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  1. Name: Anonymous Comment: Damn, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen!
  2. Hello

    After I have transported him there :3 Remember to bill 10K or more pls
  3. Government Forum Perms

    Just got Public Works Supervisor, any way I can have the forum perms for the faction?
  4. RSHaulers.

    *Autistic Donkey sounds* "I just saw an RS Hauler, Jump off!" *Screamed from across the room* Made my day.
  5. Dont have cash nor space.
  6. Rate the signature above you!

    k 10/10
  7. Owl Gaming CSGO Tournament

    Fuck deg xD
  8. Owl Gaming CSGO Tournament

  9. Owl Gaming CSGO Tournament

    @Krakkfaen @DominicLevian @Mao dåkker e med?
  10. Username: Italiand00d Comment: Maybe you should start going outside? ASH is outside muuch more than before, I've seen.
  11. Username: Italiand00d Comment: Okay, that's why y'all should go to ASH. They never hit pedestrians or anything. c:
  12. GAT Update - August 12th, 2017

    @Krakkfaen Good luck fighting QQ, mong. <3 Thomas, you Rock(s)
  13. Luciano Cantarella - EMT

    I'm adding in, I have a new phone number. New number is 845-248.

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