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  1. Username: SewingMachine Comment: You're right, the PD is working on negatives. Officers should be mandated to issue maximum fines for all moving violations and criminal offenses in order to boost income. Oh wait? Another libtard would complain of a police state. Can't please stupid. (( Ridiculous that you had the audacity to mention "friend circles" when Carson (butt buddy since forever) promoted you to CS when you couldn't get past Sergeant under previous leadership ))
  2. If all you see is orders and auctions and continue to ask if OWL is dying then your thought process is truly flawed. The amount of discussion does not dictate server activity. Maybe, there just isn't shit for you people to complain about so you're just itching for something to stick and allow you to cry for a week. If all we have is auction and orders that means people are actually PLAYING and doing things beyond staring at the forums waiting for the next keyboard warrior or 13 year old lawyer to post something outrageously dumb. There is nothing wrong with just playing the game and not focusing on starting (often times) useless discussions aimed at the administration that almost all of the time is based on generalizations and assumptions.
  3. Instead of complaining of inactivity in particular factions, drop what you're doing now and join them. Otherwise you're just pointlessly QQing.
  4. Done
  5. @bartman confirm pls
  6. Archiving
  7. @Deuce we have no permission to see the link. If you can please copy and paste the form text as well as any images and send them to me in a PM I'll make the form for ya.
  8. Those of you not involved please do me a favor and just let the individuals that ARE involved figure it out.
  9. cool idea, it'll actually give more of a variety and allow scriptures to update the current load off points to the updated locations.
  10. Yes, that's the point I am making. Mask or not you get pepper sprayed it is going to sting to all hell. It's not something you just wipe away. Unless @TIkemaro you had goggles on along with your "apparently" shape shifting clothing.
  11. Let us continue this issue on the other appeal as it regards the same situation.
  12. @TIkemaro How exactly did you shoot someone if you were pepper sprayed?
  13. If you are a member of a gang/faction and said gang/faction has a CK clause stating that the leadership can decide to CK you then it's unfortunate but you joined that gang and accepted that clause. I see no reason for this CK to be repealed.