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  1. LeiFeng

    EXCLUSIVE - Paradise Girls

    *The following would be on a flyer* PARADISE GIRLS GRAND OPENING WHEN? This saturday midnight! Stop by at theWest Vinewood Boulevard. WHO IS INVITED? Everyone over the age of 21! WHAT CAN I EXPECT? Stripping girls, alot of alcohol and fun! I WANT TO HELP OUT! We are currently looking for young females who want to work as bartender or dancer! Sidenote: To save your identity you may strip with a mask if wanted! CONTACT E-Mail: [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) Phone number: 525834
  2. Name: private Bid: $87.000 on Verdant Plaza
  3. LeiFeng

    Turkish Appreciation Thread

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Lausanne bip = the german word for gdp
  4. LeiFeng

    Turkish Appreciation Thread

    Who is you? I am not even from turkey. And how does that question even matter? Every country did something to improve the world. According to your profile youre from Greece so better pay your debts to Turkey and the EU lol
  5. LeiFeng

    Turkish Appreciation Thread

    Baklava, Döner and Uludag gazoz. #turkishfoodisbeststuff
  6. LeiFeng

    Suggestions to improve illegal RP

    i agree with @Kuuman @jonthulhu and @MissAnachronisms its not difficult to improve illegal rp but i feel like you just dont want to do it. hire non-admins who really want to change something and dont rely on uat and their biased opinion. and also. that part triggered me. Does that mean youre only proud of someone when he has your opinion? You should be happy that people like us put so much effort and time into giving you feedback. Criticism != Hate
  7. Name: Private Bid: Buyout
  8. LeiFeng

    Azrael Connection

  9. LeiFeng

    Disregarding life, right?

    #makeowlmoreflexible People in ghettos who run away? - Disregard for life People in rich areas who run away? - PKs. Idlewood, Ganton and Willowfield are ghettos. If we as community dont act against stupid 007 white knights with 2019 Nissans then we dont need to wonder why noone wants to RP a gang. Furthermore I want to nominate @Aman4029 and whoever his friend was for the top-notch RPer award 2018. I can understand how @Glatoos feels.
  10. And what exactly is the problem? Its not difficult to set up a new rank. And even if it is, they can just report for a GAT to let him checint or unlock stuff. That is what the second part of the title is about "Make Owl more flexible"
  11. Hello, some of you may already know that only admins can apply for the FT job. But why is that? According to Chaos: "FT member need special commands to work properly." Now, why not making a new rank? And even if that is not possible, FT member are barely using commands. What they have to do is working on systems and trying to enforce them. I made more than enough experience with the kafkaesque system of owl. Today I made the experience once again. -> You create a public contact (pc) for your illegal faction to receive a drug drop and a FT member who is assigned to your faction. -> Your PC gets handled within 7 days and your outcome is the following: -> You get the assigned faction member who tells you "Hey, if you want drugs then please make a PC." I am sure you can imagine how frustrating that is? People have to wait a long time for their contacts just to receive a fat "NO" or "Please request it once again". I honestly think that is because the faction team member do not really want to do their job. Who wants to go through several public contacts without even giving a fuck about factions and what they do? Surely not the admins who have to do IG and UCP reports. This is why I say the FT needs more non-admins who can focuse on what Owl's faction world needs. Only then we can have legal VM as well as more and better RP.
  12. LeiFeng

    Your Daily Dose of Khram

  13. LeiFeng

    haha yes cringe


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