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  1. Hate to see it. It's crazy. I think of Owl all the time. Wishing things had worked out. Really miss this. Without Owl I would have never got into RP. Thanks for the ride throughout the years.
  2. why are you banned my guy

    1. Valkorion


      Ask around. I'll see you in 4 months.

  3. Pfft. Nerd. Ask Hurley who I am. ;)

  4. Welp. Spent about 2 full days grinding RS Haul. Only halfway to 100k. So another 2 days is coming up. See everyone later today!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Valkorion


      Welp when you got spare time and nothing else to do at 8pm til 2am why the heck not grind that out to get a nice imported car. Which is exactly what I am doing. Plus. It's only a few days of my life. Worry about your life :D

    3. Squirdo


      We all started that way lol.

  5. Ain't nothing like getting sent to prisonĀ for kidnapping. :P

  6. Your looking to RP a mans son? How old are you trying to be as the son? What kinda ethnicity are you looking for and what not? Or you just don't care?

    1. Santos


      16, White - English.

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