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  1. [Misc] CJ Running

    Current sprint speed is good, regardless of the animation making it look "sluggish". There's nothing stopping you from doing marathons and triathlons with the current sprint. Those who use the female walk style have even slower of a sprint speed so I don't see this change necessary. I think this is more of a "patience" issue if you don't want to run around, buy a car, can't afford a car? Buy a bicycle, call a taxi, advertise for a one time trip uber.
  2. Los "Amsterdam" Santos, going green.
  3. [Taking away guns for DM] - Revise

    If you deathmatch you shouldn't have the privilege to get your weapon back, that's why we check your history before spawning katanas.
  4. Name: Private Comment: “...a police officer was treating the driver of the Bentley and later on they changed when another police officer arrived and switched with DPS employee” So another officer arrived and started doing the paramedic’s job or am I confused here?
  5. [General] - Legal VM

    Some of these don’t even require many regulations, someone roleplayed fishing; admin spawns in the amount of fish caught with different weight, different varieties; the fishermen roleplay exporting the crates of fresh fish via docks like chopped car parts.
  6. >Left Pharmacy open for 7 days >9,000 in wages >Locked Something like this, yes.
  7. The whole point of the bags is to have it on you, wearing it at all times, unlike people who use these bags for extra storage to carry a swimming pool, a trampoline, your local food bank's worth of supplies and so forth.
  8. @Law Hey man I saw that you reviewed my post I am here to ask you would the staff

    If a election for the Canadian Invasion club could happen to have a place to be Admin hope we can sort out something!B)

    1. greenops011


      As the owner of this club, I'll answer that question for you. No. No Election will take place. Administrators for this group, when chosen, will be selected because I feel they are responsible, and/or will keep the group running smooth. Being an administrator is not a status symbol. I appreciate the idea, but it will not be happening

    2. Bum


      steven ramos 2.0

  9. Closing the Dev Blog

    I think I'm pretty clever for this riot pun.
  10. Seen a few map concepts, are there any plans for a map that holds a stable player base? At the moment, the GTA V San Andreas map is admittedly large, instead of limiting the play area to a specific part of the county, are there plans to invest in a new map? On the other hand, I've also seen some modifications which "enhance" the Paleto Bay play area with more scenery. This is basically a map editor edit with more objects being added in this area. Although I'm not sure if this will be an efficient improvement because I played a server which has the "More Trees" modification and it stuttered every 5 seconds.
  11. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: Randall Occupancy - Star Tower, 1 Park Ave Description: Randall Occupancy is now on the market. Found on Park Avenue, your new penthouse will be located inside the Star Tower, every day you will be greeted by a luxurious lobby which hosts its very own bartender and a famous restaurant "The View". The penthouse covers the entire diameter of the Star Tower, making one floor of it entirely yours. Upon taking the elevator up to the penthouse, there will be three main doors. The left door holds the security/storage room, inside, you will have access to the alarm, the balcony office and the Star Tower's interior balcony that comes with a bar. The door in front of the elevator is the most important door, this door is a Heavy Duty Fire Rated Personnel Door that has a concrete frame housing it. It is drill, pick and jam proof. 3 shoot bolts into the top of the frame, 8 shoot bolts into the latching side of the frame, 3 shoot bolts through the bottom threshold into the structure below. Including the 4 dog bolts and latch, 19 points secure the door leaf in the frame. Through this door, you will find yourself in the main living quarters. Currently, the living quarters has a kitchen with both fridge and cupboard storage; a living area with a large TV and seating area; a work area with an office table and a computer; lastly, at the end of the penthouse is the cityscape view, covered by wide-angle window panes, mirror tinted for privacy and ventilation from hot temperatures. The door to the right of the entrance leads you to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, you will find yourself a locked medical cabinet, a luxurious sink, toilet and bathtub. Rooms: Entrance Area Security/Storage Area Balcony Office + Star Tower's Interior Balcony Bathroom Living Quarters (Bed, Kitchen, Office Desk and Entertainment) The parking inside Star Tower is public. Features of Interest: House Alarm (Motion Detection, 911 Dialer, Backup power if main power source is down) Footage Security (Hidden IP CCTV, Hidden DVR) Locked Medical Cabinet Mirror Tinted Window Panes (Privacy and Temperature Control) Solid Marble Primary Walls ((OOC Section)) All household items you see are generics, can be moved around, picked up and placed down for the sole purpose that the interior is meant to be a multi-purpose project. Just in case people want the penthouse but want to roleplay an illegal organization, they're able to clear up the generics and set up a criminal HQ with their own equipment. You're also able to sell the generics and place down your own if you don't like where the Entertainment area is located and so forth. Since the place is purely generics in terms of household items, most of them hold a storage value for you to put your items inside. This being the medical cabinet, fridge, cupboards and steel locker. *IC and OOC comments disabled* Exterior Images: Interior: Starting Bid: $500,000 Minimum Increase: $5,000 Buyout: $2,000,000 Auction ends: 16/02/18 Contact Information: *Direct Auctioneer Email* ((PM))



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