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  1. happy birthday, mate

  2. Name: Dawn Comment: The market price of it isn't $120,000 and $90,000 is quite a fair offer.
  3. Name: Dawn Comment: Hello, I will offer you 90 thousand as a buyout.
  4. I'm sorry to tell you but censorship and development are exactly the reason it shouldn't be banned as a whole. I'll reiterate what I said before, I by absolutely no means agree, promote or even wish to see much less take part in this sort of roleplay but you're only stating a one-sided opinion by saying that you HAVE to ban this sort of roleplay. Who are you ( Or I ) to say what people should be allowed to roleplay? I understand that we all have opinions and I get that you dislike or even hate this sort of roleplay and I do as well but that isn't a good enough reason to say that we must ban it
  5. There are plenty of reasons to roleplay a child and the majority of us will absolutely never involve ourselves in any form of disgusting, malicious, vile roleplay of any kind involving them. I roleplay with a group of people who roleplay as kids and another group of us roleplay as their adoptive parents. To simply say you cannot or shouldn't roleplay a child is absurd. I've had quite enjoyable roleplay roleplaying with and around children and never once has it involved pedophilia. I could even see roleplaying a child as young as seven to eight years old and it happens and that by no means says
  6. Well to be completely realistic with you, you will roleplay with those same people regardless of the fact that it's against the rules or not. I doubt they come on the server with the one specific intention to create this one form of roleplay. It's most likely a part of their overall roleplay. I completely understand and can see your angle with this post but I also understand that there are rules in place to say you and I will never have to engage in this kind roleplay.
  7. While I understand the fact that people disagree with it and I do as well, you cannot necessarily say that it should be banned just because the majority of people finding it vile and maniacal. I've seen quite a few scenarios in which the roleplay being performed was far worse and disturbing and by this, I mean things related to torture and incest. By banning this sort of thing you're walking the imaginary grey line of it being censorship. Honestly, there are rules in place to prevent you from ever having to see or be involved with this roleplay, therefore, banning it and creating a thread full
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