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  1. "Your Honor, This case is a fairly simple one and all evidence against the Defendant has been presented before this court. Elizabeth Woods resigned from service with the Los Santos Police Department in February of 2017, and granted an "honorable" discharge by then Chief Justin Almeida, despite her being under investigation regarding her involvement in the Cameron Spencer murders not more than twenty-four hours earlier. With an "honorable" discharge, comes the privilege of reserved rights under the Law Enforcement Safety Act of 2014, and the "automatic" issuance of a Tier 1 permit. However, the Law Enforcement Safety act does restrict retired law enforcement officers from carrying firearms in some public places, such as within courthouses and buildings operated by the Superior Court of San Andreas. On the 10th of January, 2019, Elizabeth Woods broke the restrictions set in place by the Law Enforcement Safety Act, and also the San Andreas Licencing Tier Act, when she entered the Superior Court of San Andreas's Los Santos District Courthouse in possession of an unregistered Glock-22 handgun, and accompanying ammunition. Going through exhibit-by-exhibit, the case is easily broken down Your Honor; Exhibit 1, the Narrative And Affidavit from Sergeant Solomon of the LSPD details that he had been called down to the Superior Court building in order take Elizabeth Woods into custody, who was indeed in possession of a firearm and what he calls an 'incredible' amount of ammunition, totalling over eighty rounds. Exhibit 2 is the Sergeant's official entry of the evidence seized in the arrest, and Your Honor, please note the serial number of the Glock-22. Looking to Exhibit 3, it is evident that Elizabeth Woods entered the Courts building twice, presumably in possession of the firearm both times. It shall be noted that Elizabeth Woods did leave after first stepping inside the building, entering her vehicle, and then returning shortly afterwards. Exhibit 4 is merely the section of the Law Enforcement Safety Act that applies to the conduct of Miss Woods. Moving on however, Your Honor, the Prosecution finds a striking concern that Elizabeth Woods was carrying an unregistered firearm, as seen in the comparison between recorded serial numbers in Exhibits 5 and 6. Last, but not least Your Honor, is a affidavit which states the full terms by which the arrest was initiated, and footage which corroborates this. It shall be noted that Miss Woods, prior to taking part in her scheduled deposition, was read her Miranda Rights, which of course, footage can be provided of, therefore making all statements following, admissible as evidence. The Prosecution would like to preempt any arguments made by the Defense that would incite entrapment. The Prosecution shall go over some of these points now before the court, in order to explain further... Looking to the "Criminal Resource Manual" as issued by the Department of Justice, section 645: "A valid entrapment defense has two related elements: (1) government inducement of the crime, and (2) the defendant's lack of predisposition to engage in the criminal conduct... Of the two elements, predisposition is by far the more important." By examining the actions of Elizabeth Woods, it is clear that both tests are failed. First of all, Elizabeth Woods was in no way induced into committing any crimes. She freely entered the premises not once, but twice, under her own terms, and chose to carry with her, perhaps out of ignorance, but most likely out of arrogance an unregistered firearm. By the time she had voluntarily made it known to the District Attorney that she was in possession of a firearm, she had already perpetrated an instance of unlawful possession. Later being told that "it's fine" had no bearing on the criminal behavior of the Miss Woods, who, had she been told that it "was not fine" would still be equally liable for arrest after entering the premises with the firearm. This of course, leads next into the element of predisposition... Even in the case of United States v. Russell where government agents supplied ingredients for methamphetamine production, entrapment was not a valid defense as the subjects were already predisposed to carry out the criminal acts, just as Elizabeth Woods was, when she entered a court building with an unregistered firearm under her own free will, and with obvious knowledge of it being on her person. The Prosecution firmly believes therefore, that the actions of Elizabeth Woods, on January 10th, 2019, were done free from the pretenses of entrapment." (( @Antonia @EvilScotsman @Mogs ))
  2. "Your Honor, This court has been asked to review the evidence currently being held against Terrance Johnson, a man known to police to be involved in gang activity, and with a record of felony crimes. Again, Terrance Johnson has found himself being brought before a court, but this time, Terrance Johnson is accused of much greater crimes, which almost cost the lives of two Law Enforcement Officers. Your Honor, State Trooper Richards did exemplary work on New Year's Day, when he identified suspicious activity around a parking structure in East Los Santos. Terrance Johnson, and his associates, a masked Daniel Convington, and Malik Davidson were poised to make an escape from the area. Trooper Richards then made contact with the trio, attempting to stop them and investigate upon reasonable suspicion of more heinous crimes. At this time, Terrance Johnson attempted to evade police, driving 'erratically' finally stopping along Atlantica Avenue. In continual defiance, and with intent to delay their inevitable arrest, Terrance Johnson, and his associates failed to obey orders of law enforcement. Suspecting that these men may have been armed and dangerous, officers fired upon Malik Davidson who failed to display his hands, and continued to reach around his person. After fifteen minutes of continued obstruction, State Police attempted to bring the stand-off to close without further lethal force as they deployed non lethal rounds into the cabin of the vehicle. All occupants of the vehicle were then taken into custody, where firearms were found on Davdison and Johnson. No sooner were these weapons found, when three assailants begane to to rain fire upon the scene, striking and wounding two officers; Trooper Turner, and Sergeant Reagan of the LPSD. With great bravery, Trooper Richards and Officer Black, who remained unscathed, took down the three attackers, who were later identified as Jaylen Malone, Samuel Dorrin, and Wilson Stacker. But Your Honor, this was no random attack, but a planned and orchestrated escape-attempt, which would have otherwise succeeded if Mister Johnson had not have eventually brought himself to the Los Santos Police Department headquarters. Daniel Covington, later informed investigating Officers that Terrance Johnson and Malik Davidson where his neighbors who had solicited him to take part in some criminal activity. He also admitted that Johnson had continually obstructed the officers from preforming their arrests. Further Your Honor, Daniel Covington also identified that Terrance Johnson, and Malik Davidson had been associating earlier with three aforementioned attackers before being engaged by Trooper Richards. Convington also rightly assumed that Johnson and Davidson had conspired with Malone, Dorrin and Stacker for the attack on police to occur as a means of escape. This was corroborated through further investigation which revealed that Malik Davidson had conspired with Samuel Dorrin in the attacks on the officers. There is no suspension of disbelief required in order to therefore connect these dots... In what appears to the Prosecution to be a clearly organized attack on Police Officers, Terrance Johnson and Malik Davidson delayed their inevitable arrests in time for their armed associates to arrive, that they may escape whatever charges may have been otherwise laid against them. Fortunately this fallacy fell through, and Terrance Johnson sits before this court, being held accountable for this near tragic loss of life." (( @JameZ @Maikeyy2 @Urshankov ))
  3. "Your Honor, If the Defense does not plan to present themselves in court, the Prosecution will be seeking a summary judgement based on a plea of no-contest by the Defendant." (( @Mogs @EvilScotsman @Antonia ))
  4. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Logan Garcia [31/12]

