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  1. Late happy b'day!

  2. Ey happy birthday!


  4. Well done @Jiggee, really useful and could improve the rp of many players. Let us know when you update it by droping a comment so we get the notification (the ones who follow it).
  5. So, you'd rather to RS haul alone and get like.... 100k with no rp and/or development at all or join a "boring faction" to find people to rp with even though it might take you bit longer to make that cash? If you're to oppose this script suggestion, do have valid arguements to present.
  6. This server is not all about grinding and buying the expensive ass cars you're talking about, it's a roleplay server and people can VM to earn money or even join a business and help out, no RS haul needed to success, especially when it comes to illegal characters.
  7. oh finally a crip faction with good and experienced roleplayers, bring back the quality rp back boys, no luck needed as i can see so far.
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