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  1. You're missing the point behind vehicle modifications. Part of RP is being able to customize what you're doing, people wanted vehicle customization and they've got it years ago. Now all of the sudden its bad??????????????? Look here: If you want to encourage RP then ^ THAT SUGGESTION is the way to do it. If you remove modifications then you've successfully eliminated all mechanic RP and people's desire and ability to display their creativity in the sense of modifying their cars. I'm just telling you what people like, people like your news articles just as people like modifying their cars. Also, just as a sidenote, I've never actually modded my car beyond one set of rims so I definitely do not fall in the category of those focusing on cars, but if people wanna RP that then that's cool IDC, RP is RP.
  2. ya, anyone who didn't support this basically wants play 2 win. not everyone can be rich, y'know. go be bums! @Bum
  3. The current vehicle script (and its potential) is quite possibly the biggest thing separating OWL and generally all of MTA from SA:MP. If you want all cars "forced stock" just log onto SA:MP where you can't do 60% of the shit you can do on MTA. I think the current script works well because it gives the user CUSTOMIZATION, something that normally everyone wants from an RP server.
  4. Business - Henry Ford Business Plaza, Downtown

    @Lyricist why was rhis sold sold to the government if there was a different announced winner?
  5. Residential - #3 Liberty Avenue, Marina.

    If you didn't specify a timezone at the beginning of the auction it is the same as the servers. Don't follow your timezone in this auction, but the server's.
  6. Residential - #1 Fullum Street, Dillimore

    Name: MT Comment: Lower the $$$$$$ maybe someone will consider.
  7. Residential - #5 Giggles Street [Renovated]

    Name: MT Bid: $78,000
  8. because not everyone is born a mechanic that knows what's going on. EXCEPT FOR ON OWL. there's a reason service centers are so prosperous irl, most people are retards when it comes to cars. EXCEPT FOR ON OWL where everyone is a genius. char development is needed to determine whether or not your char actually is capable of doing the shit they're doing.
  9. anything that you do on a regular basis gets repetitive and boring. even playing the same game for a longer period of time. i totally get where you're coming from, but if you don't wanna do it just hire someone else to do it for you. the point is that anything and EVERYTHING gets boring the more you do it. btw, if you can do a proper brake job on a car that hasn't had their brakes done in 3-4 years within 15 min, you'd be the worlds fastest mechanic.
  10. but while u and i have replaced brakes, oil, wheels etc and its ez af for us, there's people that haven't done it and have 0 clue on the actual process. its annoying to you because its second nature but people who haven't done it need to include the detail so that VT knows whether or not they're retarded. if its a simple brake job, just type it up real fast if you know say you know what you're doing. not hard to write a few paragraphs on a brake job if you know the actual steps.
  11. @Unitts thank u. @Weiga /me snorts aggressively like a pig

  12. Custom Interior Object Limit

    If that was the case then there'd be no limit in the first place, this problem exists when you have a server with a larger playerbase. It ain't some bunk ass shit with 10 max consecutive players. The server handles THIS plus a million other things and may be overwhelmed when it has thousands of new shit to do on top of the millions of things it already does within seconds of you even realizing.
  13. Custom Interior Object Limit

    Yes, you're still talking about client side lag and not addressing possible server side lag due to the server having to handle another 15000 objects that'll get added in over time.
  14. SEMC/ASH Permission Tony Ser

    Done @TonyTheX
  15. Custom Interior Object Limit

    I'm all for the idea. One thing you're all seemingly ignoring or not realizing is the stability factor. Low end PCs are not the reason why interiors are capped, if that was the case than a shitty laptop would've exploded in LS because of the amount of objects there is like 30 times larger than any of your interiors. The problem rests in stability. Object cap raises by 150 on custom ints, if one person goes to that cap, no big deal. 10 people do, an extra 1500 objects. 100 people do, 15000. Over time you'll most likely have doubled the int object count due to this seemingly small change. Being an ex-mapper myself I embrace higher object limits, and am all for the idea. But consider the long term toll on the server and YOUR gameplay when it starts deteriorating. I'd wait for Chaos to tell you guys something about the object limits and why they exist.

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