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  1. Late happy b'day!

  2. Ey happy birthday!


  4. So, you'd rather to RS haul alone and get like.... 100k with no rp and/or development at all or join a "boring faction" to find people to rp with even though it might take you bit longer to make that cash? If you're to oppose this script suggestion, do have valid arguements to present.
  5. This server is not all about grinding and buying the expensive ass cars you're talking about, it's a roleplay server and people can VM to earn money or even join a business and help out, no RS haul needed to success, especially when it comes to illegal characters.
  6. oh finally a crip faction with good and experienced roleplayers, bring back the quality rp back boys, no luck needed as i can see so far.
  7. Broke

    Will you be there?

    yeah, only if @rasmus buys me a new PC.
  8. I guess he did quit already as he had said he would do before the rollback. @Law
  9. If you see the incident from our POV, it will make perfect sense. We were on the roof, about to rob everyone below us when pistols shots (most likely) landed near our feet. I fled the scene and got hit while doing so, while the 3 guys shot back at you all to defend themselves. Robbery gone wrong indeed. It was easy to say who was the enemy since you were all wearing purple and you got targeted because of that. Couldn't leave no witness behind, that's pretty much all i have to say, sorry if not being on topic, just explaining the robber's prospective.
  10. As the logs can prove, I, Andrea Cotton got hit first, that means while we were about to rob you you shot us before we actually did something. My friends shot back and killed you while i was rpiyng my injuries. I get why you think it's DM, but you actually shot at us first while we were there just to rob you and your friends.
  11. Yeah, it doesn't really makes much sense why you have to wait so long for an admin to simply rp opening the glovebox and grabbing what's inside.
  12. The night before that you came at El Corona again and tried to mess around but we didn't do anything, pretty much giving you the chance to go on if you let us alone but you instead "stepped up your game" and decided it was a great idea to throw such a note at the gang's leader and high ranked members feet. I thought rules were rules and who disregards stays cked, I guess we 'll see that soon.
  13. I was involved as Josh Morington and I don't get what part is not realistic. First of all Seville is a gheto area, mexican turf to be exact so things like that wouldn't be so rare, especially when 2 black persons try to sell a gun in someone else's turf. I would also want to point this { [2017-07-30 17:42:15] [Output] : PM From (24) Jerrel Jackson (jessesol): lets not rob him. which i'd consider MG.} and generally say that because you didn't see his /ame of him pulling the gun since he was behind a house, it does not mean it's not legit. The person asked you to get on the ground multiple times and you instead decided that it was a great idea to reverse. And then, right after that you make clear to everyone your poor knowledge on the rules and stall the rp and refuse to comply.
  14. That's actually pretty good so far, keep it up.
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