    (( You can't power-game someone's presence they should be RPing their attendance themselves. @JameZ ))
  5. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Logan Garcia [31/12]

    "Your Honor, The Prosecution would like to first start by noting that this case would be proceeding without the Defendant being present, and without them giving their plea in-person. Logan Garcia is currently employed as a Police Officer III, and according to his employee record, and has successfully passed their probationary period within the Traffic Enforcement Division. It is clear, however, that Mister Garcia's commitment to his duties as a Law Enforcement Officer, and the laws of San Andreas, ends when he clocks out. As seen in Exhibit 1, State Trooper Monroe witness, and recorded Mister Garcia, travelling at more than forty miles an hour over the legal limit; nearly twice the posted maximum. Mister Garcia was travelling Eastbound, in close proximity to a vehicle operated by Ram Luqman, who was also travelling at highly excessive speeds. Trooper Monroe, identified this immediately as the two drivers "racing down Pasadena Boulevard." What may be most disturbing is Mister Garcia's apparent disregard for life. As witnessed by Trooper Monroe, both drivers came within close proximity of a bystander, who was able to offer her witness statements to the Trooper, following the event. Miss Leon, expressed to the Trooper that both vehicles, had been "domineering both the lanes whilst they approached." Therefore Your Honor, based on this evidence, and throughout this case, the Prosecution is confident that Mister Garcia's felonious behavior will be examined. At this time, the Prosecution is awaiting the results of the Subpoena. (( @JameZ @ThatGuy @Ramsis ))
  6. "The Prosecution is of course present Your Honor." (( @EvilScotsman ))
  7. Zebulon

    [Sparta Media] Drug epidemic hits Los Santos

    Name: Nigger Slayer Comment: Was she black?
  8. (( @RolePlayer10 report IG to have an officer /arrest you and link them this ))
  9. "The Prosecution acknowledges this plea as suitable." (( @Urshankov ))
  10. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Ram Luqman [31/12]

    "The Prosecution demands that all pleas come from the Defendant unless they are physically incapable of doing so." (( @ThatGuy @JameZ @Weiga ))
  11. "Your Honor, The Prosecution is currently negotiating a potential plea with the Defendant. It is asked that 48 hours be allotted for this before a case is presented." (( @Urshankov @Blanco ))
  12. Zebulon

    V. Koltsov & K. Petrov v. Moretta/Carrington

    "Are you able to present documentation to support this such as proof of salary?"" (( @FAILCAKEZ @rentation ))
  13. Zebulon

    [STATE] The People V. Ram Luqman [31/12]

    "The Prosecution is Present... If the Defendant wishes to not participate, it is asked that this course consider that a plea of no-contest." (( @ThatGuy @Weiga ))
  14. (( @Blanco @doo2doo2 @JameZ @Mogs @Restrepo @maramizo Opportunity for Public Defense work would be sent to your lawyer characters ))

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