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  1. (( sure its because the MDC is bugged not to read when ur char ages up but yes. Heady meme ))
  2. Zebulon


  3. Zebulon

    Tommy Adenauer v. Los Santos Police Department

    "The Defense will be therefore withdrawing the citation and drop all pursuit of the charges against the Plaintiff under VC002." (( @ThatGuy @Alfa1561 @Bitcoiner ))
  4. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Maurice Davis [08/06]

    "Maurice Davis is a killer, and a disgraced ex-law enforcement officer who knows full well that felons, especially dangerous felons, are restricted from accessing firearms. With this in mind, Maurice Davis, who has attempted to deceive the Los Santos Police Department, through an act of perjury, in order to illegally attain a firearm is guilty of attempting to possess a firearm that he otherwise knew was illegal for him to be in possession of. Mister Davis was attempting to gain access to firearms, illegally, and in doing so committed crimes, against The People, violating his parole agreement, by which he has pleaded guilty to on grounds of contempt." (( @ThatGuy @Wright @DylanW ))
  5. Zebulon

    Tommy Adenauer v. Los Santos Police Department

    "You Honor, The Plaintiff is claiming that he was not parked in an intersection, however, as seen by previously submitted photos by the Plaintiff, the vehicle was parked indeed in the intersection, on at the top of the "T" if you were, perpendicular and in the turn-radius of the intersection. This validates the citation. Parking a vehicle within the turn-radius of an intersection creates an obstruction for drivers, in this case, turning northbound on Gates Street or, turning westbound on Aces Street." (( @Bitcoiner @ThatGuy ))
  6. SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Criminal Arraignment Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos The People Versus Oskar Almqvist Subpart 1. Title. In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 12th of August, 2018, against Oskar Almqvist. Subpart 2. Body. The People charge the subject(s) with: WF010 - Possession of NFA Items WF009 - Possession of Illegal Weapons. Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction? No Subpart 3. Request. The People demand of the subject Oskar Almqvist to the following: 6 years (( 6 days) Five Thousand Dollars Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1 - Results of Search Warrant v. Oskar Almqvist Exhibit 2 - Narrative of Investigating Officer From Search Warrant (edited to preserve sensitive information) Subpart 5. Narrative. While conducting gang-related investigations, the Los Santos Police Department attained a search warrant for properties owned by Oskar Almqvist. The District Attorney's Office wishes that this court examine the evidence presented against the Defendant and come to a swift judgement on the matter. Subpart 6. Recommendation. Parole Recommendation After Release No Grant Early Release Yes Release on Bail Yes Four Thousand Dollars Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Steven Spade, District Attorney for San Andreas affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @ThatGuy @Dylanjeter1 @Urshankov @bartman @EvilScotsman ))
  7. Zebulon

    Camilla Monroe v. Emily Carter [08/11]

    "Very well if all parties are present the Plaintiff may proceed." (( @Alaina @JameZ @Gameplayer0575 ))
  8. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    "Your Honor, the Prosecution remotions to call it's first witness to the stand and would submit a more detailed copy of the radio transmissions and Body Cam Footage from these events to update the existing exhibit." (( https://pastebin.com/Sk2D28t2 )) (( @bartman @doo2doo2 ))
  9. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    "Your Honor, the Prosecution motions that the defendant be remanded to custody of the Los Santos Police Department as they have been convicted of a misdemeanour resulting in incarceration after being released on bond. The Prosecution believes that Mister Taylor poses a significant risk to public safety while his movement is unrestricted." (( @bartman @doo2doo2 ))
  10. Zebulon

    Camilla Monroe v. Emily Carter [08/11]

    Justice Ross enters the courtroom examining the documents.
  11. Zebulon

    Tommy Adenauer v. Los Santos Police Department

    "Your Honor, The Defense would submit the following report from the citing Officer: The Defense believes that, unless evidence can be provided that would discredit the action taken in issuing the citation, or otherwise prove it invalid, that the Officer has acted in good faith, and accurately interpreted the Parking Regulations for State of San Andreas." (( @Bitcoiner @Alfa1561 @ThatGuy ))
  12. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    "Your Honor, The Prosecution would like to motion to the stand, the Defendant." (( @bartman @doo2doo2 @Norm ... I have also added in the full logs of the radio calls as sent to me, that were not included in the original listed evidence but were included in a generic form.))
  13. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Kevin Taylor [08/06]

    "Your Honor, Kevin Taylor, in his role with the Department of Public Safety as a Battalion Chief is suppose to set an example as a public servant and a leader among his colleagues. On the 29th of July however, Mister Taylor decided he would put his allegedly stolen car, as a higher priority than the lives he is dedicated to saving. Instead of responding to scene where a life was at risk, the Battalion Chief Taylor decided to be a vigilante, using an Ambulance with it's emergency lights and sirens, to chase a tow truck that had allegedly stolen his car. Failing in his endeavor to rescue his vehicle, he once again drove past the scene of a wounded civilian, failing to hail to Officer's calls for assistance, in the potentially fatal situation. Officers and victims had to rely on the generosity of the Saint Earnest Medical Center to send a response team. The Prosecution condemns this grotesque misuse of Public Resources intended for saving lives, and the brutal disregard of his duties as a public servant, and will leave no stone upturned in the examination of the facts." (( @doo2doo2 @Norm @bartman ))
  14. Zebulon

    Tommy Adenauer v. Los Santos Police Department

    *Steven Spade enters the courtroom siting at the Defense's Desk* (( @ThatGuy @Urshankov @EvilScotsman @bartman ))

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