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  1. ”Public property doesn’t belong to any one person but to the public at large, which doesn’t restrict any individuals use. Private properties are owned by individual and corporations. So I assume the place we store our cargo would be private... my apologies.” (( @Zebulon ))
  2. "As far as I'm aware it is public property." *John appears unsure with his answer.*
  3. *John looks over towards Zakhar observing him for a brief moment before nodding a couple of times.* "It sure looks like him, yes." (( @Zebulon ))
  4. *John Morgan walks into the courtroom in a cheap looking suit, he takes a stand before speaking.* "On the 18th of January 2019 I was finishing my shift at Ocean Docks when I noticed an asian male wearing black pants, black t-shirt and a durag accompanied by a black male wearing a black beanie and a purple shirt acting suspiciously around our containers. Upon approaching closer I noticed the black male was crouched messing with the locks on the container. He appeared to have a bag on him which I assumed was tools. I made the 911 call and police arrived on scene soon after where they took the two males away." (( @Zebulon @ThatGuy ))
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