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  1. Bounties in Los Santos Crime World - A New Phenomenon? The death of FBI Most Wanted fugitive Francisco “Frank” Martinez raised many eyebrows across the city, speculation and skepticism grew like wildfire when the middle aged Hispanic man was announced dead, many parties approved of his demise, citing the crimes he committed and his involvement in Los Santos’ deeper and more disturbing underground activities, others were more questioning of the circumstances, was it vigilante justice? A contract killing? Perhaps the deep state or local political powers were involved? Nothing is concrete, and the FBI has failed to disclose any information regarding Frank’s charges, arrest, and death. Martinez had lived his last months alone, as his family had been killed shortly before he was announced dead.. Martinez had outright stopped contacting his family and close friends for a very long time, months before having been named FBI’s most wanted, the reasons behind this are unclear. Former crime figures in our network suggest that there may have been foul play among Martinez and his illicit entourage, having run a child sex trafficking ring, it’s speculated that he and his family were a victim of a power play by his accomplices to take control of the entire operation, others tell a different story, of a pedophilic love triangle, where Francisco was killed by one of his former workers for getting in the way of their love, it gets fishier when the suspects in Martinez’s killing all have extensive records and gang affiliations, it gets fishier when the suspects in Martinez’s killing all have extensive records and gang affiliations, Zack Patterson, the youngest of the trio having been charged with murdering his own father with the case being dropped by the District Attorney, Alejandro Vallarino being Francisco's right hand man in their child sex trafficking ring and the prime accomplice to Frank's death, and finally Jesus Rivera being an escaped sex offender from Mexico, barely dodging a conviction for statutory rape and an entry into Los Santos' sex offender registry. Word has spread from numerous sources – who will not be named – that the suspected men responsible for Martinez’ death – Zack Patterson, Alejandro Vallarino, and Jesus Rivera – have had their identities discovered by an unknown party, and a global “head hunt” for these men has been put out in the underworld of Los Santos. Talks of payment are unbelievably high, in the range of $25,00 to $100,000 US dollars per head, and no one knows whether this is simply a rumor, misinformation, or perhaps the works of a genius agent provocateur? All we can say here in our news network is that along with the mention of the bounty is discussed, the word “Steinreich” always seems to pop up. Stay safe out there, Los Santos. Chen Lee Lead Writer Los Santos Vigilant News [email protected] "Poor University Student, Defender of the Common PERSON (not man), Foodie, Tyrant's Worst Nightmare." ** Attempts to look up information about the blog's owner would lead you to the Verona Mall wifi network ** ** The article would be surrounded by clear photographs in high resolution where larger frame ads would normally be, showing what appears to be the profiles of the mentioned parties from some sort of law enforcement information database, it details their full names, mug shots, addresses, and other information regarding their possessed property. **
  2. A lot happened in the past 24 hours, but it's pretty clear to me that despite discussing things with founding members for a long time, everyone involved here had a very very different idea of what we wanted from an Italian-American crime group. Maybe instead of a separate faction, the group will just be an IC group of friends, but I don't want to be the scape goat here for people that consistently won't listen. I've had the thread up for such little time and a lot of bad stuff already happened, I tried my best to explain what we're trying to accomplish here, no one listened well enough. I've got a lot going on in areas outside of Owl too, so I don't have the free time to make sure people aren't fucking around ICly. I figured the guys involved here would be able to portray things well among themselves, without my handholding. But clearly that's not the case. I'd like this thread locked and archived. Edit: very sorry to the guys that made chars in hopes to see this grow, but i think the concept of the group is best left outside the hemisphere of official factions and kept as a loose group of friends that happen to be thieves.
  3. I was there at the execution and the events that lead up to it, and I was telling Kirill that I was against it since because the reasoning was poor, Kirill pushed for CK for literally for "dealing guns in his turf", even though Koji and his friend (forgot his name) were both picked up from Idlewood Pizza Stacks... I told the guy numerous times this is too extreme but he didn't really care.
  4. You can use the gun fear argument for any situation.. every shootout ever would become a case of the "gun fear" rule not being respected, I've seen it happen before. Its not the other player's fault that your PC or your aim blows lol.
