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  1. Council of Supervisor Elections Seats Open for Districts 3 & 4 Requirements Council of Supervisor applicants must meet the following criteria to run: Must be at least 21 years of age on the date of swearing in. Must reside in the district they are running for. Must not have a felonious criminal record. Elections One supervisor will be elected for each of the two districts listed below. All applicants must submit their platform with solidified proposals for their respective district to County Commissioner Mosley (( @Scooter )) and the County Elections Board (( @Wright )) by Monday, March 19th to be approved prior to the elections which will be held from Tuesday, March 20th to Thursday, March 22nd. Contact Please forward any questions or inquiries to County Commissioner Keira Mosley Districts Be advised Districts 1 and 2 are TAKEN Districts 3 and 4 are OPEN
  2. There's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Assad has ever used chemical weapons against his own people. This narrative has been flying around since the beginning of the conflict and every time it has been debunked and shown that these weapons were used by the FSA and other CIA-backed extremist groups. And you saying that it's our obligation to get involved in foreign conflicts as Americans? You aren't American. Who are you to tell me that my nation is obligated to go overthrow a secular government with Zionists and Jihadis? We don't serve you. "This pertains to setting up a no fly zone, telling Russia to back off if this is put in place..." Are you a Goddamn lunatic? ISIS is all but defeated thanks to Russia's involvement in assisting Assad's crusade throughout Syria along with Trump's increased airstrikes against them. Why would you want to setup a no flyzone, John McCain? If you set up a no-fly zone, you're backing the fact that if Russia disobeys this, their planes will be shot down, thus starting a war between Russia and America. I'm quite disappointed that you're taking (((Ben Shapiro))) as a legitimate political figure when it comes to the matter of Syria. The same guy who identifies as a non-white Jew when it's convenient and a regular white man when it's convenient. He's expressed time and time again that he believes Americans should do whatever they can to serve Israel and expand its borders. Shapiro only wants Assad gone because Assad stands in the way of a Jewish dominated middle east. For years Assad has run a peaceful and secular government with no issues. Christians, Sunnis, Shiites, and other groups got along quite well. However, after the Arab Spring, which Ben Shapiro supported, the entire Middle East was destabilized by terrorists armed and backed by the Obama Administration. This whole conflict has never been about freedom, only destabilization and Islamic religious radicalization. People care when the "Nazi Assad" accidentally kills a few civilians in an airstrike on the ISIS capital or when Russia furthers their ambitions in the region. But nobody cares when these "moderate rebels" which are mostly just former Al Qaeda fighters go and massacre a Christian village in Syria. They don't care when Israel strikes a Syrian checkpoint, allowing the rebels to move in an commit the massacre as well as alerting them to do so. Nobody cares when the IDF goes door to door just a few miles away, killing Arabs left and right because they are "God's chosen people". It's simple, Israel wants to continue expanding its borders for the Jewish ethnostate as well as increase its power in the region. To do this, the Arab Spring was initiated, turning the peaceful nationalist and secular regimes in the area into absolute hellholes. This is a justification for Israel to increase presence and use military force in these neighboring countries which will in turn expand their influence. Of course they'll be supported by their Zionist Occupied Governments in NATO who will literally take it up the ass by Jews because of the alleged holocaust that they still feel sorry for. Convenient how the main man to make the call in the White House to preform the Syria strike was (((Jared Kushner))) and (((Ivanka))) presented the propaganda to him to toy with his emotions like the rats her and her husband are. Anyways, if you want to get rid of Assad just bend right on over because you're cucking for Israel. Assad is the last stand of Christianity and imperial tradition in the middle east and the only one trying to stand up against this Zionist plague.
  3. 10/03/2018 ~ Notice of Action Commissioner Mosley has recently announced the negotiation of a coronary contract with Red Rose Funeral Home. The Los Santos Department of Public Safety will be deferring their coronary duties over to Red Rose Funeral Home ASAP. The conditions of the contract include they specific monetary amounts that the Los Santos County Government's Financial Department will be transferring to them bi-weekly so that they may carry out their duties, a detailed plan of rules and regulations, and assurance that there will be no financial corruption in this newly forged deal. Red Rose Funeral Home will be expected to file proper documentation in regards to every duty that they fill out and will be under constant watch from the Emergency Services Oversight Committee. Members of the Los Santos Police Department and other government forces will soon be switched over and given instructions to contact the funeral home in regards to picking up corpses and preforming coronary reports.
  4. Nobody gives a fuck if they're "people just like us" Fuck em They're not our kin, they don't support this country, they leach off of hardworking Americans like parasites. Deport them and build the wall, now.
  5. Name: KM Comment: What was your MOS Mister Downer? Got your DD 214?
  6. CPQL Forum Perms

