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  1. Username: Preston Comment: AHHHH, not the KAREN!
  2. We can simply check logs and we will be able to identify them tho, all players have to do is to bring Logs in this scenario.
  3. MrFocus


    We will gradually expand based on our player base, according to my knowledge, LS won't be in the next expansion. Also good luck, take it far.
  4. I kinda agree, but I'm sure this will change at some point.
  5. As it is right now, V has its own section.
  6. Harold Braun was born in August 16, 1965, at Los Santos county, He was raised by beloved parents and he was the only child they had, his childhood was spent in a small town known as Paleto Bay which is located in the southern part of Los Santos. He attended school along with Nicklaus Wuttemberg until he was 14 years old and then his life started to fall apart as his father died in a car accident, inheriting nothing but more responsiblities. That's when Harold started to work in a butcher shop in able to provide himself and his mother, which later on, she lost her battle against cancer. Harold was known to be a very good worker and always had a good attitude towards others, he was also very ambitious and everyone laid high expectations on him, during high school, Harold was an outstanding student. He was also a very intelligent man who never gave up on anything, he always managed to get through any problem or challenge. After graduation at the age of 17, Harold decided to become a computer scientist, of course, money stood in his way which then, he received an offer from Nicklaus Wuttemberg to work in his furniture shop as a sales manager. After saving for a while, Harold was then able to attend university of Los Santos, where he chased his dreams and studied Computer Science. After graduating, Harold was hired by an IT company and worked as a software engineer, gradually ranking up until he was offered a well paid position by Nicklaus wuttemberg. However, it wasn't long before he realized that this was not the right choice for him. He felt emptiness inside himself and decided to take a step back from the job. Being so ambitious, he decided to take a chance on himself as he slowly started to lean towards the political side. In late 2015, Harold Braun was invited to a new patriotic party known as the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party by Nicklaus Wuttemberg and he was given the rank of deputy leader, the party shared the same beliefs that Harold grew up with and it was known for its good reputation, which were made up of people who had been working in the county for years, everyone in the party worked so hard and they all shared the same ideas and values. As in 2016, The party became very known and popular among the people, the first rally that was led by Nicklaus Wuttemberg has witnessed a lot of supporters who share the same values and beliefs the party was offering. The party first focused on health care and education, then it moved to the welfare reform and social security, it is said that the party's main aim was to make sure that every citizen would have a better standard of living and also to ensure that the government would be able to provide them with a better quality of life. This is why the party has been so successful in its efforts to achieve these goals, Harold was totally blown up by the success of the party and that's when Nicklaus Wuttemberg was elected as the County Commissioner, Wuttemberg promptly announced the council elections, which were held in August 2019. Harold had a talk with Nicklaus and they both planned Harold's campaign, at that time, Harold already had popularity in the local area and he wanted to get his message across. In early August, Harold began working on his campaign and it was clear that he needed to make it happen. He had Nicklaus's support as always to help him reach his goal. He also had a plan for how to win the council election by having a strong presence in the community. He knew what the people needed and worked hard to address their issues, mainly focused on the importance of education for all children and how it should be taught in schools, as well as focusing on farmers who are not able to afford their own land and promised them a better future. In late August, Harold has won council elections and became the councilman of district one by default as no one campaigned against him. *This backstory will expand as the character develops, screenshots will be posted in government section as well*
  7. MrFocus

    Need V gov perms

    Need access to gov in V section.
  8. just quoting you to let you know that pepega is superior
  9. MrFocus


    Welcome back.
  10. Name: Brandt Bid: Buyout on the Men 's Datejust 36 Stainless Steel and 18kt Yellow Gold Rolex Oyster Black Dial Men's Rolex Air-King Stainless Steel Black Dial
  11. This comment is voided, outcome of ticket #13411. @Restrepo @Urshankov @Maikeyy2 @Zebulon
  12. Name: Genitalmedal Comment: I really think that this fuckery known as "DJ Elbato" is a disgrace on humanity...
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