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  1. Fellengi

    Where are you from?!

    Pointe noire, republic of Congo.
  2. Fellengi

    Faction Team Update - Fencing

    How do we recognize a fake roley IG??
  3. Fellengi

    Mercedes tuner wanted.

    ** Paid advertisement on several service seeking websites. ** I'm looking for a mechanic who's well known with the mercedes benz engine. I'll be providing a markt comfortable wage for the hours and all parts will be paid. The car I'm talking about is a 2018 Mercedes S65 Coupe and several parts like custom turbocharger with a larger compression unit, down pipe, metal catalysts and carbon fibre intake tubes. Send me your offers on [email protected]! Preferably with your price and wishes. (( Forum PM - Fellengi. )) **There would be no comments section.**
  4. Fellengi

    Car - 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia [ENDS: 3/5/2018 00:00]

    Lowered in price!
  5. Fellengi

    Car - 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia [ENDS: 3/5/2018 00:00]

    Name: Auctioneer Comment:
  6. Fellengi

    [Poll] Server Event

    Music festival which ends in a terrorist attack! ❤️
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2015 Vehicle brand: Ferrari Vehicle make: 458 Italia VIN: 1630 Mileage: 24XXX Description: Luxurious, fast and literally no limit. ( What else do you want? ) Images https://imgur.com/a/4gWrkch Starting bid: 140.000 Minimum increase: 2000. Buyout: 200.000 Auction end date: 3/5/2018 00:00 (( Server time. )) Contact details: 701489
  8. Indeed, I used to have a wage of 1400 and 600 bank interest on top of that. I used to pay 400 for the mansion in Richman and 600 for the cars, which only left me with a grand an hour, but I wouldn't be able to pay all of that with a simple officer wage so instead of complaining about the high taxes on high end properties start living up to your budget.
  9. Fellengi

    Few skins for free

  10. Fellengi

    Milk before Cereal or Cereal before Milk?

    Cereal before milk and wipe your ass while bending over.
  11. Fellengi

    The most beautiful woman of Owlgaming

    1-800-273-8255 in case you might need it..
  12. wag1 Happy b-day, mans gettin' older now! blessings

    1. senseidoge


      ayy, thanks fam B)

  13. -1 Boohoo, stop crying over a simple bar fight, it happens all the time and you should be aware of that as a club owner. I don't see how an IC issue should become an OOC one aswell, get more officers on the outside and you'll be good to go.
  14. Fellengi

    [SOLD] 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

    Name: Anonymous. Bid: 180k as starting bid.
  15. Name: Da Rude Sand Storm Comment: OTM Squad killed it, Playboii got lines for days!!💯

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