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  1. @Daniels is that from when the IS was launched or does it include inactivity from before?
  2. The term “protected” is a matter of subjective interpretation.
  3. The act of vigilante justice is inherently illegal. Any kind of public face would be certain to earn the group a brand as domestic terrorists, at least according to your mission statements. So not the group is not legal, at least by my interpretation.
  4. “Your Honor, The Prosecution is seeking a Summary Judgement be made if the Defence is not prepared to make a closing statement.” (( @Ryoichi @Urshankov ))
  5. "Your Honor, If the Defendant is not wishing to make a final statement, the Prosecution will ask the court to form a Summary Judgement." (( @Ryoichi @Urshankov ))
  6. “Your Honor, The Defendant is invited to make his final pleas if the court will allow it.” (( @Urshankov @Ryoichi ))
  7. It is totally playable if players were able to focus on character-to-character interactions and backstory building etc. Sadly we know that is easier said than done. Obviously this is still beta, which is fine, and we should all look at playing with that in mind. Having worked professionally in the tech space, I understand how there is almost always a "push" from the development side to get stuff live, and there are some valid points to that. However, when you are dealing with a community of players, you run the risk of a launch (even in beta) coming off as half-baked, which it clearly has. Even the basic features that were added off the top were inconsistent and often "broken" in one way or another. Now does this mean give up playing until things are back at MTA level of functionality? Absolutely not. There is huge value in using this time to build your character, establish IC relationships and so forth. My advice to players: Get on your character, enjoy what you can and keep putting the pressure on Dev team to prioritise (basic) features that would make you stay. My advice to Dev: Get on your horse and push engaging features that will make players want to stay. Until you do, find ways to keep players engaged, and supplement your lack of features with concessions to help RP along and give players a reason to play and a variety of ways for them to attain assets as they do.
  8. "Your Honor, The Prosecution believes this case to be fairly rudimentary in nature, however these proceedings have been blown far out of proportion by the Defendant's unwillingness to take advice of his counsel, and evident ignorance of legal precedents. Looking back at how the series of events unfolded, the State, at no point violated due process, and all evidence presented has stood unchallenged, and unsuppressed. To quote earlier statements in summary: The District Attorney and Mike Cooper have no previous history at all, and therefore it cannot be suggested that Deputy Cooper is being targeted in any malicious way, or that claims against him have been falsified to serve any alternative motives. Mike Cooper was indeed on duty, and found to be in the area at the time of the reported event as indicated by his on-board GPS, corroborating evidence to the testimony given against the Defendant. Clearly discernible skid marks were left on the scene heavily suggesting that a vehicle heading south on Joshua road, cut across lanes, narrowly avoiding a collision with an oncoming vehicle. The Affidavit, and testimony given on stand by the Prosecution has not been suppressed, nor the credibility of the witness. Mike Cooper's attempt to mislead and deceive Law Enforcement could lead to additional charges being laid, however it is clear that the Defendant is willing to subvert justice; a disappointing revelation as an employee of the Sheriff's Department. The Prosecution feels that the aforementioned collaboration of evidence, more than surpasses a level of preponderance to indicate, beyond reasonable doubt, that Mike Cooper engaged in behaviour on September 8th that would constitute a charge of Reckless Driving, as he dangerously operated a Sheriff's Department vehicle in close proximity to other traffic, risking damage to not only property, but life and the wellbeing of the population he is sworn to protect." (( @Urshankov @Ryoichi))
  9. "Your Honor, The Prosecution has no need to call further witnesses to the stand and believes the evidence provided to the court thus far is sufficient to move towards closing arguments." (( @Urshankov @Ryoichi ))
  10. *Patrick Masterson shakes his head a couple of times* "Your Honor, This is a spaghetti argument, and a flurry of red-herrings. None of what the Defendant is spout off is a correct application of legal doctrine and we are not getting paid to educate the Deputy on these topics. The Prosecution has no further questions for the Defendant, and unless the Defence wishes to cross-examine the witness, the Prosecution motions to move these proceedings to closing arguments followed by a judgement on this matter." (( @Urshankov @Ryoichi @JameZ ))
  11. "Just as an aside Your Honor, There is a clear distinction between refusing to answer questions, and lying to a Law Enforcement Officer with intent to deceive; but at this point, the Prosecution is certain that the Defendant is not able to comprehend that." (( @Urshankov @Ryoichi @JameZ ))
  12. "Your Honor, Deputy Cooper dug himself a hole he is only now trying to get out of, by any means, including presenting fallacies as legitimate excuses for his sub-standard behavior. Either that or Deputy Cooper has no tangible understanding of how to conduct himself as a Law Enforcement Officer. If the Prosecution put the Undersheriff on the stand, the court would hear that Deputy Cooper was given ample and extensive opportunity to take accountability for this actions. In fact, he was specifically told that the whole ordeal could be solved with some explanation, however, Mike Cooper carried on with his charade of denial and landed himself in court. Yes, this case was presented to the court on the grounds that Mike Cooper violated the law, but it was only exasperated by Deputy Coopers unprofessionalism as a public servant, and his agenda of dishonesty. Is this really the kind of person that we should expect accountability from when it comes to protecting our community and children? Clearly not." (( @Urshankov @JameZ @Ryoichi ))
  13. "Deputy Cooper? Please answer the question. In following conversations with the Undersheriff and District Attorney, you denied ever having seen the District Attorney, or being in the area at the time. As you recently testified, you were indeed in the area, allegedly responding to a bystander in distress. What were your intentions in taking the path of denial?" (( @Urshankov @Ryoichi @JameZ ))
  14. “Deputy Cooper, When being addressed after the incident by both the Undersheriff and the District Attorney, why did you lie about you whereabouts at the time, and deny that the incident ever had occurred?” (( @Urshankov @Ryoichi ))
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