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  1. Np mate. Left owl but you were one of the coolest lads I met. Gl in your story Signed James Reed (EKWorks)
  2. dont sell it this time
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Interstate 27 building/yard Description: A fully gated and fenced property with a really spacious yard and a shed/garage. Could be anything your imagination wants it to be. Fully secluded from curious eyes. Exterior Images: https://imgur.com/a/33jKXzr Interior Images: https://imgur.com/a/33jKXzr Starting Bid: 30,000 Minimum Increase: 1,000 Buyout: 55,000 Auction ends: 3rd of April, 12:00PM Local Contact Information: [email protected] (( @noskill ))
  4. Name: AL Bid: $17,500 (Offer) Lot: #3 (Ford Focus)
  5. User: BallsacheOnNewYearsEve Bid: Buyout Lot: 4 FUCK Stop editing it
  6. Auctioneer Comment: Not really, you may buy the vehicle after the auction though if you are not able right now. Simply shoot me an e-mail and we will discuss it.
  7. Name: JR Comment: Man why tf people buy them likes for instagram
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