  5. Western US has always been seen as a promise land for many figures from the New York and Chicago families, but in recent years the increasing cost of living, fierce native competition, and strong police presence make it a difficult area to operate. Organized crime groups have already been established in Los Santos in the present and the past, but some figures of prominence still come from across the globe in with hopes of running their own illicit ponzi schemes. Big names still linger around the Market Area, often times followed up by mention of the police crackdowns, gang shootings, and missing persons reports that were flooding the papers just 3 months before, one such name - Michael Ricci - is accompanied by a scoff, a wince, or an overwhelming sense of dread. The Curse of Ambition doesn't only afflict Roman politicians and Greek Tyrants. Many big shots from New England made their way to Los Santos with a glimmer in their eye, it was their opportunity to finally become their own boss, Pete's remarks about your choice of clothing didn't matter, neither did Jackie's demeaning jokes about your speech impediments, because now you're the King of the Castle. Whatever status some wisecrack from New York had didn't matter here in Los Santos, but that came at a huge price for Mike's workers; the books were not open for any of the guys in the Market Area, since the guy they were working under was essentially running a scuffed crew without the approval of the bosses back home, it's clear that help wasn't gonna come in from New York, but that didn't matter right? Just don't step on too many toes, and the money keeps coming in.. Unfortunately in a place like Los Santos, things aren't that simple, drug dealing is a volatile market that didn't take long to become fiercely territorial. Gangs native to the area enter bloody clashes with one another to stake their claim the various needle and urine infested corners and alleys of the city, making sure that the junkie cattle funnel only to their own dealers, distributors from South America are eager to make connects and push product to any up and coming star in Los Santos, and the LSPD is fast to stomp out small time groups before they can flourish into something more menacing. Big Mike didn't seem bothered by all this, having become confident (or greedy?) enough to invest in the growing Heroin epidemic of Los Santos, Michael gave the order out to his underlings to start distributing the crank, without realizing that every other pusher and narc in town would have a problem with it. For the most part, those who had worked in the area took Michael's arrest, old buddies not picking up calls, and the near constant shootings around Market, as a sign that they should escape this vicious lifestyle of greed, fortune, and downward spiral, a few other connected guys on Beverly Avenue weren't so smart..
  6. ★ A couple of fliers would be posted around the Market area. Rodeo Drive, Pasadena Boulevard, Market, Los Santos. The Gommo, Ora! Social Club is a private establishment in the Market area, made initially as a hangout for like-minded locals to get together to discuss and exchange various ideas, it has flourished into a private club, where membership is done exclusively through invitation. We are a somewhat newer club, and despite having only been around for a year, we have received tons of positive reception from our customers. The customer is always right in the Gommo, Ora! and we hope our applicants consider this when applying. We are looking for any number of people to fulfill a variety of roles which include, but are not limited to; bar tending, greeting, valet parking, stocking merchandise. Our club's opening and closing hours are not available to the public, as such, employees will be given a date ahead of time and expected to show up. Applicants will be notified when they are considered, and their hours, initial job, and other factors will be discussed during an interview. Only part-time positions are currently available, and your tasks will vary greatly, these are the requirements: be at least 18 years of age own a San Andreas Driver's License, be physically able to operate a vehicle although not required, expected that applicants be somewhat physically fit, and able to carry up to 40 pounds. for the convenience of the employer and employee, applicants are expected to be local to the area. Applicants should not expect to be given one concrete position, your tasks may change within a moments notice, and you must be able to adapt. Your wage will be disclosed during the interview. Employment with the club grants you membership, assuming you are at least 21 years of age. Those interested should call directly our employment director at #840-690, or email us at [email protected]
  7. lol don't kid yourself, he wasn't "punched "then got left alone". It wasn't until I came by that you considered going away, but only after you'd tried to provoke me. You're free to argue for trying to get me admin-punished for meta gaming in a separate thread if you're that desperate to punish someone for looking out for people but this thread is purely about my CK. My reasoning for wanting to help him out was because I'd have seen him around Little Moscow ICly and wanted to get to know him better, this was my IC motive the faction I was in was looking for new guys. Too bad it isn't possible when 3 really bored long time players want to push their luck and piss people on the server off, I've seen the conduct of this new Morra outside of my situation on alternate characters, I used to give a lot of people crap for loitering at IdleStacks and starting fights, but man you guys take that to a new level lol. I never "wanted to fight 3 guys", I came to tell 3 guys to take a hike since I was working security for Pig Pen at the time, the only people looking to fight was a Charles Mancuso who tried to grab someone's arm and threatened him, this already gave away the fact that you had hostile intentions. How am I supposed to know that you were merely "gonna grab my arm and drag me away to an alley"? Especially when you have 3 guys surrounding me. A better analogy to the situation is that a mutt is in foreign territory and it won't go away, so I had to scare it off by shooting his pack mate. It didn't bode well purely because I wasn't fully aware of rules regarding what's allowed and isn't allowed in character killing, for example I didn't think car ramming a guy over and over again script wise is a legit means for a CK. There's not really much crying going on here, I'm merely presenting my explanation on the situation. The only person here that's crying and using passive aggressive choice of words is you for some reason, you seem to interpret this appeal as some attack on your personal character. All I said in this thread is that I can understand this situation being a player kill for me, but I never understood it being a character kill. Whatever Unitt's decision is on the appeal, I'll accept it. but I made this thread to present my end of the situation in case there was a mix up he didn't understand, I don't care what you personally think of my IC conduct OOCly since you don't matter to me.
