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  1. You still alive? Gosh'

    1. JameZ


      Yea cunt, reach me on discord x

  2. You've officially won the award of Owl's worst driver.

  3. My opinion is that you all should stop this discussions and understand what role-play is all about. I see a lot of players controlling their character for an OOC win. This game is all about your character. Loosing in life is something natural and you should act like your character would do at the moment being, not like you as a player would. Anyhow, you have to follow the rules and we, admins, need to take care of them who don't do so. I guess you don't understand the purpouse of an admin on our server. The whole role-play would not even work without rules. I can't understand why some players love to avoid rules. If you have to die ICly, you have to die. If you have to be arrested, you have to be arrested. If you have to roleplay a crash, you have to roleplay a crash. It's as simple as that. If you have been at the wrong point at the wrong time, that's it. I am tired of seeing this kind of discussions everywhere. Just follow the rules. Is is that hard?
  4. From what I can see is that if the "process of elimination" is correct then I can't see why this appeal was made. Anyhow, the story sounds a bit strange as if I was them, I would not go around and check every house as people are going to see "us" and maybe call the police or try something else. I can't either recall how they managed to enter your house.
  5. Name: D:R Bid: Buyout
  6. Thanks bro. I'll miss you. 

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