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  1. LeiFeng

    Character Kill Appeal - Bruno Scordato

    Not involved, though I think two things should be mentioned. @Unitts I am not sure, but aren't you in Cliff Town too? Could another admin check that out? And regardless, you are a friend of Dylan. It would have been much better to let a neutral admin handle this.
  2. LeiFeng

    Azrael Connection - Los Santos Mercenaries

    Happens to the best of us
  3. maybe you can even play the gunshot sound from the marker's position so it is more clear where the shots come fromm
  4. LeiFeng

    San Andreas Action news

    Don Pinto's masterplan worked out apparently
  5. LeiFeng

    Looking for RPer

    Looking for a few guys who want to RP in an organized crime faction that is not based on any ethnic group. PM me or hmu on Discord if there are questions: AfGun#0828
  6. afaik dps wants to do such stuff and only logs in when they know something will happen. so i guess it would be cool to let admins do a an ig command to send a message in a discord server where every dps member gets invited
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://forums.owlgaming.net/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://i.imgur.com/UzEB0Iz.jpg&key=3e60e40073483a071d1d75891545ce5850682b2b97526ed2bbfb26541317e39d Property Type: Residential Address: 1360 Central Ave Apartments - Condo #14 Description: - Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 75.000 Minimum Increase: Buyout: 75.000 Auction ends: 20.11.2018 Contact Information: 739262
  8. LeiFeng

    [FEDERAL] The People v. Stefan Lowey

    ** An assisstant would guide Stefan into the court room with a wheelchair. Stefan lost 2 legs and 1 arm, he does nothing but drooling. **
  9. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- AfGun Character Name- Stefan Loewy Date of Incident- 10/30/2018 Supervising Administrator- Unitts Narrative- My CK appeal is based on the outcome of that appeal: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/99450-character-kill-appeal-justin-stars/ It is very unfair, as the guy who performed the hit on Stars, to remain CKed while he got unCKed. We only did the hit on Stars because we knew thought there was an - accepted - CK application on him. Turning his CK into a PK should mean a PK for all parties that were involved because what we did, as mentioned, was based on something that was apparently false. I think I don't need to explain further. Evidence- - Method of Death- Grenade/Shooting Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- No
  10. Marinelli Fund Management Los Santos' best Fund Management is now opening its doors in order to make it possible for everyone to become an investor! You can now invest your money in Marinelli Fund Management in order to see it growing! How does the concept work? You can buy yourself a part of the Fund (minimum 2.500$) in order to get the revenue of the Fund every quarter. The Fund Manager will invest the money himself in a property or percentages of another company which gives the Fund, and therefore the investors of the Fund, the revenue of their quarter. The concept is very simple and can be seen here: How can I invest? In order to invest you must accept the minimum "buy-in" of 2.500$ and the risk of losing your money. It is obvious that the Marinelli Fund Management is no magic club that can grow your money without you taking a risk of losing it. This nevertheless is not the goal of Marinelli Fund Management, it is our highest priority to make sure your money is safe and well-invested. If you want to invest you should transfer money to the Marinelli Fund Management bank account and send your Transaction ID via E-Mail and personal information. Bank data of the Marinelli Fund Management: 8138 2844 8826 5163 Here is a small Form: ((Disclaimer: Thread is to be taken ICly))
  11. LeiFeng

    Azrael Connection - Los Santos Mercenaries

    Rest in Peace Stefan Löwy A few days ago Stefan received a new contract which seemed to be the final step of one contract he already performed. Justin Stars, a member of the LSPD was to be killed. He also received a little gift which would make his life easier (ironically the gift killed himself). The Russian F1 Frag Grenade was the last thing Stefan saw, for Justin Stars on the other side it was the last thing he heard. Someone Stefan considered as a friend threw the grenade right in front of him and Stefan got therefore killed by his own friend. A day before that event happened, Stefan and his friend John (he also threw the grenade) were waiting in an underground garage for green light to assassinate Stars. While waiting for that aforementioned green light, three guys popped up and didn't seem to be super friendly. Stefan took out his gun and started a shootout. * Bob Parker's left leg was hit. * * Daequan Smith's right arm was hit. * * Drake Santos's head was blown off. * Gulbuddin, the leader of the Azrael Mercenary Group will though carry on with his concept of Murder for Hire.
  12. LeiFeng

    Searching a loan!

    *You would come across this advertisement after going through a private loan website* Hello, I am looking for a loan of 35.000$ in order to finance an establishment in Market, Los Santos. E-Mail me in case you are interested. [email protected] ((Forum PM @LeiFeng))

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