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  1. Valkorion


    Yeah just read through all that. Definitely something we are going to help/do now for sure!
  2. Valkorion


    Because we aren't doing anything illegal... MCs aren't illegal so if we aren't doing anything that would be breaking the law... that means we are a Legal faction.
  3. why are you banned my guy

    1. Valkorion


      Ask around. I'll see you in 4 months.

  4. I've literally seen this script custom made on another RP server. The people who say the hit boxes are shit. Worst excuse to say no to this. I have seen this script in action on MTA before and it is practically perfect/ Easily a YES.
  5. Pfft. Nerd. Ask Hurley who I am. ;)

  6. Valkorion

    [N/A] - Revise

    I honestly think this is ridiculous.... @KRicci all of us SD members go into other channels to hangout so we don't get bored or lonely. Literally all those channels and that group of 4 your complaining about... I was in that group of 4... and guess what.... NONE OF US were even talking at all... In fact we were all at a crime scene together and were talking ICly... During the whole crime scene we didn't talk in the teamspeak channel ONCE. So stop using the 4 people who were in channel together as an example because you honestly have no idea as to what actually goes on. @maramizo
  7. Valkorion

    [N/A] - Revise

    So what your saying is that it isn't fair and SD shouldn't use Teamspeak unless they add a Illegal Faction section for Illegal Factions to have their channels? Or you want it completely removed?
  8. Valkorion

    [N/A] - Revise

    Last time I checked or at least what I have seen the last month. That's exactly what we do. I have done it along with other Sheriffs. :|
  9. Valkorion

    [N/A] - Revise

    I don't know who here is apart of SD but, we use binds on Teamspeak to whisper if we end up caught in a pursuit. Then we tell everyone who can get involved to move into a TAC channel. So I don't know where you people have been but, we use Teamspeak only for pursuits or high risk situations such as bomb threats and what not. Other than that everything else is in game. And keep in mind we use Teamspeak ICly when it comes to pursuits and high risk situations. As I have seen plenty of times that during a pursuit the criminals who are on Teamspeak almost always end up MGing the hell out of it to make it so their friends block Sheriffs and all sorts of stuff.
  10. Character Kill Appeal What is your in-game account name?: Valkorion What is your character name?: Dennis Scott Rice Date of incident: I don't know. Username of authorizing administrator: I don't know. Why should the action be reversed?: The action should be reversed as I do not even know why I was CKed. I logged in one day and all of a sudden my character is "DEAD". I have not done anything to even provoke a CK from any illegal faction at all. My character Dennis Scott Rice was CKed somehow while I was offline via Ticket. The problem is... How in the hell was my character CKed for doing nothing? All my character does is drive around and RS Haul. Sometimes he hangs out at bars or goes on a boat ride with friends. But, he never RPs anything that could come close to getting him CKed. There was 1 instance where Adrian Halynn was driving my car around whilst I was the passenger. I alt tabbed and when I came back my character was dead in the passenger seat of my car in the middle of a gang neighborhood. I checked the logs and there was literally just Adrian Halynn saying "You a bunch of broke ass niggas." And that is it. Then a few days later (Today) I log into Dennis and my game crashes, so I restart it and connect, click on Dennis but, it says he is "DEAD". I report this as I figured it was a bug or something but, it turns out he was CKed via a report.There was no point for this character to be CKed AT ALL. Evidence that makes this character kill invalid: What evidence would I even use for this besides logs that show me doing nothing the past 2 weeks besides driving and RS Hauling? How was the character kill executed: I have no idea because supposedly it was filed as a "ticket" and I wasn't even tabbed in at the time it happened. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the administrator?: How could I when I don't know who it was.
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