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  1. @Vubstersmurf the only person worthy of a blue alongside Chaos imo
  2. bitch u probably still running cracked 1.5.2 x
  3. Soooo... anyone minecraft?
  4. ya boy dont even have a legal copy of gta v lmao
  5. Owl MTA is dead boys. Who down to play minecraft or some shit that also cant run GTA V?
  6. last time i visited my cat at a hospital, took me half a day to figure out how to get up to the 3rd floor in an elevator
  7. i cant even make myself a salami sandwich, let alone u 1v1'ing me in league. i feel enough embarrassment in my life mate
  8. lost it in a bet against a hobo at tescos wtf dont remind me of my life mistakes
  9. sounds like some clan in league of legends or some shit
  10. Name: urnan Comment: Yo, Doug DeMuro is in LS?
  11. Np mate. Left owl but you were one of the coolest lads I met. Gl in your story Signed James Reed (EKWorks)
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