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    Trevor Lincoln

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    Volvos, definitely interested in Volvos. And dogs.
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  1. (( lmao +1 @UrbanGhetto ))
  2. <3 awesome
  3. ** Lincoln enters the court room wearing a standard long sleeve PO III uniform along with a swift police issued black tie as he descretely approaches the prosecution seats, and sitting down without much noise he looks around the court room for a few brief seconds ** (( @funkydoc69 ))
  4. (( @Lancelot ))
  5. Whatever the reason is. You can't pull out guns and shoot people because you've decided that you're a serial killer over night and when you get caught or killed you do other alts to do the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again and always post about how PD is the problem.
  6. https://gfycat.com/ThirstyDifficultCamel Reasoning behind that? That up there is Craazy for you people and that's the Illegal roleplay you are going into. Deathmatch, no RP whatsoever. This whole post should be disregarded and the actual illegal roleplayers should be apoligized to by Craazy himself for putting dirt on the illegal roleplay. I have done it too, but not like that. That's deathmatch and qqing on UCP tickets when it fails. Let's fix LSPD? You have no idea what you're talking about.
  7. ** Trevor Lincoln enters the court room, wearing a black suit and a tie, looking as formal as he could and without much noise he approaches the prosecution's side and takes a seat. He then looks around the court room, noticing Slava sitting there, then addresses to Moe and Campbell in a low tone ** [English] Trevor Lincoln: I can smell the guilt from here... (( @JameZ, @DylanW ))
  8. Do you guys even know how that works? The dispatcher is not a problem. It's normal equipment and it should be kept as it is since PD is fast paced. You guys really should calm down on this and call MG on it. Even in chases we update locations with NSEW coordinates and street names. @Kelvinmlgpro Ofc LSRP and SAMP does not have that. The LEO rp is far better on OwlGaming than anywhere else and just because you got jailed by cops, that doesn't give you the right to qq about it on the forums. Most of the time we don't even look at the dispatches when in a chase because that would draw our attention from the actual traffic. As @rauf123 said. PD is not stupid and PD /cannot/ risk to metagame or break any server rules so we play it fair. Same goes with people who PM us with " Did u rp that piece of dust landing on your cruiser " whenever they get caught and then go with " I have video footage of you not roleplaying that. You'd be dead if that bird landed on your windhield at that speed " People. Just stop crying about it. Now about the video. YES it is a bad chase. It's my first ever chase and I sucked at it because I was on my Probationary Stage and there was a lot of LAG which was caught on RECORDING. There was an admin intervention on that. PD is always aiming to evolve and become more effective in what it does. So excuse me for not agreeing with you, sir.