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  1. @bigtone @dawid1000 @TheNeonGuy Have a good time guys i hope you enjoy the event, im just sharing my opinion because if you already knew im still banned so yeah. Enjoy!
  2. Please don't pick flood because remember when everyone picked the fuel shortage event it was pain in the arse don't be silly.
  3. @Nikkehd Wow, very good faction. Good luck with it.
  4. BackPack

    Engine Swap.

    Im not hypocrite, because his the one who used that R word first. Sike! I live better than you.
  5. BackPack

    Engine Swap.

    By that comment i see that you're the real retard, and in 2019 no one uses that word because it doesn't make you look smart or something. Don't let me use my style. And fuck off. @QueenC @Chaos Delete this comment, i can't even know if it's a game forums or a challenge for the most disrespectable comment.
  6. BackPack

    Engine Swap.

    Good luck mate, just stop making like those comments, be useful and help people, you may need their help some day.
  7. BackPack

    Engine Swap.

    You're the one who's trying to get famous by sharing and posting unuseful comments. And that's a sign of retardness.
  8. BackPack

    Engine Swap.

    Mate, you're not a comedian, try something else, read what DylanJeter wrote and you can know that you are a retard. Help or get lost buddy.
  9. @rainydays Awesome my friend, good luck!
  10. BackPack

    Engine Swap.

    @Dylanjeter1 im banned now man, thanks for your help.
  11. Name = Johnny Philipps Comment = Pretty wise choise my friend Oskar, good luck! (( @Dylanjeter1 ))
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