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  1. Name: DeBoutIt Comment: I will contact you late evening tonight, thanks.
  2. @Script Name: DwBoutIt Comment: I dont believe he will want to get this car seeing as he tried to withdraw his bid after outbidding me. I am willing to purchase the car for my bid of 35,000.
  3. [General] Fishing System

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/380600/Fishing_Planet/ Good alternative
  4. [General] Fishing System

    Hm, in that case I'd say this I think this won't happen, it'd prolly be used for a week and then not touched for a long time.
  5. [General] Fishing System

    How about you keep the commands the same, the difference being that IF you have a job, "Fisherman" or "Fisherwoman" (gotta include the ladies), your commands activate the COMMERCIAL functions that result in a weight OR if you do NOT have the job of "Fisherman" or "Fisherwoman" those commands activate the LEISURE functions that result in edible items? Might be possible in LUA?
  6. 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan

    Name: Private Comment: Starting
  7. Gang Injunction - ASF 13

    Username: Logic Comment: The user above is mentally retarded.
  8. Nostalgic Games

    This game was fucking awesome, I remember I made it to the highest cop level w/o even playing the story cause I just kept busting fucking mongs on the street.
  9. MPH Vs. KM/H

    @Justice idc where the player base is from. It's a matter of immersion of setting, more realistic towards RP.
  10. [SOLD] 1979 Chevrolet Corvette C3 Targa

    Starting: Nunya Bid: Starting
  11. Premium Feature Perks

    I think they sacrifice server stability in the long run though which is deffo not something we want, right? last one is kinda p2w don't you think?
  12. Inability to Stattransfer if Warrant Active

    Most likely a court case, yes. However people usually don't know they have a warrant against them and unless the script constraints them by not allowing them to do that, they would all simply say I had no clue here wasn't a warrant out for me while still potentially knowing.
  13. Hey guys, Basically my suggestion is that if there is an active warrant for a character, an individual cannot stat-transfer that character's things to another character. It prevents MG as I've heard in the past players found out they have warrants and simply stat-transferred their shit and the entire purpose of the warrant or the entire purpose of the investigation was meaningless because said person can continue doing what they were doing basically without a problem. I believe it is a small change that does a lot in the long run. The implementation is extremely easy (at least imo) as it is a rather simple conditional statement? Let me know what you think, make your case for why this shouldn't happen, etc. @Bunny
  14. Name: USA Bid: $15,000
  15. Name: DwBoutIt Bid: $35,000

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