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  1. EKWorks

    A1 Automotive

    Our First Expansion Since our Establishment, we haven't really expanded all too far so for our first (simple) expansion, we are now proud to announce that we had aquired the Vinewood Gas Station, now renamed and redone to A1 Gas Station. Future updates regarding the business will be announced over the website. http://a1automotive.altervista.org/a1a-gas/
  2. EKWorks

    Car - 2018 BMW G11 M760i [ENDS: 27/05/18]

    Name: JR Comment: Top Speed?
  3. Name: JR Comment: Some people have lower standards. It doesn't change the cars value lmao
  4. EKWorks

    No more naming of your own generic phone.

    Let someone RP Whiz of Los Santos and sell phones there etc like any other provider
  5. EKWorks

    1993 Ferrari 512 Testarossa [ENDS: 22/05/18]

    Name: JR Comment: When you overprice a car literally double its value. Wtf
  6. EKWorks

    Car - 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo [ENDS: 20/05/2018]

    Name: JR Bid: $35,000
  7. EKWorks

    Car - 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo [ENDS: 20/05/2018]

    Name: JR Bid: Starting
  8. EKWorks

    Apple or Android?

    Telephone boots ftw
  9. Name: JR Comment: Boring. Anyone down for BBQ?
  10. EKWorks

    Queen's Realm

    Oh, seems like a topic for me
  11. EKWorks

    Server Event Screenshots/Videos

    They've put time and effort to make sure it goes as smooth as possible so no one has to pause shit during the event which worked out better than excepted to better appreciate that fam cause you couldn't have done what they did
  12. EKWorks

    闇の軍団 (The Legion of Darkness)

    Wrong group who dis
  13. EKWorks

    闇の軍団 (The Legion of Darkness)

    Higher standards than that will be upheld. We won't aim for cops. That's not what vigilantism is about. Our main priority will be to further protect the people of Los Santos whom need it by all means.
  14. EKWorks

    闇の軍団 (The Legion of Darkness)

    Exclude the magical hacking and pretty much you got it really. Can't pull spiderman bonaza ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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