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  1. Residential - 1732 N. Panopticon Ave.

    Name: Private Bid: $125,000 (Starting bid offer)
  2. Name: Private Bid: Buyout ($225,000) Comment: LuxuryYes
  3. Business - Vinyl Countdown, Pasadena Blvd. [ENDS: 20.3.2018]

    You can't sell it anyway, since end date is set to 25/03/2018, which used to be 20/03/2018 btw. That's breaking auction rules, yes.
  4. Name: Private Bid: $72,000 Comment: Bruv. @MindScape
  5. Ya'll acting like a bunch of cry babies. Ye boi. Buyout offers that are being denied are automatically acknowledged as bid. Don't ask me where that's written down, since it's auction common sense.
  6. You've won the auction! Congratulations. *Visible for winner.* Please, contact me on #853-225 to claim your new vehicle.
  7. Paradise Lounge

    There'll be changes happening so now and then, sorry for any inconviences. About Paradise Lounge We'll keep you up-to-date. Events at Paradise Lounge None yet. Private parties can be arranged at Paradise Lounge! Please, contact our management. How to find Paradise Lounge Work with Paradise Lounge Share a drink with Paradise Lounge Sneak Peak with Paradise Lounge Code of Conduct Copyright © Paradise Lounge. All rights reserved.
  8. Please, use proper bid format. Example: Name: John_Doe Bid: $5,000.00 - 1992 Toyota Soarer * Acknowledged * Leading on 1992 Toyota Soarer. (( @challengerseven )) Thundercat has been outbid. (( @Celia ))
  9. [SOLD] 2018 BMW M2 (F87)

    ''unless otherwise specified'' you got a point here, as normally every end date expires on GMT 0 which is in-game time. Although, he specified the end date with ''((UTC - 5:00))''. Very confused, but it ended a hour ago and 30 minuets ago.
  10. Bump. is very cheap, pls buy x ok yes done deal!
  11. 1992 Toyota Soarer Still available, put a bid on me! Current bid: $16,000 Bump

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