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  1. taking this as development for now, when the right time comes, this might enter a faction state. You can join tho.
  2. Cocaine for a good morning.
  3. bets


    set bitrate on your photo to 16 so it's HD.
  4. The needle in my veins, I'm falling asleep King of the dead, I sever your head When shit touch the river my reign will be fed I touch the sky and bring life to the dead
  5. looking for 1 or 2 serious roleplayers to RP new generation teens, heavy development. 

    My discord Bets#5336

  6. ; ) at least someone knows what's this about.
  7. gxng vP Welcome to the 2018 baby. It's that generation, not quite late 90's, not 2004's, it's straight 2000's, the generation that does not fit in. There have always been waves of teenage squads, sub-cultures, that they make. In the past, there were punks, emos, goths and a lot of other groups, now? Now it's them, the sad youth INC, they seek something that the rest of the world can't see, they have replaced love with drugs because it's the same. They grew up in the change of centuries, they saw the old world, the past, being placed in the history and the new era being born on their doorsteps. $$UICCIDE $$IDE $$UICCIDE $$IDE is a tag-banger gang, originally formed in E/S, it's strongly related on their passion for graffiti and street culture, all of that mixed with their personal opinions about modern day politics that they can't change. The group has no hierarchy, it's a bunch of teens with strong addictions, mainly methamphetamine and cocaine. They spend their day seeking money, performing small-scale crimes to feed their addictions and hate. They express their inner selves on the walls, social media.
  8. This thread follows the development of Derrek Sou-Kong. A young, Chinese-American male with roots in Hong Kong. Age - 19 Gender - male Affiliations - none Morals - troubled Origins - Chinese-American Interests - cash, sex, power.
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