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  1. LeiFeng

    Start selling vehicles for more realistic prices

    I think I said it multiple timed but here once again: Owl has its own economy and its impossible to change that. I don‘t get your problem with overpriced cars, why dont you just import them yourself for less money?
  2. LeiFeng

    Start selling vehicles for more realistic prices

    supply and demand i would rather buy a car for 20k+ instead of going through the whole import process.
  3. LeiFeng

    Introduction - Zelfstandig

    im afraid the dutch squad takes the server over
  4. LeiFeng

    every illegal gang rper

    looks like a single mother
  5. My barrel is hot, my hands are shaky.
  6. LeiFeng

    Morra Organized Crime Group

    Welcome to the club Mr Malangone.
  7. Auction is over. @IloveDamage won
  8. LeiFeng

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    Pokemon Digimon Muslimon? good luck cant wait to see someone enforcing the sharia laws
  9. LeiFeng


    iirc you were something like a mechanic irl? i totally agree with what you're saying when it comes to quality > quantity, but the last part of your first paragraph is not really what the server is about. realism is the key. why do you even comment when you drop dead ass jokes? i dont see the point of all these people who try to be funny when someone tries to address a problem.

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