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  1. MrFocus

    Public Enemy No. 1

    The situation happened ICly, why it's being taken OOCly? that's what I hate the most when it comes to illegal RP.. This faction is decent, same goes to crimestone, keep it up with the screens.
  2. MrFocus

    The Vault

    Looks decent, well done mate
  3. MrFocus

    [STATE] The People v. Solak Uzun

    ((Everything regarding exhibit six should be ignored as the CCTV wouldn't be able capture any of the mentioned above)) @Wright @Napol @Zebulon
  4. MrFocus

    Illegal RP

    Illegal RP is completely fine, in fact, it can't be any better The problem lies in the RPers themselves, decent ones are gucci all the time
  5. Username: TheRealisticPony Comment: "During my work in LSPD, we were given courses on how to treat blacks differently" What?! I really wish if the press can investigate into this.
  6. MrFocus

    What happened to owl ?

    If you provided the handling admin an IC reason, I'm pretty much sure you would have the Molotov spawned.
  7. MrFocus

    Tribute to X...

    If lil p3n15 died you wouldn't say the same would you
  8. **Gabriel Jack casually walks in as he sits in the back row**
  9. MrFocus

    The Yokel Mafia

    The Magic Elixir
  10. MrFocus

    rip steven woods

    Calm down, he was stating his opinion no need to be edgy.
  11. MrFocus

    Rate the avatar above you!

    0/10 she's a freak
  12. MrFocus

    [Vehicle Chopping] - Revise

    ^ Encourage people to do more illegal stuff by increasing the rewards based on logical factors.
  13. MrFocus

    Disregarding life, right?

    So I came up with the following, I have seen most of the comments talking about how useless a Pk is nowadays and how they are not satisfied with victims escaping with zero loss, the best solution would be forcing the other partner to drop everything valuable upon death but it would still be considered as a PK.

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