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  1. BackPack

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

  2. Name = Johnny Philipps Comment = Pretty wise choise my friend Oskar, good luck! (( @Dylanjeter1 ))
  3. BackPack

    [Banking] - Loan Script

    bail enforcement agents +1
  4. @DaLuppo xD ahahahahahaa
  5. (( @Dylanjeter1 ))
  6. BackPack

    [REQ] Gcs.

    Hello guys. Please can someone help me with some gcs to protect some vehicles from the Invacinity im banned, i may get unbanned at the 15th of May, kind regards. Thanks.
  7. Name=Alligator. Bid= 270,000$
  8. BackPack

    [Buying]A Nissan GTR / Challenger Hellcat.

    I bet that you cant mind your own business, your just a little retard, thinking that his a geek and dunno even to fix a computer, get lost buddy, you look like a busty bitch, yeah you love to snitch, you cant say shi' about me, so get lost, you already look retard by that post.
  9. BackPack

    [Buying]A Nissan GTR / Challenger Hellcat.

    I have a loan on me, and as i said get lost, die, suicide, i'll be winning and you'll just keep watching me... I do, dont make me look like a lier.
  10. BackPack

    [Buying]A Nissan GTR / Challenger Hellcat.

    That's the truth, and i say what the hell i want to say, the thing is im not a lier like some people, have a good day.
  11. BackPack

    [Buying]A Nissan GTR / Challenger Hellcat.

    Im just investing in car, loan stills on me, just trying to get money a little bit bigger.
  12. Hello everyone, i want to buy a Nissan GTR or a Challenger Hellcat. Im Paying very well on the GTR, So please contact me at [email protected] (( Forum PM @BackPack )) (( NO SALTY COMMENTS PLEASE ))

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