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  1. EKWorks

    Car - 2007 BMW E92 335i [ENDS: 12/12/2018]

    User: JR Bid: $16,000 Comment: Car's clean.
  2. EKWorks

    Car - 2007 BMW E92 335i [ENDS: 12/12/2018]

    User: JR Comment: 187kmh if it wasn't unlimited
  3. EKWorks

    Car - 2007 BMW E92 335i [ENDS: 12/12/2018]

    *A notification from a user "JR" would pop up, requesting for a VIN with the following reason: "I'd like to run the VIN for any past MVA's and maintenance history"*
  4. EKWorks

    Genghis Rashid - District I

    User: BigTing123 Comment:
  5. EKWorks

    Alternatives to the Google Play Store

    Just google smth like "camera app apk" (thats an example) and look around
  6. * James Reed walks into the courtroom, dressed in a seemingly expensive suit, fixing his tie upon entrance as he checks the time on his phone for a moment prior to sitting down at the nearest seat to the right side *
  7. EKWorks

    Car - 1991 Lotus Esprit [ENDS: 28/11/2018]

    User: JR Comment: When starting bid is higher than buyout
  8. EKWorks

    [GARAGE '95] - Company cars [ENDS: 2/12/2018]

    User: Private Commment: Dont think it works that way. No one is oblidged to remove it. Your issue you cannot do it yourself
  9. EKWorks

    Residential - Blueberry Shack [ENDS: 30/11/2018]

  10. Auctioneer Comment: You have won the auction. You will be contacted via e-mail shortly.
  11. Los Santos Auction House - Body Kit Item Name: Broke Back Customs Wide Bodykit V1 by James Reed Description: First wide bodykit made by James Reed, as an attempt to start a new widespread aero upgrade in Los Santos, rather than getting a Liberty Walk kit or Rocket Bunny. The kit is made from an ABS material, consists of: - Hood w/ a cut out went; - Front bumper w/ a front diffuser & a quick release mechanism; - Rear bumper w/ a rear diffuser; - Left & Right front fenders (bolt on); - Left & Right quarter panels (bolt on). Fits any Elegy type of vehicle! (( WRAP WILL BE GIVEN AS WELL WITH AN OPTION TO ADD BADGING TO YOUR FITTING CAR )) Images Starting Bid: $1,000 Minimum Increase: $250 Buyout: $8,000 Auction Ends: 2018, November 26th @11:59PM Contact Information: Provided to the auction winner
  12. EKWorks

    OwlGaming - Slambook

    Name: EK Age: 20 Country: Lithuania Time Playing OwlGaming: ~3520hours Favorite Player(s): @Alfredas @termosas @DxRK @RileyBaxter @remolten @Stewart1 @tutsmeister @CodyMody @Kockata Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: @SpaghettiMayne @Zebulon @Urshankov Favorite Faction: Khram OPG Favorite Faction Leader: @jonthulhu @Loki Favorite GAT Member: @FAILCAKEZ @Aman @Cryotich @Unitts @SjoerdPSV @Script @Destroyed @Notorious @Vubstersmurf @ItsMelodyy Favorite UAT Member: @Shanks @Swanker @Chaos Favorite LEO Roleplayer: @Yannick @Alfredas @gopnik1919 @Cross125 @Urshankov @SpaghettiMayne @ItsMelodyy Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: @remolten @Kockata @CodyMody @jonthulhu @Loki @Hurley @Alfredas Best Legal Faction: RPMF (The OG one) Best Illegal Faction: Khram OPG Favorite Weapon: Silenced Colt (Stetchkin APB real life model) What makes me play OwlGaming: General boredom What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: RS Haulers and biased people What do you aim for in Owlgaming: Get money, fuck bitches If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: Kick half the people from GOV factions and administration team, won't name any I'm guess I'm just a friendly nigga
  13. EKWorks

    Future of Dinoco Ltd & Situation with Gov

    Name: JR Comment: Can I get a 15% discount coupon for Dinoco Cargo Services?
  14. EKWorks

    CPQL - Dropping Marijuana Enforcement

    Name: JR Comment: Where may I purchase such relaxing medical substance?
  15. EKWorks

    [Items] - Calling to payphones

    A decent addition, wouldn't harm anyone.

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