  8. He isn't immune but it's a shameful to beat up a guy who just joined the server, trying to get involved somewhere and have fun. Instead he gets beat up by a trio of guys who just want to get the coolest screenshots of the week. I personally never robbed anyone on my character recently, because I understand the server is dying and that it needs people to keep it interesting.
  9. You and your gang were there long before I showed up, I talked to you as you were beating him, so the guard would've called 911 the moment the guy was curled up by his leg, instead you sort of insinuated that he'd do nothing but stand there and you had fun beating up a new player character for no reason, good work. You didn't give the opportunity to reply at all, you just instead jumped straight to trying to fight and grab me. The NPC would've called the police as you encroached the new player and beat him up. He'd refuse to call 911 had the situation been just me approaching you and outright gunning you, which wasn't what happened here, it was you guys trying to circle around me and fight me just for free reign on beating a new player up.
  10. I've never seen you before on my character ICly, OOCly though I was in complete disbelief that you were in any way affiliated with Morra, since I didn't think they'd allow members in who do nothing but drive around IPS and pick fights with new players for really dumb reasons. After I'd shot Steve, I got numerous PMs informing me that you were infact Vincent, I wasn't surprised that that's your character, I was surprised that they'd let such a trigger happy child into the faction, but that's beside the point. ICly I've never interacted with you or anything, so all I'd have known was that 3 really funny talking guys are infront of Pig Pen beating a guy up from the area, for a really dumb reason. Charles never shot me and killed me, he only shot and killed Timur, as seen here: [2018-11-01 14:37:35] [Output] : * Charles Mancuso reaches for the Glock 19 in his Safariland ALS holster and withdraws it with haste. * [2018-11-01 14:37:43] [Output] : ★ Marco Lombardi quickly jumps onto Lev. [2018-11-01 14:37:45] [Output] : * Charles Mancuso reaches for the Glock 19 in his Safariland ALS holster and withdraws it with haste. * [2018-11-01 14:37:48] [Output] : If you were killed due to DM or anything similar, /report to get an admin to revive you. [2018-11-01 14:37:48] [Output] : If you accept your death, you may lose some of your items - unless revived. [2018-11-01 14:37:53] [Output] : * Vincent DeLuca unlocks the vehicle doors. * [2018-11-01 14:37:54] [Output] : Admin Kenneth Stinson has teleported to you. [2018-11-01 14:37:56] [Output] : ★ Charles Mancuso double taps Timur. So what ended up happening is you car rammed me to death while Marco Lombardi was "holding me down", which makes no sense since he'd get rammed to death, too. You didn't rp ramming him because he kept shooting, that makes sense, but you didn't RP ramming me either despite the fact that I didn't have my gun out. You just did it script wise while Marco "held me down" lol. I was going to roleplay the hit and I stood still, I was just typing, but I never got the opportunity because you kept ramming me. I never refused to roleplay the car ramming, you just kept doing it to where I died and couldn't type IC anymore.
