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  1. Zebulon

    Vostok Corporation

    *REAL-ESTATE SALE! Prices Negotiable. Call 111122 for more info.* From Russia With Love - Gates Street Verdant Plaza - Metropolitan Ave. The Pig Pen - Little Moscow
  2. Nobody complains when admins passive EMS arrivals as 'EMS would take Jim to the Hopsital' etc etc. Do you think the average community member cares how the fire is put out? No, as long as the damage is reasonably simulated.
  3. Right now @Shaderz we have a circular issue: Needing Admins + DPS For (Small) Arson = No Fires = No FF Roleplay = No Fire Fighters SO INSTEAD Only Needing Admins for Small Arsons = More Fires = More FF Roleplay = More Activity & Draw to be a Fire Fighter
  4. I am telling you right now. Most admins can find a CONCLUSION to a small fire without 'endangering' the quality of roleplay on OWL. If you want to make a stink about that, I would simply point out all the other lacking areas of EMS/Fire Dep. Roleplay that we get by on.
  5. So how should we handle things currently. Say there is no DPS on and someone want's to burn down an empty car?
  6. Zebulon

    Charles Mancuso v. Lena Matthews

    "Your Honor, The Plaintiff has come to an out of court agreement with Miss Matthews that has yet to be fulfilled, so the Plaintiff would like to carry on with this case, increasing the claimed amount to fifty thousand dollars citing extended damages considering the amount of time passed. A copy of the proposed settlement has been delivered to the Bailiff." (( @Wright @SpaghettiMayne @EvilScotsman ))
  7. Zebulon

    [Vehicles inside force sold interiors] - Revise

    I disagree. Properties that are foreclosed include the contents typically. Would be best.
  8. Players should have to wait 1 week to transfer from a CKd Character.
  9. "Your Honor, Emma Tackson is a 'habitual' offender when it comes to reckless operation of a motor-vehicle with numerous convictions against her, including Felony Reckless Evasion. This time, her careless and negligent manners have cost a life. As presented before this court, Emma Tackson was operating a 1991 Nissan, which she readily admits had inferior brakes and tires. Judging on her history, this is extremely dangerous considering Emma Tackson has been known to operate her vehicles well in excess of the legal limits, and in a dangerous fashion. Also presented before this court has been evidence complied and analyzed by State Troopers which has concluded that the origins of the collision fell on the Defendant as they plowed through the oncoming motorcycle, losing control and skidding down the road, after tossing the bike down a cliff's edge. Furthermore, the Defense has been able to present any countering evidence which would suggest anything other than Miss Tackson's driving as the cause of the fatal-collision. Overall Your Honor, there is no doubt in the Prosecution's mind that Miss Tackson's wanton disregard and obvious adrenaline-junkie nature has taken a life and for that, the People are seeking maximum penalties, and the assurance that Miss Tackson will remain off our roads for a significant amount of time. Perhaps 'going nowhere fast' will be the kind of lesson the Defendant needs in order to get their life back within the safety of the law." (( @Urshankov @Cryotich @JameZ ))
  10. "Your Honor, the Prosecution asks the court to present it's closing remarks unless the Defense has any evidence to bring forward that has not already been deliberated upon." (( @Urshankov @JameZ ))
  11. The 'братва востока' or 'Bratva' was formed in February 2018, after what is known as 'the fall of the Temple.' The organization came together under the leadership of former Khram OPG big-man Marat 'Veliki' Morozov and thrived off of the storied traditions, loyalty and tenacity of Khram OPG's surviving members. Since then, the 'Bratva' has grown to dominate the Los Santos underworld, and has created a complex network of allies, informants, associates and soldiers throughout... and now you're thinking of joining: Well, let me start off by saying that 'The Bratva' is, in it's truest form, an 'evolution' of the revered Khram OPG, and has been successful to date mainly due to the traditions, strategy and 'culture' refined in no small way by @LokiHavok. Bratva members represent a 'brotherhood' of typically, Russian expats, or Russian-speakers from other nations such as Armenia, the Ukraine, Georgia, and other former Soviet-Bloc countries. At it's roots, the Bratva is like any other Mafia organization, a pyramid of respect, social status, and most importantly money. Cash is the language of the underworld; every man has their price, and every man is weighed on their abilities to prove their value. Most complete this by either pushing illicit products such as weapons, narcotics, and prostitution, or by handling jobs which are handed down to them by the Bratva 'elite.' Not unlike the infamous Italian organizations of La Cosa Nostra, the Bratva maintains power through secrecy and violence, and gains membership typically through blood-relations or 'family' ties. This could be 'your cousin Pavel' or 'your neighbor growing up in little Moscow'... so the odds of 'outsiders' making it into the ranks, become very slim. Below you will find some 'Do's & Dont's' of character creation, and some tips on how to organically work your way into favor with the organization. DO: Your character should be male, white, Russian-speaking (if not in addition to other native languages). Women are rarely considered to hold any power in a Mafia environment, and the power they do hold comes from sexual relations and influencing high-rollers. Your character should have ZERO involvement with Law Enforcement, the Government, or any kind of 'authority' such as the former KGB, SVR, CIA etc etc. There are minor exceptions to this such as a crooked cop earning the favour of the Mob, but they will forever been an outsider. Your character should have a believable background, reflective of his social standing & HAVE MOTIVATION to earn membership. Being loaded, driving nice cars & all that is fine to start, IF you have a believable reason to still seek membership. Otherwise, you'll likely become a target of extortion. Your character should be willing to put in the time, network, and earn the trust of those above him in the organization. Simply put, nobody is handed anything. Your character might have done jail time or be a felon etc. This is more of a 'trust' thing as criminals are always more likely to trust 'one of their own.' Your character will always benefit from being a 'local.' DONT'S: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, approach a 'theoretical' member of the organization or someone you suspect to have connections openly, especially if you are asking them for assistance with a criminal task. THIS WILL GET YOU CLIPPED AND BURIED FASTER THAN IT TOOK YOU TO GOOGLE-FOO YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME Your character should not be entitled to anything they didn't pay or bleed for. The 'I deserve ______' attitude is rarely rewarded unless your character already has pull within the organization. Your character should not be a rabid thug, or uncontrollable 'loose cannon.' Being a liability will earn you a bullet. (( @Portside ❤️ )) Your character should be prepared to make financial and physical sacrifices. Nothing says loyalty like cash, and the willingness to sit behind bars for a job needing done. Your character should realistically fear leadership & the consequences of going against or pissing off a well connected criminal organization. This includes ratting, working against them, disobeying direct orders, refusing work etc. Your character should understand that most Mafia members only leave the life in a wooden box, and the biggest killer of mob-members is their own kind. I hope this gives some of you with interest in joining us something to think about as you ponder creating a character. You can always contact myself, @FAILCAKEZ or another Bratva player that you might know, and they should be able to give you some solid advice on the topics I covered above. At the end of the day, our goal is to create an environment that encourages character development, offers dynamic opportunities for a variety of RP styles and creates interesting Role-play for the community at large. Thanks for taking time to read!
  12. Yes of course, I think that Admins can reasonably give realistic outcomes for minor situations. It's kind of a catch 22. Nobody's going to do minor arson if there's rules preventing them from doing so freely, and nobody going to want to be a firefighter if there's no naturally occurring fires RPly.

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