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  1. Why OwlGaming!?

    u alright Memes aside, keep it going!
  2. Name: X X Bid: Starting!
  3. Character Kill Appeal - Samantha Sheppard

    @Chaos I'm sorry, but I deeply believe I bought in some SOLID information in regards of this CK Case, explained why and how it happened, and I am also involved, as well.
  4. Not saying it's pointless, but I don't see it's reasoning, either.
  5. Late happy birthday! :P

  6. MT Update - February 2018

    he is x Congrats to everyone who made it in.
  7. Let's bring Verona Mall RP back

    I like the idea, sad the last time I got to stay around it for longer than 20 minutes I got shot by a .12 gauge and someone got kidnapped.
  8. Lets MG nametags!

    I understand how it all works now. Thanks.
  9. Lets MG nametags!

    Thank you.
  10. Lets MG nametags!

    @Craazy Can you once in for all illuminate me? Isn't a GAT/UAT member on-duty only when they got their admin tag on? Or is it on at all times?
  11. Lets MG nametags!

    I'm again here to argue, It's a /WHITE/ RV. It's neither small, neither hard to observe. Yes, I'd say that the person inside of it would be hard to observe, but if you look at the end of the video, his vehicle bounced as soon as the officer went past, that means, he just pulled out of the garage, without lights or a seatbelt on. A RV can't drive itself outside, and due to the lack of animations this game provides, I hardly believe he just got out of that garage, (unless he's got hydraulics on that RV). Even though what you're saying is definitely understandable, of him not being able to spot him inside of the vehicle, on the driver seat to be more exact, he decided to drive away, and the RV already had it's engine on, so the cop just waited for him to pull a move. All I'm saying this /stunt/ could've been pulled off by the criminals /IF/ they had better luck and some idea on what they were dealing with.
  12. Lets MG nametags!

    @Rebirth Hi, I see your point, but what you fail to understand is, being a cop, you're in need to stop the bigger threat. Place yourself in the cops place. What would you do, pull someone over for doing 15-20 over the speed limit, or catch someone who puts himself and others in danger by not having his seatbelt and lights on? Who knows what can happen at night, maybe in the next intersection, because of the missing light from the headlights he would ran someone over, not saying that the vehicle is suspicious already by not following traffic rules, (He could've buckled in and turn the headlights on as he'd get out of the garage, but he didn't, and continued to drive on a public road without lights along without a seatbelt on). I'm usually not on the admin side of the community, and more to the player side, but this time I do 100% agree with the administration team. What Davud or whatever his name is was from 1 to 10 the dumbest idea he could've attempted to pull off. He just got unlucky by having a cop pulling out at the wrong time on him. It's karma, it usually happens when we wish it wouldn't, I can say some cops saw me doing stupid shit when I didn't even wanted to interact with them.
  13. SLA Perms.

    Hi, can I get perms to access the SLA part of forums or whatever? Please.

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