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  1. Gotta agree with @Deuce. Honestly, there's no point in keeping the MTA server for Owl on. I.e. some kids and teens are now more familiar with GTA V so majority just go there. I'm currently on GTA:W and yesterday the server was almost at 500 players online. Funny thing about older games, is that majority of the servers (MTA, CS1.6 and so on) that are left are mostly hosted by Russian's, Polak's and so forth. Seeing Owl MTA close down was honestly sad in a way. If the server was still alive with a decent playerbase, I'd most likely quit from GTA:W and move back.
  2. Fam, shoulda added this as well:
  3. UPDATE Big thank you to everyone who had ever used the wraps I've shared and keeping me motivated to continue releasing them while I was active. It was quite helpful to get myself familiarized with PhotoShop, etc. which later came out as a big pro in college, giving me a few headstarts here and there. To the last update, I'd like to thank everyone for the good times spent on Owlgaming MTA and hopefully to more on V in the future. Goodbye.
  4. Some fucking around Some final visits to the nostalgic spots
  5. @Vubstersmurf the only person worthy of a blue alongside Chaos imo
  6. bitch u probably still running cracked 1.5.2 x
  7. Soooo... anyone minecraft?
  8. ya boy dont even have a legal copy of gta v lmao
  9. Owl MTA is dead boys. Who down to play minecraft or some shit that also cant run GTA V?
  10. last time i visited my cat at a hospital, took me half a day to figure out how to get up to the 3rd floor in an elevator
  11. i cant even make myself a salami sandwich, let alone u 1v1'ing me in league. i feel enough embarrassment in my life mate
  12. lost it in a bet against a hobo at tescos wtf dont remind me of my life mistakes
  13. sounds like some clan in league of legends or some shit
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