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  1. You still alive? Gosh'

    1. JameZ


      Yea cunt, reach me on discord x

  2. You've officially won the award of Owl's worst driver.

  3. From what I can see is that if the "process of elimination" is correct then I can't see why this appeal was made. Anyhow, the story sounds a bit strange as if I was them, I would not go around and check every house as people are going to see "us" and maybe call the police or try something else. I can't either recall how they managed to enter your house.
  4. Name: D:R Bid: Buyout
  5. Trial Administrator TheRealAgent "I'm the real one." "Hellow". Alright, so.. My name is Raul, I'm 20 and I am living in Germany at the moment. I have been born in Romania but left the country about 5 years ago. I am now working as a software developer and software tester, I am driving a 2001 Audi S4 B5, but I am looking ahead to sell it because I am now aiming for a Tesla Model S or Model 3. I started to play on OwlGaming 1 year ago, because I was so surpsised to see MTA's script possibilities. After that, I joined the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department that has been transformed into Los Santos Police Department. I started to develop my main character better and I decieded to remain on the server, leaving all other communities I have tryed to play in the past 7 years. I always wanted to find a community with awesome people that can understand what RolePlaying is. After spending time on the community, I noticed that I am able to go ahead and try to help the community. With @JameZ's help I applied for the general administration team. After a couple of days I recieved my answer and I was very surprised to see that I actually managed to make it. Now I am a part of the administration team and I managed to know a lot more people that are playing on our community, and that's amazing! Anyhow, this is my story so far and the main reason of this topic is just to gain more friends, gain more experience and knowledge from other players on our community and yea - just say hello! Drake Ross flyes away.
  6. Thanks bro. I'll miss you. 

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