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    Keep quality RP and creativity at the focus and you'll do fine. Nobody ever lasts being purely thugs. Best of luck.
  2. (( @TheNeonGuy @ThatGuy @EvilScotsman @bartman @Wright ))
  3. Name: ZR Comment: Miss Mosley, ONLY salaries of the Council and County Commissioner require ordinance. Otherwise, the County Commissioner retains executive power to 'create positions.' It is unreasonable to interpret this in any other way than the creation of compensation packages for these roles as part of said powers. And Miss Mosley, you might not have voted on Ordinance, but you surely were serving as a Council Member when the charter was amended, which is the voting I was referring to.
  4. New Positions Open ______________________________________________________ POSITION TITLE: COUNTY SPOKESPERSON SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Build relationships with the press, communicate with the public as the key spokesperson, set up and identify media opportunities on behalf of the County Commissioner's Office and the Council of Supervisors. SUPERVISED BY: Chief of Staff MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: BASIC REQUIREMENTS (1) Applicant is over the age of majority (18) (2) Applicant possesses a College Baccalaureate or greater. (3) Applicant is a resident in any recognized municipality or county within the boundaries of the State of San Andreas. (4) Applicant resides a fixed address which they can be contacted at. (5) Applicant has spent at least ten months within the State of San Andreas at a fixed residence. May be subject to waiver by County Commissioner's Office or Designate. ((10 Days on server. And 25 hours IG. )) (6) Applicant does not hold a criminal record consisting of any felony, or misdemeanors against property or person and may be temporarily denied for lesser misdemeanors that have been recorded within the past two years. ((2 months.)) (7) Applicant must complete and submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae, outlining their past work experience, interest they have in the position, and any other relevant information. (( PM @Zebulon)) (8) Applicant must undergo an interview and selection phase, at the discretion of the Chief of Staff. Authorized by CPQL County Commissioner James Bradford
  5. Name: ZR Comment: Sec. 1.5. - Compensation Salaries and other compensation of the County Council and County Commissioner shall be established by ordinance, and salary shall not be lowered during an officer's term in office. The County Council may temporarily raise wages of all County Government employees for bonus pay. Additionally: Government Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight Ordinance: Sec. 301 (e) It shall be unlawful to raise a government wage without having approval from the County Commissioner, or in their absence, the Deputy Commissioner. If you have any further concerns Miss Mosley regarding the charter amendments you voted on, or ordinances you supported under Mr. Mengele you're welcome to contact me directly.
  6. So, I have been doing a lot of thinking on this topic... As someone who has spent extensive time within police & criminal factions, I feel that there are some inherent double standards that get thrown around, and a lot of the pot calling the kettle black. It creates a lot of toxicity that I feel we need to overcome in order to preserve the community. I guess to start, let's address the 'RoboCop' stereotype. We all know these kind of characters; when they are online they are on patrol, some jacked 5'9" swimsuit model who walks around every situation strapped with an M4 and who generally get's triggered by heckling. More importantly, since these characters are the focus-point of the player, they are at a severe loss if their character is injured, so there's often a lot of liberty taken when it comes to wound-RP, which only goes to stir the stereotype further. Now, in response to this, there are a few points to consider: There is a MASSIVELY disproportionate violent crime rate in Los Santos in comparison to the available manpower of LEO factions. Los Santos has more armed engagements and a higher body count in one month than some real-life military conflicts. PD players are fucked either way. If they are online and not on-duty they aren't able to backup their mates, and reported crimes might go unattended all together. However if they are on-duty all the time, they get labeled as Robo-cops. PD players have to play by the rules. Cops are not permitted to be the aggressors in any situation, and are typically only acting in 'response' to criminal activity. This makes them easy targets, and they are almost always playing 'catch-up' with the criminals. With great power comes great responsibility. LEO players get 'addicted' far too often to 