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  1. Hello

    hai x
  2. im gonna ia u for shooting suspects while they're down on the ground and no longer posing a threat xd
  3. Auction Regulations

  4. Forum Perms - DPS

  5. Forums perks is required [LSIA]

    Ok done
  6. (( @Multisaeed25 keep the side RP to a minimum aka don’t do it so that the court case doesn’t end up being 4 pages of you whispering to everyone. This case is over but I am telling you for the future. Thanks. ))
  7. Dean Waterson

    Lets look back at the definition of what disregard is, as pulled directly from the server rules: By involving yourself in an extremely volatile situation involving gang members, that is already disregard. Now, you went above and beyond that by hitting the gang member until they fell to the ground, and then handcuffed him. As a result, you were placed in a dangerous situation where your "friends" died. So you thought it wise to arm yourself and try to shoot back. Simply by not surrendering and giving in to the assailants, you're already eligible for a CK. You are fighting back, clearly outnumbered. That is unnecessary risk and generally not caring for your actions as carefully as you would in real life which falls directly in line with the definition of what constitutes a character kill. Regardless of whether this person was a police officer or not, you clearly disregarded. You put yourself in a position that had a lot of opportunity to go bad, and it did. No one forced you to hit and subsequently restrain the gang member. Also, you had no reason to do so in the first place. Appeal denied.
  8. Auction Form Rework

    Hello everyone, We have added the end date into the topic of each auction so its much easier to know when exactly an auction for a given item/vehicle/property will end. Additionally, we have introduced an "Other Item Auction Form". This allows you guys to post auctions for all items OTHER than vehicles and properties while still having the ease of access via a form. Another improvement is that the type of auction will also be included as the first thing of the topic, allowing you guys to easily parse through auctions at a glance and find what you want rather easier than before. All of this is applicable to NEW auctions only, all old ones will not reflect these changes. Hope this helps. If there are any issues feel free to DM me on Discord.
  9. 8, Palin Street

    The auction wasn't closed, it was bid as a buyout. Which means 2.9 is the purchase price.
  10. 8, Palin Street

    @Tidemo @OXIGENT Was 2.9 million transferred as a result of this AUCTION or were other items exchanged? This is not a trade house, this is an auction. The only medium of exchange we recognize is money, that is why the regulations state you must have the funds in your account before you’ve bid. Not to mention, you have no contact information available on your auction post which leads me to believe there might’ve been been MG involved. Figure out what you’re going to do. Pay the difference, return the property and reauction, whatever it is. It must be done. This is not a trade house, it’s an auction. The point is that the buyout was set at 2.9 million dollars. That is what the buyout is, nothing else -- it can't be changed. It does not mean 1 million dollars and 4 cars and a home, it means 2.9 million.
  11. Perms in Careers [LSIA]

  12. The Well Stacked Pizza Co.

    ya finished
  13. SLD forum permission revocation.

    ok done
  14. Business - Olympic Boulevard Garage

    Buyout can’t be lowered after being set. Revert it. Is this a diff property than your other auction?
  15. Business - Olympic Boulevard Garage

    Buyouts can’t be altered after being set, revert it back to original.

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