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  1. It's sad to see it go... I have started roleplaying on Owlgaming since 2016, and we've had some up's and downs. But I am happy I got to be a part of the community, roleplaying with new friends back in 2016. I've had some fun with the community, messing around, being a police, firefighter, security officer, lowkey criminal lmao, and alot more. I will be checking into OwlV sometimes, but now that I have a job and projects going on, it's going to be hard. It's been nice roleplaying with you all!
  2. I need Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas Manager perms and @PornMaster need sales associate perms. @ThatGuy
  3. Congrats! You won! I have sent you a personal message with contact information.
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2017 Vehicle brand: Acura Vehicle make: NSX VIN: 25521 Mileage: 4xxx Description: A beautiful supercar that's got a Twin-Turbo V6 Engine pushing around 573 horsepower and 476 lb-ft torque. Images Starting bid: 80.000 Minimum increase: 1.000 Buyout: 120.000 Auction end date: 26.06.2019 Contact details: **Will be given to the Auction Winner** **OOC and IC Comments are disabled**
  5. I have worked different dealerships, is working in one now, inactivity is a BIG problem, so the worst thing would be to remove the NPC dealerships. -1 from me.
  6. Carpet lickers everywhere
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