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  1. Instead of having ideas exclusively for MTA, why not for the new GTA V server? It'll be much better. Personally, i feel there's a massive hope in having Owl reborn within V.
  2. not sure about the idea but having free furniture spawned is kinda shitty, if the system just save the price that the item bought with and when the interior got force sell'ed by inactivity it just use that price and add it as a secondary option to have the furniture keep't or not.
  3. Imgur have been working since 2009 that's a whole 10 years without any issues & they had a good income actually. You can't know if there's going to be any other site going to have a similar experience for a straight 10 years.
  4. Then stop commenting here if it’s “a waste of time” here, it’s a place to create conversations about suggestions ain’t saying waste and such, stop giving negative causes.
  5. What about vehicles that older than 1958 shouldn’t has any seatbelts? so be careful while implementing this script, it may create some bugs either. +1, why not?
  6. I’ve no idea about what you’re talking about guys-, Damn vehicles.
  7. Openly, i know it's the appropriate way to let admins solve players issues arrangement-ly. for this reason i propose this brand new system however, the current system kind-ish advantageous, but this step will organize admins time smartly.
  8. Too much negatives? Mention the negative points. - As long as no rule breakers around, there couldn't be any disadvantages. - Administrators has the right to accept reports by order "as necessity situation." - After implementing/accepting the report necessity suggestion i'll post another suggestion mentions abusing this brand new system. *it's Almost impossible to be any disadvantages exists, if someone wishes to exploit this system it's another condition.
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