'the chase' and their constant exposure to shoot-outs and high-speed chases has a very similar mental effect to soldiers at war, who have a hard time integrating into a 'peacetime' mode and finding RP for these characters, as they haven't had the time to develop those aspects of the character. On the other side of the coin, are your 'RoboCriminals.' Again, this stereotype gets far less negative press. Just as their 'RoboCop' counterparts, these characters are easy to identify: typically street-gang affiliated, talking shit, picking fights, and shooting eachother up over what would otherwise be seen as 'minor' events. From my experience, most of the players behind these characters essentially play the same character with a different name every time they get CK'd and their only attraction is the same 'rush' that PD players get. To them, there is a lot more reward in violence than in passive character development. Here are some points to further demonstrate this: Most of these characters are EXTREMELY violent , without much real development. A lot of "fuck this nigga he disrespectin' lets blow him away"... Since the 'realism' aspects of owl are fairly limited, there's not a lot of risk involved in being a violent criminal. The population of Owl is not representative of a large city, so lots of violent acts go unreported to police, thus most criminal-rpers are able to easily get away with such crime without really ever being worried about police retaliation. Criminal players don't have to play by the rules. Of course I mean this from an in-character POV. Just like the cops who get hooked on the 'rush' a lot of these character's only exist to take part in violent robberies, thefts, or criminal-on-criminal violence. Most of these players are pussies. Sorry, if you're going to commit a crime, and you know you have the cops on you, so you just take advantage of not logging into that character unless you feel 'safe' to do so.... Well that's some fucking cheap ass shit. LEO players don't have that luxury. Now, does this excuse the 'unrealistic' aspects of 'Robocops'? No, I think that we all should be striving to represent our characters and the physical/mental effects of the lives they are leading. Of course, I am sure I have been at fault of this myself, but speaking from experience, most PD players want to be on duty because it is a constant source of RP that comes easy to them. To sum it up, once you are in a LEO faction, the RP comes to you, and it's very easy to fall into the trap of 'lacking' character development because of this. But as I think I have demonstrated, the 'opposition' really ends up being no better. I have encountered PLENTY of 'illegal RPers' who basically never care to log in, RP and develop their characters unless there is something 'going down' or who expect the leaders of their criminal faction to constantly be supplying them with action, or satisfy their bloodthirsty habits. You should be developing your character to a point where you enjoy basic or simple interactions with others. Not just looking for a shoot out, or a poker game, or a drug deal to be involved. Factions who focus on "is there anything to do today" die out because it's not the right approach. Imagine being in the mob or a gang in the context of your real life.... You think that every moment of your life is dedicated to criminal activity? Fuck no. Do you think a made man calls up his captain/boss and says "hey if you're not creating opportunity for me to go kill people I'm not interested?" Fuck no. Success and enjoyment comes from the ability to be self-driven. If your character has no ambitions or goals other than your OOC interest in some 'interesting/adrenaline' RP then you're no better than a ROBOCOP Generally speaking, I think we should all take some time to reflect how our characters could be represented better, and take part in more 'developmental' RP, where they are building relationships with others and not just logging on when there is RP supplied to you through an event or faction 'drama.' At the end of the day, I would like the see the community change it's culture where there is a level of respect for each other and the importance of supporting both illegal and legal RP equally, understanding that they need one another to survive. We should all have a focus on the pursuit of developing a unique character story with intrigue and 'real' relationships with others. That's what the goal of RP is; represent a character, and contribute to the collaborative storyline of the scenarios in which they find themselves. Anyways just wanted to get this off my chest before Owl V drops and we find ourselves at each other's throats without doing some self-reflection.
  7. "Very well, if you require a brief recess that will be granted, but I ask a plea is entered within the next 72 hours."
