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  1. World end at 24.04 or fake ?

    i played enough fortnite to survive everything
  2. Azrael Connection


    Ouh yes.
  4. Looking for people to RP with.

    By looking at your name i suggest you to rp with @Whiskers and @Nuckfuts

    holy fucking shit this is the best trailer ive ever seen good luck man
  6. Faction Team Update - March 2018

    @ThatGuy a bit rude not to answer although you were active on the forums, dont you think?
  7. Azrael Connection

  8. Easter Hunt 2018

    I really appreciate you dont give ppl 100k prizes 5 is perfectly fine
  9. Faction Team Update - March 2018

    As always I would like to ask a few questions, other than that the update looks neat May I ask why you want to give them drugs irregularly? It is honestly the worst thing I had to go through myself not to know when you get certain stuff. And how are you going to give them the drugs? Report IG to get a few items or through real RP situations? Can you tell me why a black gang should be dependent on a Redneck faction? Dont you think it makes more sense to balance stuff more instead of giving 1 faction the whole power within the illegal market? RCM can just sell pistols for 20.000$ if they want to, they are a monopoly now and according to what you wrote all the other factions must be in a good relationship with them. This is kinda MG imo when a faction tries to be in a good relationship because they know "Hey, they have guns now so lets be friends with them although it makes no sense" And another question: How are you treating factions like the Bratva, the Cartel and Azrael? These factions arent just new factions, the chars within the factions are older than RCM chars and would have alot of contacts ICly. I wouldnt know why the Cartel and the Bratva are suddenly not able to reach their contacts just because they archived a faction thread. If you dont want to flood this thread with my questions then just delete this post and PM me on discord.
  10. [AUCTION] The Golden Nugget - Bar/Casino!

    name: jackass comment: damn, you sure you dont mmean french roulette?
  11. [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    i have never heard about pedophilia on owl yet. it cant be such a big problem then
  12. More jobs?

    pretty much that
  13. Every Freebird character ever




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