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  1. KingFliring

    TS3 Channel

    Can I have own TS3 channel? I paid 10 dollars to server, I can show proof if needed. I already have ts3 server group. You can name it "Daggy's Hole"
  2. KingFliring

    Premium Permissions

    I donated 10$, I am rich. Still I want bronze. I gonna charity and post pic here.
  3. We say Her, and you say Dag, kek?

  4. KingFliring

    GTA 5 Server

    Yeah true. Thing is that if you have GTA V though, you know that you can play it in the future, and dont have to spend money on it later. Win win?
  5. KingFliring

    GTA 5 Server

    And MTA doesn't? Something sayas that you are not here alot xd
  6. KingFliring

    GAT Update - January 24th, 2018

    Im late.... shit... Congrats y'all
  7. KingFliring

    We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    I like how half of the comments on this topic is Khram related, and I am just sitting here at school being sick. Thanks @Chaos for showing us that you guys hear us, it's totally appreciated, and a very nice change. Also, sorry for my bad english, I am sick, as I said. One question though, why is everyone screaming about Khram and such? It's just a faction, and yes, it have been up for years, I guess. But still a faction that you'd know would close. It ain't PD, it ain't GOV, it will not stay up like every other factions that is GOV related and such. (Sorry, I am just trying to make the point that not all factions are up permanently.) I've been playing on owlgaming since 2016, and I've noticed the changes alot. Maybe the admins should do the reports faster though, sometimes I've seen like 3-4 admins online, and I am report ID #1, and takes hours before I am getting an answer. I understand people are doing RP, but I don't really think that ALL admins available are doing RP though... I want that changed. Sorry if this post makes no sense, I just need to get my thoughts out of my head and in here. Atleast trying to make sense.
  8. KingFliring

    Application - Luciano Cantarella

    Name: Luciano Cantarella Phone Number: 633639 Age: 21 Education & Degrees: M.D (Medical Degree) G.D (Graduate Degree) ((I guess)) The position you want to apply for (multiple can be selected): Event Marshall LSMA (Los Santos Motorsport Association) Event Marshall (no previous experience needed) Technical Marshall (some mechanical experience, please provide some logs) What makes you more suitable for this task than others?: I don't look at myself more suitable for this task than others, but I'd love to help on the tracks during events and such. Do you have any previous experience in motorsport and the position you are applying for?: I've been racing alot, helped on the tracks sometimes during my time in SEMC. ((OOC INFORMATION)) In-Game Username: DagTrueLife Forum Username: TrueLifeDag HoursPlayed (Account total): 1255 Timezone: UTC +1
  9. KingFliring

    Will you be there?

    I literally bought GTA V just for this...
  10. KingFliring

    Desktop Screenshots

    Dual Screen.
  11. KingFliring

    2020 Tesla Roadster

  12. Name: ItalianBOI Comment: You know, back when I was in the academy, we would follow every toast with a song!

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