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  1. Markus Downer V. Tyler Haze [2/21]

    "Mister Haze? Your response?" (( @GamerX27 @Kibby ))
  2. [STATE] The People v. Lucy Belshaw

    "Yes, as has been stated numerous times... Your client was handcuffed to her passenger and an admission that she had been attempting to take her own life, but had obviously failed to follow through fully hence her slamming on the breaks and not plowing through the retainer wall on the south side of the road." (( @ThatGuy @Lewis @JameZ ))
  3. "Your Honour, Law Enforcement Officers are under no obligation to make requests of persons in violation of parking regulations. This is just the subject crying that he was cited under valid pretenses because he feels entitled to have been given a chance to correct himself rather than face the due recourse for his actions. Mister Downer has just admitted that his vehicle was parked incorrectly and on those grounds I motion for dismissal of his petition. " (( @ThatGuy @GamerX27 ))
  4. Markus Downer V. Tyler Haze [2/21]

    *Justice Ross enters the courtroom and would take his seat on the bench examining the court documents and the room as well.* "Are both parties present and prepared to proceed?" (( @Kibby @GamerX27 ))
  5. *Steven Spade would enter the courtroom and take a seat beside Alisha with a hand extended to a handshake and with a formal nod to Justice Vanderbuilt.* (( @Wright @ThatGuy @jamiebanks1990 ))
  6. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    *Justice Ross would nod to both parties and after a short recess return to the bench and clear his throat.* "The Court is inclined to move towards judgement as enough discussion and deliberation has occurred in regards to the subject matter at hand. At this time, it will be presented to to the court, an evaluation of the petition and subsequent findings whereby each party may issue statements in response and upon taking them into consideration, a final judgement shall be passed. The Court finds that investigation into the Cliff Town community to be lacking substantial grounds for cause and that the presence of convicted weapons felons shall not be used as reason to investigate the neighbors. Furthermore, Earl Irwin, to the best of this court's knowledge is a fully licensed weapons holder and in compliance with law in those regards and it is nonsensical to lump him in with these felons. In addition to this, the lack of written case material suggest to this court that the investigating officers were following the case under a guilty-by-association mentality. In regards to the arrest of Earl Irwin, the viewpoint of the arresting officer and his supervisor are inconsequential and that if Mister Irwin was genuinely concerned for his well-being and safety, that it is neither a misuse nor an-illegitimate use of the emergency services phoneline. The arresting Officers, appear to this court, to have failed to evaluate Mister Irwin's concerns and allowed a level of personal bias to influence their decisions in placing Mister Irwin in custody. The interaction at-best warranted the Officers to stop Mister Irwin without intent of taking him into custody to identify themselves and diffuse the situation. In it's judgement the court will evaluate the demands of the plaintiff but at this time will allow the Defense then the Plaintiff to respond to these findings thus far." (( @SjoerdPSV @Wright @Jord @DrJoseEviI ))
  7. "Present Your Honor" says Steven Spade. (( @ThatGuy @GamerX27))
  8. "Very well. I would suggest this case is mediated between the two parties regarding fair compensation." (( @Restrepo @Makorox ))
  9. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    "It is very hard to conclude that your allegations are accurate without offering their names Mister Mason. If you can establish that you and your partner did indeed have reasonable business with the residents of Cliff town please do so now. Otherwise I shall allow both parties to make further statements or move towards resolution." (( @SjoerdPSV @Jord @Wright ))
  10. " How does the Plaintiff respond?" (( @GamerX27 @YouriXx @Makorox @Wright ))
  11. "Are both parties present?" (( @Wright @ThatGuy @Restrepo @Shanks ))
  12. Earl Irwin v. Robbie Mason

    " How is anyone supposed to look up these records if neither you nor the LSPD can verify the names of said persons? The court shall allow the Plaintiff to continue with it's arguments." (( @SjoerdPSV @Wright @Jord ))
  13. *As Justice Ross enters the courtroom, the Bailiff would escort John out as no food or drink would be permitted in the courtroom outside of water.* "Are both parties present?" (( @Restrepo @Wright @ThatGuy @GamerX27 ))
  14. [STATE] The People v. Davud Shekhani

    *Justice Ross would take a seat at the bench replacing Vanderbuilt."
  15. [STATE] The People v. Thomas Keith Burgess

    "The Prosecution would be open to hearing any plea offers made by the Defence." (( @Wright ))

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