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  1. Name: Ri Bid: $1,002 Comment: I accept donations. Every penny will be used in this auction, in order to buy the car and then scrap it. Every donator will receive a video of the crusher doing its thing!
  2. Name: Ri Bid :$1,000 Comment: I'm literally bidding to scrap this thing.
  3. Late happy b'day!

  4. Haha, I love that I have both fire and water in my int, drives people crazy. And @croozerdog is one of 'em. xx +1
  5. I believe this is a great idea. I, personally do my best to avoid VCT at all costs, due to their lack of invested time in this field. They don't really lack interest. We all understand that IRL is a priority over pretty much everything OWL means, but that does not mean we have to spend all of our free time waiting hours for VCT to take our report and to finally modify the handling of the said vehicle, but to time enjoy what we built instead. Building a car takes time, and to see results is what everyone truly wants.
  6. @Chaos I'm sorry, but I deeply believe I bought in some SOLID information in regards of this CK Case, explained why and how it happened, and I am also involved, as well.
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