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  1. Anyone who says this is unrealistic is talking out of their ass and has not sat in a police car in the United States. If a plate is checked via the MDC during a law enforcement officers shift, the next time the plate is ran by the same MDC it literally states, "Plate last checked at : XX:XX". This is very realistic if implemented into the MDC.
  2. I played it years ago. Tried to get back into it but they sped up the leveling so much there is no sense of achievement for me. Anyone else have that feeling?
  3. What people want and what is optimal for the community in the long run is seldom the same. What will happen when they get bored and the server sits empty? It'll get shut down. What will happen when it's the beginning of the month and it's time to pay the bill? The same people won't want to chip in to pay. This will all rest on Chaos and it most likely do nothing to improve the current state of this community (not saying it's bad but you can always improve).
  4. Taking people away from RP would be a downfall to this community imo
  5. Wow you attack the police and then are mad when police are mad at you for attacking the police so they pin anything they can on you. Is it unfair? Sure. It also happens EVERYDAY in the real world. Fuck with the police and they'll fuck you over ten times harder.
  6. People consider jail time a meme anyway so this would make the server even worse. If you want to develop your character and roleplay then don't break the law. If you want to roleplay a criminal then simply get used to jail time.
  7. Playerbase doesn't support this it has been a thing before and it was tried once more. Offline time allows players to continue gameplay by playing on another character and it is the best way to go considering the circumstances.
  8. I still think it's a meme that someone here thinks a Staff Sergeant position exists in a PD and that it has a Watch Commander designation. Both things false.
  9. Does anyone play BF4, BF1, or PUBG?
  10. Oh damn. Yeah I havent been around so I'm not informed haha. Well, it is what it is.
  11. What'd you get banned for
  12. The faction was pretty much dead and fell apart after all of the old command team left. While I see changes that are somewhat unrealistic here and there, many of the changes are for the better. It wasn't easy to rejuvenate the faction from the point at which it was. OT: With the old command team you wouldn't have been reinstated because even then you would have been away for too long. Consider it a fresh start. The issue with 95% of the reinstatements is that they are cocky and think they know everything, but shit changes. Appreciate the changes and don't be afraid to be a learner, no one here is a law enforcement expert.
  13. Username: SewingMachine Comment: You're right, the PD is working on negatives. Officers should be mandated to issue maximum fines for all moving violations and criminal offenses in order to boost income. Oh wait? Another libtard would complain of a police state. Can't please stupid. (( Ridiculous that you had the audacity to mention "friend circles" when Carson (butt buddy since forever) promoted you to CS when you couldn't get past Sergeant under previous leadership ))
  14. If all you see is orders and auctions and continue to ask if OWL is dying then your thought process is truly flawed. The amount of discussion does not dictate server activity. Maybe, there just isn't shit for you people to complain about so you're just itching for something to stick and allow you to cry for a week. If all we have is auction and orders that means people are actually PLAYING and doing things beyond staring at the forums waiting for the next keyboard warrior or 13 year old lawyer to post something outrageously dumb. There is nothing wrong with just playing the game and not focusing on starting (often times) useless discussions aimed at the administration that almost all of the time is based on generalizations and assumptions.