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    hey man hope your ok

  2. Name: Jessica Law (Author) Comment: It makes me pretty sad to see how widespread political apathy like what you're describing is in Los Santos. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not like I can't relate in the slightest. It is true for the average white middle-class citizen of Los Santos that very little will change in your life as a result of this County Commissioner "election" (which I bet Mengele will win uncontested again). Everything just continues on as normal, for the most part. But honestly, this is a sort of a dangerous path to walk down in the long run. We're teetering around the sort of point where the only people who do seem to care about what's going on in the County Hall are people like this person: Which is a pretty crazy route to go down. It's not fair to categorize all Mengele's supporters in this way, but I feel like one side of the political scales having a complete, overwhelming monopoly on power isn't a particularly good thing. It can start to tip the balance a little too much towards one side, and disenfranchise a large number of people.
  3. Has it been added to any server at all? Or are you just letting it go to waste?
  4. 30th of November, 2017 San Andreas Today: Why next week's county commissioner election matters Los Santos, a view from Commissioner's Hill LOS SANTOS -- It seems that the political landscape of this nation has been getting more and more surreal by the day since the election of Donald Trump as president last year. President Trump has turned Teddy Roosevelt’s “speak softly, and carry a big stick” into “tweet furiously and wave your big stick” with his unbridled twiplomacy. Paul Manafort, Trump’s ex-campaign manager for several months, has now been charged with conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money and failing to register as a foreign agent of the previous pro-Russian Ukrainian government lead by Viktor Yanukovych. Other Trump aides such as his former foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos have been charged (and in his case, plead guilty) in the FBI’s ongoing investigation into campaign collusion with Russia. Even in Los Santos things are starting to look peculiar. Thursday the 7th of December marks Thomas Mengele’s fourth time standing for office since being appointed county commissioner late in 2016. He has won all three of his previous elections uncontested, standing as the sole candidate each and every time. The closest the city has come to producing a competitor to the current commissioner was Klaus Wunnenberg and those in his party. This group was directly tied with a white nationalist political organization and denounced by commissioner Mengele during an emergency press conference. “The city of Los Santos will not accept a National Socialist party, especially one whose leader thinks he is the reincarnation of Hitler, wearing SS uniforms from the 1940s walking around with a toothbrush moustache, wearing a Swastika lapel pin.” - Thomas Mengele during his emergency speech On top of Commissioner's Hill, the home of the local government In the summer of 2017, the San Andreas Democratic Party looked to provide competition to the current administration. However, after what must have been a series of disappointing results during August's “Council of Supervisor Elections”, the party hasn’t shown any real signs of life. Though neither has any other figure in Los Santos politics outside of Mengele and those in his administration. Why is this the case? Is democracy dead in Los Santos? The official announcement for the upcoming election has yet to be made by the local government, so it’s unclear if anyone intends on competing with the commissioner for the spot as no campaign announcements has been made. Though after this turbulent year in politics, the current commissioner standing unopposed for four elections in a row won’t have been the strangest thing that has happened. UPDATE: Final list of election candidates will be announced on the 7th of December by the local authorities. San Andreas Today is a new feature covering goings on in San Andreas. Tell us what you want to see covered: [email protected] (( @Mail )). The San Andreas Today columnist, Jessica Law, is a New York native. She currently resides in Los Santos, San Andreas.
  5. my point was that community veterans can cry me a river over new players making a few thousand dollars doing the most boring fucking shit humanly possible (driving a truck around checkpoints) while sitting on literally millions themselves What RP benefits does an RS Hauler on $6,000 an hour bring to the server? it allows to them to execute the character they want to actually roleplay rather than being forced into roleplay they aren't interested in to earn money, so instead of being forced to be a paramedic they can actually just go ahead and open the cafe/nightclub they wanted to originally the problem OP brought up with characters buying expensive cars they wouldn't realistically be able to afford/when they can't even roleplay at all has a lot more to do with the substandard roleplay standards the server has rather than RS haul itself ricers joining and ricing isn't the fault of RS haul, it's the vehicle script and the admin team that refuses to do anything about it
  6. let me shed a tear for eleanor swafford with her $15 million because she earns less per cheque than a new player with literally fuck all sitting there for hours grinding RS Haul lol you'd need to rs haul for literally 166 hours to even get 1 million dollars and even then it doesn't even put you anywhere near the top richest on the server also i'm not the one suggesting paycheque farming but the people here saying "join a faction" are doing that indirectly, that because that's all that will happen when you force people into factions so they can get money
  7. is it? its the most mindnumbling boring thing you can do on the server and requires your full attention yet for one hour of it you only get like 6k which is literally nothing in the big scale of things
  8. horrible idea as there is no other feasible ways of making money and paycheque farming is a bannable offense
  9. Mail

    Will you be there?

    Is this going to be a separate project with it's own website/forums?
  10. Name: Gregory Baker's Wife Comment: A penthouse? What a sad waste for such a beautiful building!
  11. Why do nice things get removed when they fall inactive? Does it cost an unacceptable amount of resources to keep them around for future players to have a chance to utilise them? I also heard there used to be an oil-rig but it too was removed because not enough people used it. Anyway I think an island would be cool, or anything at all really. The server only benefits when you open up new opportunities like this.
  12. It'd be cool if there was an island. Then there'd be a reason for boats too.
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