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  1. Nick: Luke Log: Luke | 13/01/2019 Date: 13/01/2019
  2. Illuminate

    [Buying]A Nissan GTR / Challenger Hellcat.

    Name: Shulman Comment: ok buddy retard
  3. Illuminate

    [Buying]A Nissan GTR / Challenger Hellcat.

    Name: Shulman Comment: doubt you could get a loan with that english fucking hell
  4. Name: Lucas Comment: Believe it or not, there's a $60,000 starting bid for a reason.
  5. Illuminate

    Engine Swap.

    that's the point, find out yourself lol
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2008 Vehicle brand: Mercedes-Benz Vehicle make: CLK63 AMG Black Series VIN: 19543 Mileage: 2X,XXX Description: I'm selling this immaculate CLK63 Black Series as I've had my fun with it, and I've got other plans. This example has been very well taken care of, and only really driven during weekends, also it hasn't left my garage once during winter. The CLK63 Black Series came with the 6.2 liter "M156" V8 engine, pushing 507 horsepower to the rear wheels through a 7-speed sequential transmission and a limited-slip differential. It was claimed to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds, and continue onwards to a top speed of 188 miles per hour (( 141mph or 225km/h in-game )). I initially did have plans for this car, but didn't end up following through with them due to moving out of town for a while, however the car was still taken care of by a friend of mine while I was away. Images Starting bid: $40,000 Minimum increase: $2,000 Buyout: $70,000 Auction end date: 25/12/2018 Contact details: Provided to auction winner.
  7. Bump. Two hours remaining.
  8. Name: Auctioneer Comment: You're joking, right?
  9. Bump, less than 24 hours remaining.
  10. Name: Auctioneer Comment: Noted, and none at all.
  11. Name: Auctioneer Comment: No test drives, what you see is what you get.
  12. Illuminate

    Vehicles - 2 Fast Cars [Ends: November 10th 2018]

    Name: Sheldy Vehicle: #2 Bid: $70,000
  13. If anything it'd be better to add the GTA V stations, if possible.
  14. Name: freshhkiicks Comment: a brand new nismo costs 45k ya mug
  15. Illuminate

    OwlGaming - Slambook

    Name: Illuminate Age: 17 Country: United Kingdom Time Playing OwlGaming: like 2 years idk Favorite Player(s): @Park, @DxRK, @EPICxNUTS, @Cryotich, @Skiizion, @disappoint, @Foester, top lads the lot of them Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: @disappoint Favorite Faction: LSMA & Evolve LLC Favorite Faction Leader: @DxRK Favorite GAT Member: @Cryotich Favorite UAT Member: bum Favorite LEO Roleplayer: charles bartholomew carter Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: @OfficeFax Best Legal Faction: san andreas socialist party Best Illegal Faction: lspd Favorite Weapon: vauxhall astra diesel What makes me play OwlGaming: the lads (also @Park's a fitty) What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: nonces who pull up to pizza stack in ferraris and seem 100% comfortable doing so What do you aim for in Owlgaming: fuck knows i just play it to kill time lol If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: fund kentwolf's jaw transplant
  16. Illuminate

    Five Vehicles [ENDS: 12/09/18]

    Name: Zach Bid: $20,000 Vehicle: #4
  17. Illuminate

    [SOLD] Car - 2012 McLaren MP4-12C [ENDS: 14/09/2018]

    Name: Auctioneer Comment: Congratulations, you've won the auction. Contact [email protected] or 891872 to arrange the collection of your new car.
  18. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2012 Vehicle brand: McLaren Vehicle make: MP4-12C VIN: 17649 Mileage: 2X,XXX Description: I'm selling my McLaren, which is basically like a Ferrari 458, but better in literally every way, including the fact that it won't go up in flames every time you stop at a red light like a Ferrari would. Not much more needs to be said. Images Starting bid: $70,000 Minimum increase: $1,500 Buyout: $95,000 Auction end date: 14/09/2018 Contact details: Given to the auction winner.
  19. Illuminate

    [ Sold ] Car - 1982 BMW E30 318i [ENDS: 7/9/2018]

    Name: h Comment: NOS? You'll blow the welds on your intake, kid.
  20. you wanna carry on baiting me out or
  21. Illuminate

    Two Cars [ENDS: 24/08/2018]

    Contact [email protected] or 891872 to collect your new car.
  22. Illuminate

    Two Cars [ENDS: 24/08/2018]

    Los Santos Auction House Car 1 Vehicle year: 2014 Vehicle brand: Ford Vehicle make: Mustang Shelby GT500 VIN: 16287 Mileage: 9,XXX Description: Engine: 5.8L 32V DOHC S/C V8 Transmission: 6-Spd. Manual w/ Overdrive Power Output: 662 hp @ 6,250 RPM Torque: 631 ft-lbs. @ 4,000 RPM 0-100 km/h: 3.7 sec. (claimed) Top Speed: 232 km/h Images SOLD. Car 2 Vehicle year: 2004 Vehicle brand: Porsche Vehicle make: 911 GT3 Cup VIN: 17470 Mileage: 6,XXX Description Engine: 3.6L 24V N/A Flat-6 Transmission: 6-Spd. Manual Power Output: 390 hp @ 7,400 RPM Torque: 288 ft-lbs. @ 5,000 RPM 0-100 km/h: <4 sec. (claimed) Top Speed: 212 km/h Images Starting bid: $35,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: $65,000 Auction end date: 24/08/2018 Contact details: Given to the auction winner.
  23. Illuminate

    Two Cars [ENDS: 24/08/2018]

    Name: Auctioneer Comment: Noted.

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