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  1. l am not the new FT leader 2019.

    Send me a PM for drug and weapon requests and explain why you deserve a drop and it won't be handled.

  2. Stefan Loewy drools and says: “ehhh hehe ehh ewwe ooooo“ Stefan does also shit himself.
  3. LeiFeng


    that is a general owl problem. there is no communication between the teams. it's no secret that once you file a form you get a response in 2-8 weeks. i made like 5 ft contacts within the last few months. 3 of them got answered half-hearted and the other 2 were never answered. @Vubstersmurf can probably confirm
  4. Stefan Löwy while sitting in his wheelchair „ehh wuaaa wiii ohhh hehe“
  5. Not involved, though I think two things should be mentioned. @Unitts I am not sure, but aren't you in Cliff Town too? Could another admin check that out? And regardless, you are a friend of Dylan. It would have been much better to let a neutral admin handle this.
  6. maybe you can even play the gunshot sound from the marker's position so it is more clear where the shots come fromm
  7. Don Pinto's masterplan worked out apparently
  8. Looking for a few guys who want to RP in an organized crime faction that is not based on any ethnic group. PM me or hmu on Discord if there are questions: AfGun#0828
  9. afaik dps wants to do such stuff and only logs in when they know something will happen. so i guess it would be cool to let admins do a an ig command to send a message in a discord server where every dps member gets invited
  10. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://forums.owlgaming.net/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://i.imgur.com/UzEB0Iz.jpg&key=3e60e40073483a071d1d75891545ce5850682b2b97526ed2bbfb26541317e39d Property Type: Residential Address: 1360 Central Ave Apartments - Condo #14 Description: - Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 75.000 Minimum Increase: Buyout: 75.000 Auction ends: 20.11.2018 Contact Information: 739262
  11. ** An assisstant would guide Stefan into the court room with a wheelchair. Stefan lost 2 legs and 1 arm, he does nothing but drooling. **
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