  11. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Lev73 Character Name- Lev Sokolov Date of Incident- 11/01/2018 Supervising Administrator- Unitts Narrative- I log on my character and pass by Pig Pen, since my character lives right by the area, and I see a gang of 3 guys (Steven Alfonsi, Vincent DeLuca, Charles Mancuso) surrounding some new character (2 hours at the time, name was Yerzov Kazimir) and are proceeding to beat him to near death. keep in mind that they're doing this right infront of Pig Pen, with an NPC overseeing the situation. I first hop out the car, and tell them as neutrally as I can to just pack it up and go away, they're not listening, so I keep telling them to go away. If I'm not mistaken, this NPC should've called the police the second Yerzov came to him. What reason would someone really have to beat a 2 hour character up to near death? Especially in front of an NPC? This isn't my first run-in with DaLuppo (who is Vincent DeLuca in this situation) as he has randomly shot and killed me before for no reason, but I digress. [2018-11-01 14:30:08] [Output] : ★ Charles Mancuso scratches at his neck and looks over at Vincent and then at Lev. [2018-11-01 14:30:19] [Output] : ★ Yerzov Kazimir Standing on his leg as he clings on Viktor [2018-11-01 14:30:25] [Output] : ★ Charles Mancuso leaps forward to try and grab Lev by his arm forcefully. For context, Viktor is the NPC guard that is standing outside infront of the Pig Pen. So after these 3 guys at Pig Pen beat up the new character, one of them make the assertion that I'm gonna pull a gun out, which they're right about. I did it because I was convinced they wanted to kill Yerzov Kazimir or viscerally hurt him, and because I was convinced they had other things in store for me, having witnessed the events unfold. I shot and killed Steve Alfonsi because I was certain these guys had guns on them themselves and were itching for a fire fight or something. They scramble and hop in their cars instead, driving off initially. The new 2 hour character ran off to hide and I hopped in my car to call a friend, until the guys come back in their cars. They proceed to chase me across down from Pig Pen, to the East beach highway, to the front and opposite end of the Trinity Lounge, crashing their cars left and right without seat belts on and not RPing their injuries, the car chase finally ends by the LSPD where a friend of mine just happened to be waiting, I never disclosed my location to him or anything. DaLuppo uses his car, without any rp, to repeatedly ram me and my friend to death. No /ame or /me or anything, just ramming me to death, can't tell if this was a legit means to kill me. One of his affiliates for some reason also drove by the area, hopped off his car, and wrote this gem while I was getting car rammed to death. [2018-11-01 14:37:43] [Output] : ★ Marco Lombardi quickly jumps onto Lev. DaLuppo also killed Timur Israilov, by repeatedly ramming him to death. Steve Alfonsi was not CKed, only PKed despite being in foreign territory and even going as far as to start problems with locals who he apparently has an IC agreement with, this posse is apparently with Morra, who are supposed to be friends of Bratva, but here they are in Little Moscow beating up locals. For some reason my character was CKed for merely having stood his ground and helping out a local within our community against a guy that was clearly looking for a fight. Timur was CKed just for trying to help his friend out as he was getting bumped to death by 3 guys in cars. Evidence- I wasn't expecting the situation to get so heated, so I didn't think there would've been a need for screenshots initially. I only have a photo of me getting chased, me being dead right next to the police station, and logs of the entire scenario from my end. https://pastebin.com/9du1xceW https://pastebin.com/9du1xceW Method of Death- Car ramming repeatedly Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- No
  12. you'lldve make a whole lot of cash without any downsides imagine the people paying you 40$ just so they could floss on the guy they just cked this is the financial victory royale im tellin u bro ur gonna be rich
  13. Now you're insinuating that I'm lying, when I've done no such thing I sent these PMs after you were saying I wasn't RPing my injuries properly, and after you pretty much forced me to RP your idea of what injuries I'd have, despite me mentioning before that I had a helmet on. [2017-10-21 03:47:13] [Output] : (21) Trial Admin G4mer99x: (( I have no idea, I am not quite sure. probably a broken skull, limbs. )) [2017-10-21 03:53:50] [Output] : PM From (21) Tyler Dixon (G4mer99x): Have you RP'ed your injuries? How on earth are you an admin when you can't read timestamps? lol
  14. For you it doesn't, but the thing is that I'm not the one who says what should be grounds for us getting CKed, I merely made a false assumption. I didn't "RP my own death", you threatened to warn me and told me I was non RPing when I RPed my original injuries of just having a broken arm and leg, it was either I complied with your very poor standard, or you were going to falsely punish me. Here's logs of what injuries you thought I had to use, even going to a point where you ignored the fact that I had a motorcycle helmet on. [2017-10-21 03:47:13] [Output] : (21) Trial Admin G4mer99x: (( I have no idea, I am not quite sure. probably a broken skull, limbs. )) You're abusing your admin powers of log access to sow in a narrative to make us seem wrong about your own misconduct. This is really terrible admin behavior.
  15. Yeah, that was a rash assumption, that was in the case that you took their side entirely without proper proof. You're using the conversation out of context to fit your narrative.
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