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  1. Need access to gov in V section.
  2. just quoting you to let you know that pepega is superior
  3. MrFocus


    Welcome back.
  4. Name: Brandt Bid: Buyout on the Men 's Datejust 36 Stainless Steel and 18kt Yellow Gold Rolex Oyster Black Dial Men's Rolex Air-King Stainless Steel Black Dial
  5. This comment is voided, outcome of ticket #13411. @Restrepo @Urshankov @Maikeyy2 @Zebulon
  6. Name: Genitalmedal Comment: I really think that this fuckery known as "DJ Elbato" is a disgrace on humanity...
  7. When new people join the illegal scene, memes start raining on them, when illegal RP dies, everyone goes nuts.
  8. The court case along with the situation will be voided, outcome of ticket #13213. @Wright @ThatGuy @Zebulon @DrJoseEviI
  9. Need CPQL council perms thanks
  10. Thread updated, from now on we will be actively using these signs.
  11. Who am I? I am Harold Brandt. I'm soon to be 47 years of age. Having completed my Masters in Financial Economics, I am now pursuing my dream out of sheer love and interest. From an early age, I have been intrigued by the way how economics work and dedicated my life to helping others, this interest has been enhanced through my study of economics. Over the years I have worked as a professional compensation and benefits manager, a credit and financial analyst. My core values are dependability, reliability, loyalty and commitment. I believe the main goal or purpose should be making a use out of everyone, everyone is able to contribute into the United States regardless of your religious beliefs, financial state and skin color. Why district one? Being a resident in district one since the day I was born, I know a lot more about it than anyone else. I know for a fact that it's time for someone to stand for their rights and let their voice be heard, everyone should be living a safe life with a stable job and great income, I, along with the community of district one should achieve what we deserve. I believe that with the knowledge and contacts I have, along with the help of the people, we will be able to bring the glorious days of this district and grow it stronger than ever. Once elected, I will be focusing on major and minor goals such as: Housing: It's one of the subjects that I will be actively working on, the housing crisis in Los Santos is a major issue that we cannot disregard nor deny by any chance. Statics show that's the average earning of employees is $1,250-$2,100 hourly, which barely covers up the costs of their residence, considering they work at least four hours a day and that's the average working hours, at maximum they will be making somewhere around $3,750-$6,300. Let's consider that The normal cost of a residence in the region of East Los Santos is between $50,000-$150,000. These numbers already tell a story, so in order to be able to maintain a stable income and provide your home you will have to be working twenty six days restless. Farmers and Farming: No one can deny the importance of farmers, they are the foundation of every community and they should be treated accordingly, I will be looking forward to enhance and develop more ways to protect them by eliminating speculation in land and commodities, as well as making sure to stabilize the market and most importantly, have it offering fair prices for both, farmer and consumers. Even thought district one is known for its lack of agricultural Lands, but that doesn't mean we should totally forget about our people, my main goal is ensuring that everyone is living the life they deserve all around Los Santos. Clean energy solutions: Every citizen deserves to have a pollution-free life, the main goal we should be achieving is getting the city to be totally self-sufficient in energy and not at the cost of our people, most of people think the new ways of generating energy are just not as efficient which is completely wrong, with proper planning and organized execution we should be able to establish the first new and clean energy sources and atomic fission energy plants. Fighting the crime: I will be doing my best to make my district crime free, everyone deserves to live safe and I've stated that previously, there is nothing important more than life, it's given by god and the only way it should be taken away is by god. The amount of crimes that go undetected is increasing day by day, sadly, this is no one's fault. The only way to combat crime is by supervising the areas that are patrolled the least and then deploying more units there, if elected, I promise everything that they will no longer fear their lives roaming around Los Santos. Pure Transparency: Corruption is strictly forbidden and is something I will not be tolerating by any chance, I promise my people that I will do my best to fight it back, I will even go as far as ensuring that all agencies under the Government should and WILL abide by a 100% transparency policy. Note: If you feel like supporting me then please don't hesitate to send your donation, it will heavily help me through my campaign and it will be highly appreciated. Account No.: 5287 3683 3087 7243
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