i played at ?
  4. [2018-09-20 16:27:45] [Output] : Stephanie Wyatt: (( he doesn't get to re-think his actions now that he knows im going to kill him )) Lmao can I get a DM!!!
  5. Looks like they was trigger happy now I look at it.. They wanted to blow me down no matter what hahah. And admin was on standby to CK.. Wow. How cruel can Owl be?
  6. What's the difference? What's so secretive.. Can I PM handling admin and talk about this to? How clever can you be man... [2018-09-20 16:28:55] [Output] : * Lamari Jason's head was blown off. * [2018-09-20 16:28:55] [Output] : * Lamari Jason's head was blown off by Stephanie Wyatt. * [2018-09-20 16:28:55] [Output] : * Stephanie Wyatt blew Lamari Jason's head off. * Let's not stick to one thing you have to cover up or whatever... I stated why I believe I shouldn't have been ck'ed and it was not that serious. I never posed an instant threat to cops or anything. Just a
  7. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- ChRoMe2TriLL Character Name- Lamari Jason Date of Incident- 09/20/2018 Supervising Administrator- ItsMelodyy Narrative- I have a real big criminal history, had a submachine gun on me and was trying to escape police.. Running out of choices I run to the running police cruiser and open the passenger door attempting to climb to driver seat but couldn't get arms and feet over at same time so I laid flat in cruiser. I leaned my head up to glance upon the scenery and quickly ducked RPLY..
  8. Since I was quoted in this topic I'll say one thing... I remember when everyone character development mattered.. Kidnapping black alts and ending what ever they had going, is a good way to ruin it and show you don't care.. Who ever gave you guys perms shall be ashamed..
  9. BOYYY Now you lieing.. You didn't kidnap me and beat me into no crips and till this day im not a crip.. You beat yourself into a death is what happened. And you keep trying to act like i ck'ed you cause of that situation lmao Stop avoiding the fact that you crossed me again, tried to beat and rob me with your boy and failed. It was the second time you put my life in danger and beings though you was a ranked crip member, pk'in you would have been more of a risk to me.. You got pk'ed everytime you logged online ctfup You mad because i remembered that you kidnapped, pistol w
  10. It's like.. Those who do something to me show no remorse and act soooo tough. They intentionally harm me and try to put fear in me.. Test me and limit me to my character development.. But as soon as I strike, they want admin to look into whether what I did and how I did it was valid. I been through this numerous times.. But check this... If i pistol whip, kidnap, and hold you at gunpoint.. No matter what happens.. Next time I see you and me and my boy try to beat you and rob you and you are surely going to remember what I did to you the first time ^^^^, UNLESS YOU YOURSELF WAS PK'E
  11. Phahaaa, that is hilarious! hahaha You can get it if you wasn't so use to pulling your gun and not using it.... #100
  12. First off, im not a gangbanger and im not a washed up crip #Facts Mari got the quick draw and was behind Cody when I pulled my gun and I was reconn'ed so ask them.. I have perfected pulling my weapon out and firing it so if i did that in two seconds, imagine how fast it will be next time. And you must have read the chatbox ctfup
  13. Nah i haven't roleplayed with cody many of times don't affiliate me with him. I seen him the day after the kidnapping and pistol whipping, and we was cool. And the day after that as well.. Ask him why he decided to cross me after that haha Don't blame me for your boy death, he brought it on himself. Im not for the highschool rp lol Im passing out wings so you can fly where you belong */me chuckles* Im so use to my Lamari character, don't mind my arrogance but you can't define a savage with out mentioning me.. I could have got ck'ed to and it's sad that you got to get ck'ed to realize that you
  14. You was in the progress of robbing and beating on someone with your boys. I pulled up, your boy got tough and we begin to fight and you jumped in. You was beat during the brawl (Killed scriptwise until admin revived you to rp injuries) and your boy was beat (Bleeding scriptwise) as well. Mind you this happens a couple days after you pistol whipped me and kidnapped me and that definitely had a negative impact on my character development but I definitely turned it into a positive. I had knowledge that you was pk'ed shortly after you left me, yes, and I did not intend on coming for revenge,
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