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  1. You still alive? Gosh'

    1. JameZ


      Yea cunt, reach me on discord x

  2. You've officially won the award of Owl's worst driver.

  3. From what I can see is that if the "process of elimination" is correct then I can't see why this appeal was made. Anyhow, the story sounds a bit strange as if I was them, I would not go around and check every house as people are going to see "us" and maybe call the police or try something else. I can't either recall how they managed to enter your house.
  4. Trial Administrator TheRealAgent "I'm the real one." "Hellow". Alright, so.. My name is Raul, I'm 20 and I am living in Germany at the moment. I have been born in Romania but left the country about 5 years ago. I am now working as a software developer and software tester, I am driving a 2001 Audi S4 B5, but I am looking ahead to sell it because I am now aiming for a Tesla Model S or Model 3. I started to play on OwlGaming 1 year ago, because I was so surpsised to see MTA's script possibilities. After that, I joined the Los Santos County
  5. Thanks bro. I'll miss you. 

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