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  1. [STATE] The People v. Davud Shekhani

    *Davud pushes himself up and raises his voice.* "I plead guilty" @Zebulon
  2. I present to you, the carrying script...

    i recommend to watch this first before rping.
  3. there was something similar already but not ssure what happened to it +1 though
  4. Learn to Code With Eloquent!

    I just scripted a /gate! +1
  5. Lets MG nametags!

    What exactly? I have seen videos where you just pull out your gun and shoot people (got deleted though)
  6. Lets MG nametags!

    My first point: 2: Drei: Cuatro: Cinque: Zes: Bonus:
  7. Lets MG nametags!

    read the thread once again and look that this guy was a UAT member. and everyone who already reported a UAT member knows: you cant report a uat member, its pointless
  8. Lets MG nametags!

    you have never seen the car, it was brand new. and it was not down the street it was parked in a completely different spot. and she did also not only spot him, she spectated him so long that he noticed it and made a /ame chuckles. but can you please pm me for that?
  9. Lets MG nametags!

    Here is the video how we have been found you can see the person approaching the car and pressing ALT to look at the owner name. a funny story here: He wanted to let me step out of the vehicle because I didnt own the car and I was not on any "List". I have never heard of that before. Mind any PD member explain me if there is any list you need to be on while driivng a car? I thought its legal as long as the vehicle is not marked as stolen.
  10. Lets MG nametags!

    Yes we bought also like 5 phones for that
  11. Lets MG nametags!

    Yeah youre right I just wrote that for the lulz. But Strobe already explained that this mentioned admin likes to let other people do the dirty work for him.
  12. Lets MG nametags!

    Hello my good friends. I want to tell you guys a story that happened to me and @rasmus yesterday. First of all, this thread goes on my name and not on his. As many people already know, rasmus' character Francisco Martinez is already known such as ICly and OOCly. My own character Shekhani knows him for quite a while, around 7-8 months to be exact. That is, especially in the illegal world, a really long time. It is self evident that Shekhani helps Martinez out when he appears to be the most wanted criminal in Los Santos. So Martinez was now hiding in Shekhani's garage for a long time and he started to write E-Mails to an FBI member. A few guys might ask yourself why the Most-Wanted thread got updated and here is the answer: Because we started to RP with them again. They knew Martinez is still around. And yesterday a UAT member drove around my warehouse on his 28h character. Important here is to mention that this guy has an ALT that was involved in the case of Martinez already. The same guy knew OOCly that my garage was at the docks because his ALT asked for it. Isnt it a coincidence that a 28h character found the most-wanted criminal in not even 60 seconds of investigation? Shekhani and Martinez wanted to go out which means that Martinez had to hide in the RV because we OOCly expected cops MGing nametags and it was just safer. As soon as I make my way out of the garage I see this one here: So this officer is already standing there after seeing my nametag. He did probably OOCly know that my character helps Martinez. And I continue to drive and the first thing that happens is that: Does anyone want to tell me that this is not suspicious? The same guy who knows OOCly where mmy garage is at, that I am helping Martinez with writing E-Mails is suddenly waiting around my garage just to pull me over on his 28h character? Just a note: This guy has been suspected for MG many times. /check I make this public because I want to let the community know that the staff members are no saints. Keep in mind they can track everything you do whenever they want. TL;DR: - UAT member starts playing on a 28h character as officer - he knows OOCly about Martinez and Shekhani, that both are writing E-Mails to an FBI member - he is coincidentally in front of Shekhani's garage where Martinez hides (he doees OOCly know where the garage is) - he is coincidentally pulling Shekhani over after seeing that Shekhani does not own the car (knowing that OOCly since I have a proof where he rpessed ALT to approach my car and look for the owner's name) - he has already been known for numerous cases of MG and abusing his admin rights
  13. [STATE] The People v. Davud Shekhani

    „Yes“ (( could we do that IG? ))
  14. [STATE] The People v. Davud Shekhani

    *Davud Shekhani would enter the courtroom in an orange jump suit, handcuffed and obviously exhausted. People who have known him longer would notice a massive weight lost. He makes his way to the chair he is supposed to sit on and raises his right hand on which he wears several gold rings that represent several symbols that cannot be seen from a distance. Davud clears his throat and pushes himself up before he speaks* "Your honor, I plead not guilty. And I do also ask for the bail." (( @ThatGuy @Wright ))

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