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  1. Zebulon

    Grupa Baltija

    This is looking great guys! Look forward to interactions with your faction!
  2. You were not CKd for anything to do with your interactions with Zinvor Razmik. Thanks
  3. Zebulon

    Bratva Vostoka

    [Russian] Sokol says: "Welcome to the Six..."
  4. Zebulon

    Oak Ridges Playboys Sureños X3

    Look forward to interacting with your faction, appreciate the thought put into your CK clause.
  5. *Justice Ross would enter the courtroom and take a seat at the Bench.* "The Subpoena is approved Mister Mengele. You may serve it, and we shall await the representation of the Defense and be in recess for a maximum of 72 hours." (( @Shanks @EvilScotsman @Wright ))
  6. Zebulon

    [NOW HIRING] The Pig Pen

    ** ADVERT WOULD BE POSTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA & ON FLYERS AROUND LOS SANTOS ** NOW HIRING! General Manager Expected to: Handle general staffing, stocking & bookkeeping Be motivated Resolve disputes Have a history of management experience Have knowledge of governing laws (Liquor) Have experience in adult entertainment industry, or willingness to learn Possesses a criminal record clean of felony or violent convictions Organize and plan events, promotions, advertising Compensation $30-150,000 Salary (( Faction Paycheck $300-1500)) Bartenders Expected to: Have knowledge of San Andreas Liquor Control Act Be 21 years of age or older Possesses a criminal record clean of felony or violent convictions Be available to work weeknights & weekends Have previous customer service experience Compensation $15-30/hour + Tips (( Faction Paycheck 150-300 )) Dancers (Female Only) Expected to: Be 18 years of age or older Be comfortable nude Have experience in exotic dancing or adult entertainment, or willingness to learn Be able to work weeknights & weekends Compensation $20-80/hour + %75 personal revenue (( Faction Paycheck 200-800 )) Security Staff Expected to: Be 18 years of age or older Be a certified Security Officer in accordance with Security Mandate Ordinance of 2018 Have experience as a bouncer or security staff or willingness to learn Be physically fit Be able to work weeknights & weekends Compensation $12-30/hour ((Faction Paycheck 120-300 )) Call #111122 or Email [email protected] (( Forum PM @Zebulon ))
  7. (( It has been determined that the players involved received some kind of misinformation regarding the evidence from admins etc. Requesting this case be archived until an outcome can be archived through admin intervention. Since @LeiFeng's character has already been released, this really doesn't change our RP scenario. I know @Wright will work with the PD players to sort it out on their end whereby the RP can resume with warrants etc. )) (( @ThatGuy ))
  8. "The Defense was required to present the evidence to this court." (( @Wright ))
  9. "The Defense has been mandated by this court to provide evidence to substantiate the arrest. Your Honour, the Plaintiff believes that this should be extended to evidence that conicides with the narrative such as my client's DMV history, the footage of this shooting, and footage of my client's arrest?" (( @Urshankov @Wright ))
  10. "Your Honor, Does the LSPD have evidence to corroborate this Officer's narrative? The Subpoena lists all documents surrounding arrest Your Honor, not one skimpy narrative without substantiating evidence." (( @Urshankov @Wright ))
  11. "If a warrant was filed where is it Your Honour, there is still a pending Subpoena." (( @Urshankov @Wright ))
  12. "Your Honor, This is untrue, Mister Loewy was only released after Detective Carrington realized they had no cause or documentation of why Mister Loewy was in holding, They wrongly informed his attorney that they could hold anyone for 24 hours for questioning." (( @Urshankov @Wright ))
  13. "Your Honour, My client was released by Detective Carrington of the Los Santos Police Department last night, after he released that the LSPD had no probable cause, nor documentation to support any ongoing detainment of Mister Lowey. If the Los Santos Police Department possessed a warrant, or probable cause, why was he then released? Would the DA's Office please point out the section of the Officer's affidavit which gives probable cause for arrest, and is not merely circumstantial evidence, utilized after the fact to enact an unlawful detainment?" (( @Wright @Urshankov ))
  14. "Your Honor, Objection, Mister Lowey was being held against his will, forcefully 'brought in.' His fourth amendment rights were violated after the Los Santos Police Department preformed an unlawful arrest without a warrant, and on circumstantial evidence, after the fact, without probable cause. It appears that the Los Santos Police Department thinks themselves above the law, and willfully abuse their position of authority to preform unlawful arrests. The Narrative submitted by this officer has no time indications, and severely misrepresents the time-frames of these occurrences. Can the DA's Office please submit a timeline of the occurrences outlined in the Officer's Affidavit? Again to make this clear to the court, as you know You Honor, there is no such thing as a detainment other than what amounts to temporary custody immediately following a suspected crime, not an indefinite holding without probable cause at the discretion of investigating Officers. Furthermore this detainment 'statement' that has been submitted by the DA's Office was posted after Mister Loewy was released following a visit from his attorney, which was eventually granted." (( @Wright @Urshankov ))

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