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  1. [STATE] The People v. Tsume Ookami

    *Justice Ross nods.* "Granted. for seventy two hours, or lesser at the Defense's discretion." (( @Bircher @Wright ))
  2. [STATE] The People v. Tsume Ookami

    (( @Bircher @Mowafy ))
  3. "I think it is evident that the LSPD Firearms Licensing Bureau made their decision due the responses on the application form as you cited your time as less than the required duration despite your previous residence period in San Andreas. I do however see that the question is vauge and could be misconstrued so I will be asking the FLB to ammend this to include "total" time of residence as to include bost present and prior residencies. Does any side have anything further to add?" (( @JustJasper010 @Bircher))
  4. [STATE] The People v. Tsume Ookami

    *Justice Ross turns to the Defendant after looking over him and the court documents.* "Mister Ookami, did you have an attorney or did you require one to be appointed?" (( @Piney ))
  5. [STATE] The People v. Rebecca Zicardi

    "Indeed, I did unintentionally misquote the Defedant Your Honor, that statement and any linked to her sale of the vehicle are retracted." (( @Unitts @ThatGuy ))
  6. [STATE] The People v. Rebecca Zicardi

    "Your Honour, The case against Miss Zicardi, regarding her charges of Felony Street Competition, Reckless Evasion and so forth, is clear cut. On the sixth of November of twenty-sixteen, Miss Zicardi was witnessed, by a State Trooper to be racing a Toyota Supra down the interstate towards Los Santos. At this time, the Trooper gave chase, only to see her suspects evade her attempts at high speed. Miss Zicardi attempted to deflect her responsibility to stop for Law Enforcement by saying that she simply didn't see the Officer. And no wonder; Miss Zicardi was pushing her Camaro at speeds more than one hundred miles-per-hour over the prescribed limit while, going neck to neck with her competition. However, any good officer of the law understands that despite her claims, her actions still constitute that of a Felony Reckless Evasion solely on the grounds that the Trooper, who was in pursuit with intentions to detain, could not do so in a safe manner, as their suspect hurled down the highway at an alarming rate. After escaping the Trooper, Miss Zicardi then, according to her own testimony, took her lunch break to unregister the vehicle with intent of sale. Since that year, she still has not sold the vehicle, to the best of the Prosecutions knowledge. Why? Perhaps the intent was to shake the State Troopers off her tail? But then again... Why would you sell such a nice high-performance car? The final, and most damning evidence is that of the conviction against her co-accused, the owner of the Supra with plates "SECRET" who took a guilty plea to the charge of Felony Street Competition. Miss Zicardi, in her interviews said that her racing-buddy took the easy way out... Yes, indeed, it is easier to plea guilty to a crime you have committed than endure the examination of a court-room. Perhaps Miss Zicardi thought she had it just as easy when her attorney made back-room deals with Sheriff Almedia to drop the case without due cause. Thankfully, after a verdict has been granted, Miss Zicardi will face justice for her actions and held to the same standards as the rest of the law-abiding citizen of San Andreas. That is all." (( @Unitts @ThatGuy @Deuce ))
  7. [STATE] The People v. Tsume Ookami

    (( I believe they have been tagged @ThatGuy ))
  8. Name: AH1488 Comment: You a big brain nibba
  9. PRESS RELEASE “OPERATION PEGASUS” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13/11/2017 District Attorney's Office District Of Los Santos Los Santos, San Andreas ---- San Andreas State Police, in cooperation with the Federal Task Force, have successfully obtained numerous warrants, seizures and convictions after the deployment of “Operation Pegasus.” Over the course of the last few weeks, undercover State Police Troopers have conducted clandestine surveillance and infiltration of the “High-Performance Vehicle” community within Los Santos, specifically targeting illegal street racing, “Pink-Slip” events, chop shops, street-illegal vehicles and reckless “stunt” driving. In total, the San Andreas State Police, under "Operation Pegasus" have seized seven (7) “High-Performance Vehicles” used in illicit street-racing events, three (3) firearms, and over one-hundred (100) grams of narcotics. The following is a to-date summary of convictions and outstanding warrants; TYSON ABELA - Convicted of: Driving Under the Influence (TF004), Felony Street Competition (TF006), Illegal Drug Possession With Sale & Delivery Intent (DF003), Sale of Illegal Drugs (DF004), Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon (WF002), Possession of NFA Items (WF010) TYLER DIXON - Convicted of: Driving Under the Influence (TF004), Felony Street Competition (TF006), Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon (WF002) ROXANNE SHEPPARD - Convicted of: Felony Street Competition (TF006) REGINALD LITTLE - Convicted of: Driving Under the Influence (TF004), Felony Street Competition (TF006) DIOGO GOMEZ - Convicted of: Felony Street Competition (TF006) x 2 BOOKLYN LEACH - Charged with: Felony Public Endangerment (TF007) x 2, Felony Street Competition (TF006), Reckless Driving (VC041) x 2, Unregistered Vehicle (VC036), Driving Without License Plate (VC025) AIDEN CROSS - WANTED - Warrants for: Felony Street Competition (TF006)*** ANTONIO BERNARDI - WANTED - Warrants for: Felony Street Competition (TF006)*** *** Guaranteed $5,000 reward for information leading to arrest of. Call 911 if seen. END OF RELEASE (( A Heavily Monitored and Censored Comment Section would be Open ))
  10. Will you be there?

    Your nan invited me
  11. Will you be there?

    Count me in Nibbas
  12. [STATE] The People v. Rebecca Zicardi

    "If the montion is to be sustained, the Prosecution motions for a judgement to be passed if the Defence has no further action to take." (( @Unitts @ThatGuy))
  13. *Justice Ross would nod a few times after reading over the documents and has the Bailiff deliver them to Pryor.* "Mister Pryor? Do you have any response to this? (( @Bircher @JustJasper010 ))
  14. "Your Honor, The Prosecution is prepared to offer the following plea-deal to the both Defendants, that is as follows: For Miss Belshaw - One Account of Reckless Driving For Mister harper - One Account of Reckless Driving Demands shall be of a financial penalty for both Defendants at the sum of $2500.00 as well as three days of suspended automotive license." (( @disappoint @Mowafy @Urshankov @Jordang ))
  15. "The court recognizes the way in which the law is written and agrees that, Mister Pryor, that your past time spent in Los Santos constituents you to be eligible to procure a firearm after successful completion of the other required components.... Would our LSPD representative be able to clarify why exactly Mister Pryor was denied?" (( @JustJasper010 @Bircher

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