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  1. Name: Endsieg Comment: Worry not Mister Wunnenberg! I am sure our boys will find a new renewable energy source at Area 51 in the coming months!
  2. Name: Endsieg Comment: Subscribe to PewDiePie you fucking animals
  3. Name: Endsieg Comment: Imagine believing that Conservatism is an actual legitimate ideology and not a bunch of boomers telling you how hard they’ve worked and supported Israel their whole lives
  4. Name: Endsieg Comment: Yeah, typical of you to need to bring a gang on just one person. Have you no honor?
  5. Name: Endsieg Comment: The gun laws expressed through the SALT ACT are state law. The city government has no role in it you interbred mongol
  6. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: You've got my endorsement! We need more heroes like you representing this county, Semper Fi!
  7. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: When you think that a County Councilwoman has a say in what a federal law enforcement agency does xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
  8. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: You are the last stand against Fake News in Los Santos. Don’t let the flame die out!!
  9. Dearest Citizens of District 3, This morning, I will be leaving a final note on the desk of Commissioner James Bradford, I will share it with you now: I have true faith in the energy and capability that Commissioner Bradford possesses, and I plan to endorse and vote for him in his re-election. These past 2 years serving you, the people of Los Santos, has been greater than one could ever imagine. It is important that in times like these, we realize our strength, unity, and greatness as Americans. My time here is done. I have accomplished what I set out to do. I've been right at times and wrong at others, and I am able to admit that. I'd like to thank Thomas Mengele, Mitchell Godfrey, Justice Vanderbilt, Nicholas Howard, and David Berger, who all proved to not only be close allies, but also capable in proving true friendship and comradery during my stay in the CPQL. The victories achieved for this people of this county shall never be forgotten. Godspeed. Yours truly, Keira D. Mosley
  10. Name: Endsieg Comment: *One dumb bitch dies in a massive fucking city* "AGHHHHHHHHH ITS A FUCKING DRUG EPIDEMIC" f a k e n e w s
  11. Scooter

    CPQL - Online Q&A

    Name: Keira Mosley District: 3 Question: How much does the CPQL invest into public relations? How many people are working in public relations including the County Spokesperson? How much are these employees paid and have they worked yet?
  12. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: Commissioner Bradford has proposed a budget, however it contains many concerns to the council and we are reworking it. The budget did not take many of the CPQL's expenditures into account and many of the expenditures taken into account were already covered in previous resolutions and contacts. There were also concerns with figures concerning LSIA and other departments. I will update progress on this soon.
  13. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: I agree Councilman. I hope and trust District 2 will join 3 in secession and opposition to the troubles we currently face.
  14. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: Let me get this right, you want your government to operate behind closed doors and not let you know where tax money goes to? I take transparency very seriously and I don't plan on becoming some sort of communist anytime soon. As you can see below, I have a long history of working for District 3 and ensuring that what I do is as transparent as possible (Nobody else in the Council has ever done this mind you) And for your information as well, Commissioner Bradford took office 16 days ago. So no, I haven't attacked him before he took office, I am a concerned citizen like you who is wondering why my money is going unaccounted for. Simple really. Everyone else in District 3 seems quite satisfied with my work and I welcome you to challenge me if I am such an embarrassment to you.
  15. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: Just left church come scoop my man.
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