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  1. Scooter

    Turkish Appreciation Thread

    Deus Vult infidel. Your day will come soon enough.
  2. Scooter

    Turkish Appreciation Thread

    Well the Balkans hate the Turkey for obvious reasons, the Armenians for the obvious genocide, the Greeks for the destruction of their civilization, Arabs for the instability caused by the Ottoman Empire and Turkey’s constant support for “moderate rebels”, the Kurds for obvious reasons, the Russians for murdering their pilot and the long rivalry that has occurred with Turkey for hundreds of years, much of Europe for exporting a foreign and anti western group of people into their fatherlands, and Christians around the world for the elimination of Christianity in the Middle East and the barbaric slaughter of the Byzantines. As for your argument against America we’re the only reason Turkey isn’t a giant crater and that saddens me.
  3. Scooter

    Turkish Appreciation Thread

    Honestly Turks have really done nothing to make people like them. Everything Turkey has ever done pretty much is a legitimate reason for one people or another to hate them.
  4. Name: KM Comment: Never put to use? Lies we had countless citizens in the shelter and we were able to get them positions within Public Works and other careers so they could eventually move out.
  5. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: Are you in favor of banning alcohol too?
  6. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: This is of course a key part in why I’ve stated in my publication that marijuana would still be regarded as an influenceive substance and those who drive while high would suffer the same consequences as an individual who drives while he is intoxicated.
  7. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: It’s not intended to hurt/improve the economy. It’s moving to Overton window further toward a possibility of state legalization if the largest municipality in the state were to be in favor of it. Many average citizens enjoy it and treat it similar to having a drink, they shouldn’t be arrested and charged as felons for this. My goal is not to change a few numbers in a stat or give the elites more money this year, but to attempt to bring a better life for the average citizen. I am and always have been a populist and the majority shows public support for it, so we will do the best we can do.
  8. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: All jokes aside, I've always felt this way. If you go back all the way to Thomas Mengele's original campaign, he was heavily against the war on drugs. Now that we've recently contracted with LSPD and DPS I thought it would be a perfect time to exercise our municipal power for the betterment of freedom, choice, and prosperity in our city.
  9. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: Like I said, it's not legalizing, it's the power to not enforce within our municipality. I respect your efforts Mr. Howard.
  10. Dropping Marijuana Enforcement? In recent times, there has been much demand across Los Santos and the rest of the United States, requesting the legalization of marijuana for personal use by adults. The main argument for this traditionally has been that Marijuana gives a safe and usually relaxing high and has some similar effects to alcohol and should be regulated in a similar manner. After watching and evaluating years of extensive research and analysis, the CPQL has come to a conclusion. Marijuana is not by any means a bad thing and it is our belief that it should not be illegal. The war on drugs has failed and has resulted in many casualties on both sides. It's silly to think that someone who only wishes to relax in their room for the night and have a smoke is arrested and labeled as a felon. While law is regulated by state and federal authorities, we believe we have found a possible location. I, Commissioner Mosley, would like to write a letter to the Los Santos Police Department, requesting that all anti-marijuana operations are ceased, officers do not target individuals for using marijuana, and avoid confiscation. Although we cannot technically amend state law or legalize Marijuana, the LSPD belongs to the municipality of Los Santos and is subject to the Los Santos County Government (CPQL). If the LSPD were to accept this agreement, citizens would be free to smoke Marijuana in city limits without fear of being targeted by Police Officers in the case that the Police Department agreed to stop enforcing that specific section of the San Andreas Penal Code. Despite this, I would request to the Office of the Chief of Police that certain state law regarding driving under the influence or being armed would still be in place to prevent accidents and further violence. I have attached a poll to this publication and I am very interested in knowing what you, the people of Los Santos, think about this issue. Should we expand freedom to smoke Marijuana in the city limits? Or should we let things remain as they are? Hoping to hear from you, Keira D. Mosley
  11. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: Actually I’ve never mentioned it or bragged about it but since I was appointed to my position in December of 2016 I’ve used hardly any government money. When I was placed in charge of events, rallies, and public affairs I paid for all of those out of pocket. I’ve also never compensated myself for government project promotion or advertising our publications and I refused compensation that Mengele offered me because I didn’t feel it was right. Easily could’ve bragged about this, but I’m not a complete douche.
  12. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: Which was obviously a sarcastic remark. It’d be idiotic to cut funding to the LSPD.
  13. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: I’m not cutting funding... Nor did I ever. What are you on about?
  14. Name: Keira Mosley Comment: Oops guess I shouldn’t have given him all that funding last week... And the week before, and the week before... And the money for the new fleet... And the money for his little operations. Not once did I cut the funding. Goodness gracious Wimpy Murphy sold out quickly. Perhaps I should’ve fired him when my advisors asked me to. Sad!

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