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  1. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro LT [Modified]

    Name: 69Judge Bid: Withdrawn.
  2. Los Santos Auction House - CAR/MOTORBIKE #1 1995 International 4700 Rollback VIN: 7180 Mileage: 350.000 Description: Great and flexibel truck, transport capacity 2 vehicles. Top speed: 75 km/h Starting bid: $1,000 Minimum increase: $100 Buyout: $22,500 #2 1968 Dodge Charger R/T VIN: 14424 Mileage: 1.500 Description: Custom plates ''68 MEAN'', perfect for daily/weekend usage! Great project vehicle too. Top speed: 174 km/h Starting bid: $35,000 Minimum increase: $2,500 Buyout: TBA #3 1969 Pontiac GTO ''The Judge'' VIN: 5786 Mileage: 47,500 Description: Custom plates ''69 JUDGE'', vehicle was used as weekend car but not that often! Also coming with $25K engine and other supporting to the installed modification. Great project vehicle too. Top speed: 164 km/h Starting bid: $115,000 Minimum increase: $2,500 Buyout: TBA Bid format: Auction end date: 21/01/2018 Contact details: ~ Will be given to winner. (( IC/OOC comments DISABLED ))
  3. Noted. Congratulations! You've won the auction on 2005 Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo.
  4. Buying a farm

    Did your budget raise from ''reasonable'' to ''overprice=payable'' already?
  5. ** You'd notice this advertisement on a sub-bar whilst browsing through websites. ** Type: Business Address: Casa del Habano, Gates Street, El Corona, Los Santos Contact Information: Real Estates - #821-897 - [email protected] (( Forum PMs )) Description of property: Luxurious and renovated Cigar & Liquor Lounge with high end-equipment to keep your lounge Safe and Secure! The Lounge offers a chalkboard on which the menu can be presented, alongside tables and chairs where guests can enjoy their specially imported beverages. Furthermore, the lounge offers a special VIP area behind glass window, where cigars can be smoked whilst enjoying the view of the aquarium and flatscreen TV. Casa Del Habano includes an extra backroom, used for storage alongside an extra back office, which can house up to 5 employees. Finally, a special and custom safe behind the counter provides easy and quick access to the stock and two Cashiers, who will work day and night to assist you in any needs! Photograph of the exterior: Photograph(s) of the interior: Current available stock range: ** Content above would be only visible when pop-ups have been accepted. ** Estimated value (Before renovation): $55,000 Estimated value (after renovation): $105,000 Ask price: $92,500 (When ask price is reached, buyer will receive sales history of store) Offered price: To be accepted. Contact Information: Real Estates - #821-897 [email protected] (( Forum PMs ))

    1995-2005 AM General Humvee Greetings, civilians of San Andreas. Today I'm looking to purchase this vehicles shown above, the price is absulotely no problem. I'm not looking for any specific model, if you have anything that looks like it, please offer it below! (No city-slicking hummers xoxo) Requirements If possible, no damage to the vehicle. If possible, ANY performance updates. (( Patriot )) When you are in possession of one? Please, email me details via [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Details as; year of manufracturing, model, mileages, damage history (If available), top speed, price, etc. I hope any of you is willing to sell this vehicle to me. <3
  7. [Items] - Toggling Suppressed Pistol

    Very interesting, but stupid at the same time. Most people would walk towards their gun cabinet and take what gun they need for the job, wether its a legal or illegal one. If you need a silenced firearm, you don't walk up there with a non-silenced and attach the silencer on your firearm a few seconds before. But afterall, a great suggestion. Should make your next suggestion about lasers, flashlights and silencers on M4's.

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