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  1. Cryotich

    Character Kill Appeal - Savannah Belicia

    Read through this a few times and I see why they ended your characters life, even if they didn't completely see you they could've still suspected it and therefore CKd your character. I personally don't think this should be appealed. if you have anything else to add feel free to do so. @KentuckyFriedNuggetz
  2. Cryotich

    [Properties/Vehicles] - /togglelock

    +1 hose-evil
  3. Cryotich

    [SUSPENDED] 2 auctions in 1 page

    Name : Private Comment : wheres the garage
  4. Cryotich


  5. Name : Jak Bid : Buyout
  6. Cryotich


  7. Cryotich


  8. Name : hey Bid : $365,000
  9. Name : hey retards Bid : Buyout
  10. is that my grandma on your profile picture, u ok

    1. Script


      sorry shes fit

  11. Auction closed as no bids where placed.
  12. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: [MODIFIED] 1998 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Supra VIN: ***** Mileage: 57k on chassis Description: Modified Toyota Supra for sale as I don't use it anymore. Fully built 2JZ engine with a single turbo setup, the parts list will be given to the winner. Car makes 1500whp and tops out at 286kmh. NOTE : This is not the supra that has been thrown around, I've solely had this myself for over a year and built it myself. Images https://imgur.com/a/ARjlFKh Starting bid: $450,000 Minimum increase: $5000 Buyout: $600,000 Auction end date: 18.06.2018 Contact details: Will be given to the winner. ** COMMENTS DISABLED **

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