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  1. Name: Chelsea Bid: 16000$
  2. Sarah Bowens-Registered Nurse

    Mr/Ms Bowens, Thank you for being patient with the Saint Ernest Medical Center. We have reviewed your application and we are sorry to inform you that we have decided to deny your application at this time. For reasons, we don't disclose our reasoning behind denials in public. However, feel free to email us if you are curios. Kind regards, Chelsea Grey, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Saint Ernest Medical Center
  3. San Andreas Department of Human Services Child Protective Services Division Adoptable Children Viviana Fernandez ABOUT: 16, Female, Black Q&A: Tell us a bit about yourself: "My name is viviana, some people call me vivi. Mom sent me to live with my brother as she had to get to rehab. Lived at seville with my brother for a while, met new people and got few new friends. He died few weeks ago, and hm.. Been trying to find a job since that time" What's your favorite topic in school?: Science and Geography How long have you been in San Andreas?: Not that long, a few months ago. What do you want to be when you grow up?: A famous olympic athletic or maybe a basketball player, im pretty good. What are some things on your 'bucket list' you want to do before you die?: I dont know, all these crazy adventures people do? Representative: Chelsea Grey HOW TO APPLY TO ADOPT A CHILD: Apply to be a foster parent Here. Once your application is filed, you may state your interest in this child by -replying to this thread- using the following format: Name(s): Link to Foster Parent Application: Why are you interested in this child:
  4. SEMC section rights

    Hi, I need rights for the SEMC section since I became a nurse. @CuckusMaximus can approve.
  5. Chelsea Grey - Patient Care

    Application for Employment Personal Information Full Legal Name: Chelsea Grey Title (If Any): MA (Master of Arts) Phone Number: 713-067 Date of Birth: July 26th, 1990 Email Address: [email protected] Primary Home Address: 1070 Liberty Avenue, Temple Los Santos Place of Birth (City, State/Province, Country): Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania, US Field applying for(Patient Care by default, unless you have a waiver): Patient Care Are you an American Citizen?: [x] Yes [ ] No Educational Experience Do you possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivilent?: [x] Yes [ ] No Have you obtained a college degree?: [x] Yes [ ] No If so, what type?: [ ] Associates Degree in : - [x] Bachelors Degree in : Science of Economics [x] Masters Degree in : Science of Economics [ ] Doctorate in : - [ ] PhD in : - If you obtained a college degree, where did you obtain it from?: Legal Background Have you ever been convicted of a felony?: [ ] Yes [x] No If so, what felony or felonies were you convicted of?: Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor?: [ ] Yes [x] No If so, what misdemeanor or misdemeanors were you convicted of?: Do you understand that All Saints General Hospital (ASGH) reserves the right to have a random background check performed on you whilst employed by us or seeking to be employed by us?: [x] Yes [ ] No Cover Letter First of all, I would love to work in the Saint Ernest Medical Center, because I want to help the citizen. I have gained expierience at the Department of Public Safety and I really liked it there. Furthermore, I'm a very resilient, calm and encouraging person who can be immediately on spot. Legal Waiver By signing this form, I, the applicant, understand that any injury, death, or illness that duty may incur whilst incumbent of the All Saints General Hospital, is of no liability towards the company, or its' constituents/subordinate members. I also herein consent to any legal background checks, urinary, blood, or drug testing samples of otherwise, that may be conducted whilst pursuing employment, or maintaining employment status. Signature: Chelsea Grey Date: 03/29/2018 I, the applicant, also herein understand that any damages that may occur to property, life, psych, or social status whilst employed by the hospital, are not thus responsibilities to be bore by All Saints General Hospital. Signature: Chelsea Grey Date: 03/29/2018 I, the applicant, also understand that I am to render assistance to all those willing, despite any personal vindictive grudge, views, traditions, or customs, to any individual in need. I also understand that patients/victims reserve the right to refuse any treatment or assistance at any point, and I am to cease and desist at aforementioned point, whilst providing waiver of departure towards the afflicted refuser. Signature: Chelsea Grey Date: 03/29/2018 Finally, I, the applicant, understands and agrees to adhere to all policies, ethos, codes, and procedures that are standard to the All Saints General Hospital, with failure subject to penalty of termination of employment, revocation of benefits, as well as docking of pay. Signature: Chelsea Grey Date: 03/29/2018 OOC Information Username: Evalution Age: 19 Faction History: LSIA, DPS Hours: 403 hours Prior Characters: - Admin History: Do you possess any OOC knowledge which will help you in the position which you are applying for with us? If so, briefly elaborate: Yes, I know a little bit about medicine, because my best friend OOCly is a nurse. Furthermore, I'm watching the series Grey's Anatomy. There I have learned many things about a hospital and its functions example operations.
  6. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL OFFICER APPLICATION Section One - General and Personal Information First Name: Chelsea Middle Name (if applicable): n/A Last Name: Grey Date of Birth: July 26th, 1990 Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, US Current Address: 1070 Liberty Avenue Phone Number: 713067 E-mail Address: [email protected] Are you a citizen of the United States of America? [ x ] Yes [ ] No If your answer is no, are you authorized to work in the United States?: [ ] Yes [ ] No Have you ever worked with the Los Santos International Airport or possess a similar experience: [ ] Yes [ x ] No If the answer is yes, please explain the experience(s) briefly: [Respond here] Have you ever been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor penal code: [ ] Yes [ x ] No If answer is yes, please elaborate on the misdemeanors or felonies committed: [Respond here] Section Two - Occupation and Education Do you have any previous occupations? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, state them here: COO of L.B. Foster / Pittsburgh Have you attended any High school? [ x ] Yes [ ] No If yes, state the name of it: Brentwood High School Have you attended College or University? [ x ] Yes [ ] No If yes, state their name(s): University of Pittsburgh Other(s): n/A Section Three - Motivations and Brief Explanations In your own words tell us why would like to become a Air Traffic Control officer (ATC Officer). State your reasons, motives, and goals you want to achieve. ( Minimum Requirement: 55 words): Do you have any reference(s)? [ ] Yes [ x ] No If yes, state them here: n/A I, Chelsea Grey, agree to always abide by the current laws and instructions, as given by authorities and FAA. I understand that my contract may get terminated if found needed by the Administration of the Los Santos International Airport. I understand and agree to that FAA may access my background information from instances such as the police and medical institutions. I confirm that all information in my application are correct, and that providing false or misleading information is punishable by law and by signing bellow I accept the Los Santos International Airport Terms and conditions ((found here)). Signature: Chelsea Grey Date: 18/03/18 Initials: CG
  7. 2008 BMW 335xi

    Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2008 Make: BMW Model: 335xi VIN: 6604 Mileage: 107433 Description: It has tint windows and is a black beauty. Images https://i.imgur.com/ahr4HSs.png Starting Bid: 20000$ Minimum Increase: 1500$ Buyout 40000 Auction ends: 29/11/2017; 16:00 GMT0 ((In Game Time)) Contact Information: [email protected]; Number: 713-067; ((Forum PN))
  8. [SOLD]2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

    So can you please sell me the car or it would come to a court case. @Karezta13
  9. [SOLD]2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

    It was 13:00, because I looked at the ingame watch too.
  10. [SOLD]2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

    Name: Chelsea Grey Bid: 57,500 Number: 713-067
  11. baby <33

    1. Alaina


      *________* united again


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