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  1. The MDC/T really needs improvement. The old MTA version was a good starting point however PD would have a hard time doing its job with what we have now. You can contact me directly for details that I would include.
  2. Did you expect anything different? Anyways F to the ole MTA.
  3. Lol nice edit. Clearly you don't know me. I'm not one aof those Owl THOTs with twelve Subarus in the garage.
  4. Great news @Chaos... Just looking for some clarification. So if someone played over on GTAW and came to Owl, cool, that person could get a transfer some of their assets as a booster. However, another player who spent hundreds of hours on OWL on SA, and has been an active community member and (likley) a donator is told to start from scratch? I don't see how you expect folks who've been here a while to feel valued. Does that seem unreasonable?
  5. Zebulon

    Russian Mafia

    Are you sure?
  6. @Daniels is that from when the IS was launched or does it include inactivity from before?
  7. The term “protected” is a matter of subjective interpretation.
  8. The act of vigilante justice is inherently illegal. Any kind of public face would be certain to earn the group a brand as domestic terrorists, at least according to your mission statements. So not the group is not legal, at least by my interpretation.
  9. “Your Honor, The Prosecution is seeking a Summary Judgement be made if the Defence is not prepared to make a closing statement.” (( @Ryoichi @Urshankov ))
  10. "Your Honor, If the Defendant is not wishing to make a final statement, the Prosecution will ask the court to form a Summary Judgement." (( @Ryoichi @Urshankov ))
  11. “Your Honor, The Defendant is invited to make his final pleas if the court will allow it.” (( @Urshankov @Ryoichi ))
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