  7. 25/02/2018 ~ Into the Unknown Earlier today, the recently sworn in County Commissioner Keira D. Mosley addressed the county at Commissioner Hill. Those who missed the event can read the speech below. ~ "Brothers and sisters of Los Santos, when I was first appointed to Commissioner Mengele’s cabinet that late December night so long ago, I never once believed this day would come. To us, Thomas J. Mengele was invincible. A man with such a prestigious career in law enforcement, business, the legal system, and of course the political sphere. None of us could’ve expected the terrible and horrifying news we received earlier this week about Tom’s health. For many in the cabinet, there was difficulty coming to the realization that Thomas was just a man. That he too, was vincible and subject to such a terrible illness. That he wasn’t the immortal deity that would keep Los Santos safe for millennia. But despite this, Thomas Mengele to me is more than a man. Thomas Mengele to me was a hero, an officer, a veteran, a leader, a patriot, and a loyal friend. But most importantly, Thomas J. Mengele wasn’t just a man, Thomas was an idea. In a time of political turmoil, gang violence, and absolute anarchy in our beautiful county, Tom stood alone against forces of corruption and the forces of despair. He birthed an idea of a better Los Santos. A Los Santos where its citizens could depend upon their government for action in a time where all governments do is talk and pander for votes. Tom dreamed of reviving neglected communities. Where empty lots and run down buildings once sat, beautiful structures and housing projects were erected from the earth. He dreamed and promised of expanded gun rights, the restoration of small business, accounting for Emergency Services, cutting government spending, and giving Los Santos back to her people. We are very proud to say that he fulfilled all of these and more. While Thomas is no longer with us in the CPQL in a physical sense, his ideas and spirit still manifest and will continue to do so as we work to further his agenda. With the man who changed this county forever no longer leading the way torch in hand, it is time for us to move forward. As we stand alone in the darkness, we must follow the words of Winston Churchill: This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure. We shall continue into the night, we shall dare, and we shall endure. While we all feel pity and despair for Thomas and the loss of our leader, perhaps this is an opportunity to become greater than ever before. We must not forget that this great nation was founded upon the same struggle that we face today. America was born out of men and women who dared into the unknown, men and women who went torch-lit into the darkness to claim what was theirs, and those who dared and endured. I stand here in the heart of San Andreas, in the birthplace of the CPQL and the center of our great County to deliver the message to you. I say to you that Los Santos is not finished, I say to you that Los Santos is not dead. Hear my call and send to all the nation that Los Santos lives, and marches on! Before us lies a struggle. A struggle against corruption. A struggle against greed. A struggle to secure our very existence. A struggle that is hard, because we are fighting for something great. We are fighting for you, the people of Los Santos, and we will continue to do so until our Final Victory. God Bless Thomas J. Mengele, God Bless Los Santos, and God Bless America!" ~ The speech was followed by a Q&A from the crowd along with a private cabinet meeting inside the residence of Commissioner Hill. Commissioner Mosley has reorganized the cabinet and still has more upcoming changes. Current Changes: Chief of Staff Mac Tailor has resigned to further his personnel career. Donovan O'Sullivan has left as the Commissioner of Finance and has been appointed as Chief of Staff. Councilmen Silverman and Bauer will be overseeing a new Public Affairs Department that is still in the works. Cedric Yeargan has been appointed as the Commissioner of Public Works. Former Chief of Staff Patton Bennett has been appointed as the Deputy County Commissioner.
  8. CPQL Forum Perms

    Ye man
  9. 25/02/2018 ~ Addressing the County Today, the newly sworn in Commissioner Keira D. Mosley is set to address the country from Commissioner Hill about the current situation and the development for the future. Commissioner Mosley will speak at Commissioner Hill tonight at 6:00 PM. Commissioner Mosley was sworn in this morning after the resignation of the founder of the CPQL, Commissioner Thomas J. Mengele. All members of the public are welcomed to attend the event. Members of the Public Security Services, along with the Los Santos Police Department and various San Andreas Law Enforcement Officers, will be searching vehicles and personnel who wish to attend the event at the gates. We hope to see you there, Commissioner Keira D. Mosley
  10. Name: KM Comment: The revolutionary ideas brought about by him and his cabinet won’t be going anytime soon, sorry. God Bless Thomas J. Mengele!
  11. SAN | State Troopers - Abuse of power?

    Name: KM Comment: It doesn't matter if it was sold or freely given, it's against the law to supply alcohol to someone who is underage. You shouldn't write a clearly biased article in an attempt to expose a State Trooper who was simply doing his job. It's nonsense. Anyone complaining just lacks knowledge of law. Sad! Quit acting like you're some oppressed resistance SAN, you're only making fools of yourselves.
  12. 30/01/2018 ~ Notice of Recruitment Due to recent changes within the Los Santos County Government, the CPQL has decided to remove the former head staff of the Public Works Department and has since been directly controlling Public Works from the administration itself. Many employee applications that were put on hold or ignored by the previous team were accepted and incorporated into the unit. However, in order for the entire structure to operate efficently, the CPQL needs new staff to run and supervise Public Works. The CPQL needs ordinary, yet brave and passionate citizens like yourself to take up the torch and guide the county back into the light. We are looking for individuals who have a deep love for Los Santos and have experience with leadership, large projects, team management, and/or construction. Public Works Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners work directly with the rest of the administration of the County Commissioner to efficiently run Public Works Operations throughout the city such as street sweeping, garbage disposal, and maintenance of government properties. Commissioners also lead and direct CPQL-sponsored construction projects throughout the city, erecting projects left and right throughout our beautiful city. Those interested in applying should send their letter of interest to Commissioner Mengele and Deputy Commissioner Mosley via email. ((Forum PM Wright and Scooter)) -Deputy County Commissioner Keira Mosley
  13. SAN | Los Santos, Gun Capital of San Andreas?

    Name: Summer Comment: you’re probably on welfare you sad cunt
  14. SAN | Los Santos, Gun Capital of San Andreas?

    Name: Summer Comment: Grow some balls and do something about it then
  15. SAN | Los Santos, Gun Capital of San Andreas?

    Name: Summer Comment: This is false

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