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  1. I don't want to be rude here, but let's be real, you are teasing me like a little bitch with each update, closer and closer Really proud of you guys, and looking forward to take part in this new server
  2. 413933 call me whenever you are available
  3. It's your own mistake that you noticed it after it already ended, so no excuses mate this time, you have to sell the property you want it or no, either way you will be blocked from auction section too, you are currently going against the rules. ))
  4. Ofcourse, but here we are not talking about mistakes, this guy know what he did, he changed date after auction was already ended. So this is not a mistake anymore. )) @Kelvin When ever you are online call me 413933 to arrange meeting for the property )).
  5. Mistake will not justify you here. The auction was set to 20 of august at time 14:00 and the auction is already ended and i won it. So you can sell me property or eithed we can involve forum moderators. ))
  6. You just changed the date of this auction, it's against the rules and i already won the auction at server time 14:00. We can ask forum moderators to check edited topic. )) @Kelvin
  7. Name:cc Bid:offering 50'000$ starting
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