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  1. "In conversations with the Undersheriff, you denied being in that area. What was your business at #1 Joshua Road?" (( @Ryoichi @JameZ @Urshankov ))
  2. “Deputy Cooper, you might not realize this but you are costing the taxpayers money by sitting there ignoring questions and delaying these proceedings.” (( @Urshankov @JameZ @Ryoichi ))
  3. “Mister Cooper, where were you on the 8th of September, at say... 15:30?” (( @Ryoichi @JameZ @Urshankov))
  4. You can script that Unitts right?
  5. “Your Honor, The Prosecution would motion to have the Defendant take the stand.” (( @Urshankov @JameZ )) (( @Ryoichi ))
  6. “As stated, the Deputy primarily drove in a manner that endangered other vehicles and drivers on the road. Reckless driving does not require multiple rules to be broken in order to be qualified as a legitimate accusation.” (( @JameZ @Urshankov ))
  7. “The previous statement was made regarding the speed of the other vehicle involved, not the Deputies.” (( @JameZ @Urshankov ))
  8. “The Deputy’s cruiser cut across lanes within an estimated 80 feet of oncoming traffic, travelling at 80 miles per hour...or roughly 117 feet per second.” (( @JameZ @Urshankov ))
  9. “Close enough to require oncoming traffic to slam on breaks and swerve into the opposite lane in order to avoid a collision.” (( @JameZ @Urshankov))
  10. “A blue pickup truck operated by myself.” (( @JameZ @Urshankov ))
  11. “Yes. This was just stated.” (( @JameZ @Urshankov ))
  12. "As stated, the turn was made in an abrupt fashion without signalling, across lanes with oncoming traffic in close proximity, which caused the other driver to swerve out of the way in order to avoid a head-on collision with the Deputy's vehicle. To reiterate the definition of Reckless Driving... Driving in a manner that endangers property, vehicles or life including breaking multiple road rules. Seeing as the Deputy's behaviour matched this description to a "T," the conclusion that his driving was indeed dangerous, was easily reached." (( @JameZ @Urshankov ))
  13. "Of course. Deputy Cooper appeared to be approaching at around the speed limit. Prior to his turn, there was no attempt made to indicate his course of action, nor were his emergency lights or warning devices activated." (( @JameZ @Urshankov ))
  14. “Your Honor, if the Defence is not intent on posing any questions, why have they called a witness to the stand?” (( @Urshankov @JameZ ))
  15. *Masterson would leave his desk, walking over to take the stand.* (( @JameZ @Urshankov ))
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