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  1. +100. Helps out all sections of RP. Passive, Cops, Criminals.
  2. Welcome. Lots of helpful folk around if you are ever in need of help, advice, feedback or have ideas you are looking to explore here on Owl :)
  3. Looks great @UnoDosTres can't wait to see you guys in action!
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Farming Script What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Understanding that we have a script in place for Marijuana farming, maybe this could be altered to also work for standard crops? Would also be great if there was a market/produce vendor on the map that you could sell harvest too. What are the advantages?- Create farm and passive RP that keep people coming back to the server to care for crops, encourage more rural property ownership, businesses/employmen
  5. "Your Honor, The Prosecution requests that this case be moved to judgement and sentencing based off previous recommendations made by the State." (( @ThatGuy @Courtez @UnoDosTres))
  6. "Your Honor, For the duration of this case, the Prosecution has maintained and provided additional evidence to support the Prima Facie nature of the suit brought against the Defendant. The Defense, on the other hand, has failed to present any argument or evidence that suppresses or opposes the Prosecution's conclusion that Mister Jeremy Watson did indeed on March 31st, 2021, fail to yield for police officers, who were fulfilling their responsibilities within the bounds of their authority, and led said officers on a reckless evasion attempt while in operation of a motor vehicle.
  7. "Your Honor, Upon the conclusion of the cross-examination, the Prosecution motions to move this case to closing arguments unless the Defense plans on brining additional evidence to bare." (( @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy ))
  8. " That concludes questioning from the Prosecution Your Honor." (( @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy ))
  9. "Very well Detective. This will be the Prosecution's last question. When Mister Watson finally decided to come to a stop, how would you describe his demeanor and behavior? Did he seem remorseful or indicate in any way that he acknowledged the gravity or potential consequences of his actions behind the wheel?" (( @ThatGuy @UnoDosTres @ItsMelodyy @Courtez ))
  10. "Thank you Detective. From your experience as a law enforcement officer would you say that Mister Watson's attempted evasion posed a threat to property or life? If so can you give some specific examples?" (( @ThatGuy @Courtez @UnoDosTres @ItsMelodyy ))
  11. " Thank you Detective. The written affidavit also indicates that Mister Watson drove against traffic, on sidewalks in his attempted evasion. Was there any point where he acknowledged that the Police were attempting to pull him over perhaps by verbal communication or other means?" (( @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy @Courtez @ItsMelodyy ))
  12. " Thank you Detective. In the arrest report, it was indicated that Mister Watson was preforming dangerous maneuvers as he initially passed you. Can you please go into additional detail as to what these maneuvers included and what prompted you and your partner to attempt to initiate a traffic stop?" (( @ItsMelodyy @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy @Courtez ))
  13. " Thank you Detective. Can you please confirm that the man sitting behind the Defendant's desk is indeed Jason Watson, and he was the individual in operation of the red Dewbauchee Rapid GT 3 with plates reading 2F2BE500 that you and your partner initially attempted to pull over on the 31st of March, 2021 in the Pillbox Hill neighbourhood of Los Santos?" (( @Courtez @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy @ItsMelodyy ))
  14. "The Prosecution would turn to the next witness, Detective Erickson of the Los Santos Police Department, one of the arresting officers." (( @ItsMelodyy @ThatGuy @Courtez @UnoDosTres ))
  15. " Good afternoon Mister Watson, Included in the documentation of your arrest is a sworn affidavit, with supporting video evidence. They indicate that on the 31st of March, Officers of the Los Santos Police Department attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a vehicle you were in control of. Do you deny being behind the wheel of a red Dewbauchee Rapid GT 3 with plates reading 2F2BE500 on that date?" (( @Courtez @ThatGuy @UnoDosTres ))
  16. "Very well. The Prosecution calls to the stand Jeremy Watson." (( @Courtez @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy ))
  17. "Your Honor, is the Defense planning on making motions to dismiss? As it currently stands, there has been no submitted evidence to support this. In the very first line of their sworn affidavit, the reporting officers mention that while on 'a training patrol when suddenly a red Dewbauchee Rapid GT 3 with plates reading 2F2BE500 on Alta St. Pillbox hill head on passes the cruiser doing dangerous maneuvers.' In response to this, they gave chase and the Defendant failed to yield which resulted in a high-speed dangerous pursuit et cetera, et cetera. It seems as if the De
  18. *Patrick rises from his seat, straightening his suit jacket before addressing the bench and the room.* "Your Honor, This case is as straightforward as it gets, and the Prosecution feels that the evidence brought against the Defendant should be regarded as Prima Facie. Simply going through the evidence on-hand paints enough of a picture for the court to convict without a long, drawn-out back and forth. On the 31st of March, Jeremy Watson was subject to a would-be traffic stop by Officers of the Los Santos Police Department, after being witnessed preforming da
  19. *Patrick Masterson re-takes his seat behind the Prosecution's desk, taking out his phone and crossing one leg over the other as he awaits the other actors in the case to be recalled.* (( @ThatGuy @Courtez @UnoDosTres ))
  20. Looking forward to seeing what you folks build here on Owl.
  21. "Objection Your Honor, Two officers conducted the arrest of Mister Watson, including a seasoned Detective, neither with any record of intoxication or substance abuse. Regardless, being asked the same question more than once is not grounds for dismissal, nor is stumbling over a Miranda Rights reading. Either way Your Honor, we both understand that the burden of proof when bringing accusations against the arresting officers is on the Defense. In regards of the state-appointed Attorney, it is not handled by the arresting officers either. That is a matter of the Superi
  22. SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Criminal Arraignment Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos The People Versus Jeremy Watson Subpart 1. Title. In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 1st of April, 2021, against Jeremy Watson. Subpart 2. Body. The People charge the subject(s) with: § 309 - Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles § 404 - Evading an Officer in a Vehicle § 406 - Reckless Driving § 501 - Felony Reckless Evading Are mult
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