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  1. I'd like to see well-organized mafia roleplay, I doubt anyone in this community can pull that off thoe. xdd
  2. Turco


    Is that 4-stroke? the scooter I mean.
  3. Cooking meth? Just order some molly from the darknet, and flip it for cash :D. Way easier.
  4. Turco


    Nice! Keep it going veli :).
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2016 Make: Mercedes-Benz Model: E550 Coupe VIN: N/A Mileage: 7453 Description: G'day! Here's a luxury Mercedes-Benz, it has a top speed of a 187 KM/H with an amazing acceleration. It can be the " everyday " car if you want.. It has many features that Mercedes-Benz fans love! Images Starting Bid: 50.000 Minimum Increase: 1000 Buyout 100.000 Auction ends: 5/12/17 Contact Information: Will be given to the winner!
  6. Name: Kostya Bid: $70.000 as starting?
  7. Name: Kostya Bid: $70.000 as a starting bid?
  8. (( @Balloon )) You've won! Contact me on email, whenever you are available. [email protected] (( Use forum PM ))
  9. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2006 Make: Volvo Model: S60 R VIN: 7828 Mileage: 15.000 Description: G'day! I have this Volvo for sale! It has pretty decent handling with an acceptable top speed of 176 KM/H. It has custom rims! Images Starting Bid: $25.000 Minimum Increase: $1000 Buyout: $50.000 Auction ends: 18/11/17 Contact Information: Will be given to a winner!
  10. Name: Epileptic Jew Bid: Buyout as uhh.. 1 Dollar.
  11. One and only Counter Strike 1.6. <3
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