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  1. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People v. Lochlainn Foley

    "Mister Foley, the LSPD recovered numerous IDs, drugs, weapons, cellphones and bank cards. Can you account for these and why they were in your possession? I would remind you that Mr. Garth's testimony was suppressed and your aliby of being at Cliff town no longer supported by any other persons." (( @JameZ @JayZawack ))
  2. Zebulon

    No more naming of your own generic phone.

    Also phone choices that players make might also have an impact on roleplay. IE aps, gps, camera, tracking, encryption etc. Best to let players and character's make that kinda decision for themselves.
  3. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People v. Lochlainn Foley

    "Thank you your honor. The Prosecution now motions for Mr. Foley to take the stand." (( @ThatGuy @JayZawack @JameZ ))
  4. Zebulon

    Apple or Android?

    Apple is made in China too. What's the point? Lol
  5. Zebulon

    Apple or Android?

    Huawei P10 is awesome!
  6. "The DAO will not be persuing this citation"
  7. Zebulon

    Developer Diary #4 - Bits & Pieces

    Spotlight looks dank @Daniels Look forward to getting on!
  8. Zebulon

    [SAAN] County hall under fire

    Name: NiggerSlayer Comment: Should have run over them CIA ANTIFA Niggers. They glow in the dark.
  9. Zebulon

    Show yourself!

  10. Zebulon

    [SAAN] The one thing that will never go away

    Name: NiggerSlayer Comment: White Pride World Wide. 1488
  11. Zebulon

    [SAAN] The one thing that will never go away

    Name: NiggerSlayer Comment: Raines is a Kyke-Ass Pedo Motherfucker who lures kids under 9 into his faggoty cars for buttsex. Don't be afraid to ask him for a rimmmer either.

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