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  1. Name: Niko.Brooks Comment: i offer 30.500
  2. Name: Niko.Brooks Comment: i should offer of i know the value of it on documents.
  3. Name: Niko.Brooks Comment: I offer the starting bid
  4. Name: Niko.Brooks Comment: show us documents if you asume that.
  5. Name: Niko.Brooks Comment: i can offer 450 grand , the price for it bought from the gov was 575grand
  6. The camera pickup works only for news faction? Works if i have a camera at a private studio?
  7. Los Santos Auction Vehicle - Ubermacht Zion Classic Item Name Ubermacht Zion Classic Description Its fully customized, great engine in stage 3 ((maxed)), great looking custom exterior, the license plate its "DOWNTOWN" Starting Bid 65000 Minimum Increase 2500 Buyout 90000 Auction Ends 20/6/2020 Contact Information Given to winner
  8. Los Santos Auction Vehicle - Ubermacht Oracle XS Item Name Ubermacht Oracle XS Description lower mileage, under 700, the car its in stage 3 ((maxed)) Starting Bid 65000 Minimum Increase 2500 Buyout 85000 Auction Ends 20/6/2020 Contact Information Given to winner
  9. character assets transfer requirements i saw you are about to implement CK, i will like to have assets transfer active when you do that. Give the oportunity as on mta to transfer the assets to other character (payd in GC) in case of a CK. legal roleplay businesses money requirements when you own a legal business will be cool to gain hourly some profit from NPCs, that will make people want to start some businesses arround the town and its am oportunity to grow up the legal roleplay.
  10. Ubermacht oracle xs its arround 86k
  11. Damn ... higher money farming.... everyone have supercars... lets rename the city as Los Dubai
  12. (( PM means mail! exemple: e-mail: pablo.escobar@email.ls message: i want to pawn my sultan rs.))
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