  8. (( @JohnM @JameZ @maramizo @doo2doo2 @Wright @EvilScotsman @Blanco @rentation If any of you want to take this as a Public Defender please contact the defendant and then RPly take the case ))
  9. Public Security Service Suspension & Evaluation Resolution RESOLUTION OF COUNTY OF LOS SANTOS TO SUSPEND THE OPERATION OF THE PUBLIC SECURITY SERVICE. WHEREAS, the County desires the Public Security Service's operation to be suspended until an evaluation can occur to ensure appropriate policies, standards, training, and supervision are created and implemented. WHEREAS, the County desires that protection be provided by local and state law enforcement officers for the duration of this suspension and evaluation. NOW, THEREFORE, THE COUNTY OF LOS SANTOS AGREES AS FOLLOWS: The County establishes that all current employees of the Public Security Service are to be immediately suspended from duties. The County establishes that all current employees of the Public Security Service return all equipment, firearms, or government owned property for the duration of the suspension. The County establishes that the County Commissioner shall to work with the County Council and his Commissioner of Defense to perform this evaluation. The County establishes that it is the duty of the County Commissioner and County Council to ensure that, if the Public Security Service is to continue, that it be staffed, run appropriately and with due diligence, to fulfill the needs of the County in which they serve.  ON THE MOTION OF Supervisor Zinvor Razmik, AMENDED by Supervisor the Hon. Katherine Vanderbilt, the foregoing resolution was duly passed, adopted, and ratified by the Council of Supervisors of the County of Los Santos, State of San Andreas, this day, the 10th of December 2018, by the following vote: Aye: 7 Nay: 0 Absent: 0 Signed: County Commissioner James Bradford
  10. Name: ZR Comments: Mr Quintana, I wish you the best of luck in your term as District 2 Supervisor. Despite not knowing the margin of victory, it is clear that the people of District 2 are looking for a new direction. I hope you take the time to review the work of Supervisors who came before you, and make an effort to network with those outside your own community. Regards, Zinvor Razmik
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    Only if you promise to stop spamming me with your Camster.com profile.
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    Still lurking around Toronto?
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    It's cute to see another couple brought together through Owl. ❤️ Just hope you two aren't taking long-distance relationship advice from @Almeida
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    Classic Mogs fist deep in Paki. F.
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    @Chaos would be seeing a lot of this:
  17. "Mister Myers, do you have an attorney to represent you?" (( @Beta ))
  18. *Justice Charles Ross takes the bench, examining the documents, awaiting the Defendant* (( @Beta @Unitts ))
  19. Re-Elect Zinvor Razmik - District 2 Council of Supervisors About Zinvor Razmik Mister Razmik's Voting History as a Part of the Council of Supervisors Increased Social Assistance Programs Gasoline Price Capping Small Business Tax Credit Community Safety Emergency Services & Healthcare
  20. Name: ZR Comment: Just wanted to ensure your facts were being presented with at least some form of accuracy.
  21. Name: ZR Comment: Mister Quintana I would like to address a few key falsehoods in your platform: I am not sure whom this is in reference to. Not only have I personally gone out of my way to interact with persons of all backgrounds but as my fellow councilpersons could attest to, I have even started community initiatives for the building of an Islamic Center of worship. Many of the people in the community know my face and the work I have done to represent all members of this District fairly. As you are apparently not aware of, it was my pitch to the Council of Supervisors which brought on the Officer Assessment program, which has made large ground in addressing some of the core inefficiencies within our Police Department. Furthermore my platform, submitted in candidacy outline specific target goals, which due to time restraints, I have not been able to achieve yet. As you might also not be aware of, I have voted in favor of supporting local District 2 businesses such as Sal Colinas, and their efforts to bring much needed services to the County of Los Santos. Again, not sure whom you are referencing? Perhaps too quick to copy-paste your platform from 2017? Best of luck in your campaign, but do at least tell the truth. Regards, Zinvor Razmik
  22. Dear Residents of District 2, It has come to my attention that a certain demographic of District 2 residents are seeking the help of the Consilium Populsque Los Santos to erect a Islamic center of worship. Members within the Council of Supervisors have requested that a poll be conducted to gauge the willingness of the community at large. The proposed total budget is $200,000 but the construction of the property will likely be put up for a public contract to be fulfilled through a bidding system. Please take time to fill out the questionnaire and comment below if you have any concerns. Regards, Zinvor Razmik District 2 Supervisor Comment Format: **COMMENT SECTION WOULD BE HEAVILY MODERATED FOR PROFANITY, RACISM, ETC**
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    [District 2] Community Poll *Mosque Development*

    Name: Zinvor Razmik Comment: There is a Synagogue in East Los Santos just off Forum Street.

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