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  1. ((Ok, lets do the math. Your boat IRL has a top speed of 40 mph which is 32 knots. Your boat in game does 182 knots, which is 5.6 times faster than it can go in real life. This boat is similar to having a Cessna 172 which has a RL top speed of 187 mph, reaching a speed of 1047 mph in game. For comparison the Concorde (below) had a top speed of 1350mph In short, your boat is ridiculously fast and needs to be fixed, but I'm sure you already know this because you can do the maths yourself. ))
  2. (( top speed of this boat is 40mph, http://www.usboattest.com/boat-tests/wakeboard-boat/2014/supra/sa350/1015/2014-supra-sa350.html http://jalopnik.com/ten-of-the-fastest-boats-ever-made-1697883988 < this is a list of fastest boats and this is a boat that goes a comparable-ish speed (244mph) boat is unrealistic bro ))
  3. Name: Notyouraveragegentile Comment: they are there to protect the ruling class, who cares what it costs them
  4. Name: IlluminateGoyim Comment: The PD is taking $400,000 from the Govt per week and running at an average of -$100,000 per week but can afford to pay a $50,000 bonus to an employee? http://pd.owlgaming.net/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=11393 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zg8wwMFsUfwgfyzdcVGWow9tFtBtnKjoqPZEptvVf0U/edit#gid=1736817023
  5. Location

    The UCP
  6. Name: F Q Comment: The profit isn't income added to expenses.
  7. @GentleFart For stepping up and doing the right thing when it mattered, instead of using the UCP as an escape tool from what was a very difficult situation. Good on you, dude.
  8. Nice one dude, I'll be sure to keep dropping by.
  9. Rule Discussion Subject: Auctions & Their usage. I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: Time after time I'm seeing auctions that have been created with "to be determined", "to be announced (TBA), or even "not set yet" in the buyout field... This isn't how auctions work, you don't create a ebay post then add in the buyout at a later date. You either have a buyout price, or you don't. Something that irritates me slightly as it is arguably a form of powergaming. Not sure if this is in the rules, but if it is it's not being followed.
  10. What the ever loving fuck is this about?
  11. 12 hours really isn't a long enough warning period. Especially when it's only through in game alerts.
  12. When is your internet fixed?

    1. maramizo


      A week or more. I've given up on my current ISP and decided to cancel my subscription and sign up with a different one, now I need to wait for the installation and de-installation.

    2. Elpine




      Better be practising on that AI match on Heroes ;-)

    3. maramizo
  13. Moe on his way to college.




    Saved this back in 2010. I knew it'd come in useful.

    1. maramizo


      No this is me going to my ISP

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