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  1. I second that. No one uses it. It's also pretty awkward to work with and roleplay since it's a damn deagle and that can easily be taken out of context, which can be dangerous xx
  2. Imagine being in an official, legal, governmental and especially medical faction and DM.
  3. **Mednikov enters the court room dressed in his long sleeve police uniform, tie and service stripes. He glances around the room before smoothly making his way next to Namira, sitting and whispering** "Hey... Place your bets. This is gonna get interesting." (( @Vubstersmurf ))
  4. It's just a very low thing to do. Slap an /ed right there, most of the time without even going offroad ( saw people leave the dealership to go at stacks and just as they reach the parking lot, I press ALT and they already got mud on their plates mentioned ). It's not realistic to do that. Even with mud on the plates you can still see them IRL and I guess it's just people that want to get away with stuff they do ( and they don't ) and prevent being identified by PD. Such a failure. I approve and support this. It's pathetic to /ed that 24/7 on so many levels, not to mention that if you offroad t
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