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  1. Some people have grown up with MTA and although GTA V is fancier and looks better it still doesn't feel the same, not in a good way. The simplicity and the user friendly interfaces and how everything is easier there can't be matched onto V. To be fair my favorite thing about V is how big it is and how many more things you can do. Still doesn't make up to MTA. Would go back anytime.
  2. need perms for government and bureau of county affairs thanks
  3. bro you sound like someone who gets lost in an elevator
  4. Shut up prick where your skill at
  5. About fucking time you made one of these. Good luck! x
  6. Hello. It's been a month since I've submitted this application and after speaking with the person who was meant to train me about a day to conduct said training, then failing to show up for it, without an explanation or a reschedule, I've unfortunately decided to withdraw my application and ask for a refund ($10.000) if my request cannot be processed. Sincerely, Andrei Mednikov (( @Sergeant ))
  7. People: We want Paintball open that's a cool idea LSPD doesn't use it anyway. Paintball: opens Also people: Paintball impedes roleplay people would rather do Paintball than drive around aimlessly and roleplaying in interiors. You just can't win.
  8. This has to be some grim capitalist joke that I don't get.
  9. This should be like an unwritten server rule that says "don't bring up the pay n spray stuff every other year" at this point. Obviously "no" to this suggestion.
  10. I second that. No one uses it. It's also pretty awkward to work with and roleplay since it's a damn deagle and that can easily be taken out of context, which can be dangerous xx
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