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  1. I lol'd at the people backing Paedo RP calling those against it immature.
  2. I'm not entirely sure why this should even be a question, if you back this kind of RP you should check yourself into to some sort of institution to get yourself fixed, or buy some rope.
  3. Did you make logs for /check yet?
  4. Also, is it gonna take as long to implement all this as it did for you to "Hear" the players? If so this is all meaningless.
  5. Why is it that it took a hit to the playerbase for you guys to come out with this thread? Many problems have been going on for almost a year and you only come to ask people when competition arises. That's just my view anyway.
  6. We really need this. Any idea if we can get a Yay or Nay?
  7. 6352396-3x2-940x627.png?width=802&height 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Poffy


      we will reclaim andalusia

    3. Lemonade319


      Eh. You couldn't hold it for long, I doubt you could take it. You can hardly reclaim Jerusalem.

    4. Stabby
  8. +1 100%. I really don't get the appeal for someone to even want to RP a child. The whole idea of it disturbs me, not to mention the retardedness that comes with it.
  9. Why do people honestly want to RP kids though? The few reasons I can think of people wanting to RP kids are no good reasons. I just fail to see what benefit allowing people to RP kids brings to the server as a whole.
  10. 117 years young. Congrats my guy.

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    2. Lemonade319


      A drink to another 117?

    3. Law


      Yeah, unfortunately I think my brother is going to get me killed tonight with drinks so we'll see.

    4. Lemonade319


      If you ain't downing a bar full of Tequila firebombs you're doing it wrong tbh.

  11. You went into a car wash, shot at the owner as he told you to leave, came back AGAIN two or three times to drive-by us. Missed us each time and and retreated. AFKing in a public place seemed like an odd thing to do after shooting at an illegal fact and frankly it's not our problem that you went afk.
  12. @Bartiex Best Cleaner EU. Loving this fact.
  13. Looking good, got no doubts you can make this work. Will be nice to see more organised crime.
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