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  1. Name: Sharkeisha Comment: Starting (Offering a buyout of $35,000 right now)
  2. Name: Sharkiesha Comment: Withdrawn.
  3. Name: Sharkiesha Comment: Starting
  4. Is this the original Script? The  Ex-Admin from another community one? ;)

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    2. Script


      Haha, yeah. :P Had to leave PR**.

    3. Christine


      Don't blame you

    4. Script


      Yeah, it kinda sucked. So, I went to LS** and played there for half a year or so, then came here.

  5. Name: Shaniqua Bennett Comment: Will buy right now for $20,000.
  6. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- g2a3926 Character Name- Christine Underwood Date of Incident- 06/10/1998 Supervising Administrator- Jokerr Narrative- It all started approximately 3-4 days ago when Darko Kalabic called me proposing a 'business opportunity' to provide security to my business. I thereon refused it over the cellphone. An hour or so later, Darko Kalabic and another male (cannot recall the name) turned up to my business. I was on the phone at this time and they appeared very intimidating so I told
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