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  1. Arandeoğlu topluluğu

  2. Yakuza Family

  3. [Items] - Fashionable Generic Items

    They won't add this let's be real Edit:I am for it tho @ResidentPeach
  4. Idlewood Crooks

    Not bad.
  5. Die Kommission

    Might join, good luck.
  6. Cardinal Connection

    United RS Haul Connections.
  7. [REQ] Three skins (reward)

    @Renegade @Bircher Yoyo dudes you mind sharing the skins??
  8. Hornets Motorcycle Club

    Good to see ,that this is still alive.
  9. Character Kill Appeal - Jeanaques Flores

    To me it seems like you haven't properly red what i've writen . First of all I mentioned that he de-synced on my screen when you first came ,second of all I dis-agreed and still don't agree with the decission of ''RE-Rping'' injuries because there was nothing wrong about my rp , IC my Charachter is strong enough to survive something like that , I didn't mention it but I can provide you with logs of me going to the GYM dailiy, because I do roleplay it .Second of all ''The adrenaline would have helped me to survive and gather the strength. Maybe I didn't state it, but i wouldn't need to, it’s pretty common sense.''
  10. Character Kill Appeal - Jeanaques Flores

    ''Roleplay is a somewhat virutal life where you can create a character and act as you would in real life. You must roleplay as realistic as possible.''
  11. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Oskars Character Name- Jeanaques Flores Date of Incident- 08/04/2017 Supervising Administrator- Jokker Narrative- Narrative - Yesterday, on the 8th of April 2017, I was forced to CK my character Jeanjaques Flores as Lequan John (Swanker) shot me. Admin Jokker together with him forced me to CK my character, because I had recognized Lequan ICly. A week earlier he had robbed a friend of mine ICly. I was there and watched the scene, but couldn't do much about it. I had his license plate and we were looking for his car after the incident. Yesterday, I met him at Idlewood Pizza Stacks, recognizing him. First I was following him next to the railways that are next to El Corona, until I came back to Stacks. Because I was ICly with the player he had robbed, I tried to tell her that this was the guy who had robbed her. I followed him to the back of the Verona Mall without seeing any Rp on his side of him taking out a Colt. He shot at me, but missed every shot. I find this highly unrealistic and an abuse of the CS, because he was shooting at me right on the main street, leaving his car in the middle of the road. IRL there would also be traffic and people passing by would've noticed his car standing in the middle of the line and him being armed and shooting around the area. Also considering it was just behind the Mall there would be even more people IRL and also CCTVs that could've caught all of what was happening. Even if he shot me, it's still possible for me to survive , if an ambulance was called and it would be, if they had not just forced me to die right at what probably is the most populated area, blatantly murdering me on an open street, despite the fact I could’ve continued RP. It all began when I drove after him, when a massive lag came in. I tried to explain it to Jokker who got to the scene later, he de-synced on my screen as I was driving. He stood behind the corner with his car. I hit the brakes, but instead of ending up behind his car, I drove over. Those lags and frame drops are pretty common even with good hardware. When he hit me, /ame showed up of my leg being hurt. I RPed getting up and getting to my bike as best as I could, whilst stumbling . I swear to god, it wasn't specifically disregard of my life. All I tried to do was to get his plates and call friends ICly, but that is obviously not possible because I can't drive and type like in Real Life due to game restrictions. After I got on my bike and took off, I RPed visual damage of my bike along with my leg being injured. I met my IC friend that was involved in the robbing I mentioned earlier. In the middle of our roleplay Admin Jokker came and told me that I can't get hit and then go and get to my bike, and that injuries have to be Re-RPed . I disagreed on that as I explained that I was lagging at the moment when I accidentally ended up on his car. I wasn’t mean to be hit in the first place. My intentions weren't to be shot by Lequan John (Swanker)I don't understand why I was forced to go back and Re-rp unjuries to his advantage because I RPed it as it was. (http://imgur.com/a/aafrw ) I was still trying to explain that it has to be taken as a PK due to situation we had earlier of him robbing me. He didn't have an appeal request accepted , they both forced me to CK. As I already mentioned that is not the only place I’m experiencing lag related issues. Today I found out that Swanker a.k.a Lequan John ICly came up to a member of the Hornets MC, their Road Captain to be exact, telling him that he killed Jean and all. The Captain followed him, and shot him in the head at the sewers, but it was counted as a PK. I don’t understand this at all. My situation should’ve been treated as PK Swanker just signed his death ICly by killing me and then openly admitting it to the MC member, yet he gets to survive, while I get killed for simply trying to get his license tag?Obviously the admin didn't take a good look around the scene as there aren't any notes of the cameras on the scene of the CK. The first scene RPed of the crash was perfectly fine. The adrenaline would have helped me to survive and gather the strength. Maybe I didn't state it, but i wouldn't need to, it’s pretty common sense. Either way I don't have any SS to proof it but my bike litterally TPed trough the car. The admin could have seen it was lag, but that doesn't matter. In my eyes the first scene was normal and correctly RPed. As I already said I did and do NOT fully agree on the first Re-Rp of injuries. Here are the screenshots http://imgur.com/a/fUjQy) of the place where he 1.Tried to run me over couple of times by driving in circles and launching into me. 2. Exact place where he left his car, and ran towards me few times shooting while I was in safe distance. He kept continuously doing that and was crouching by his car, trying to aim for my head obviously. 3. You can see that there’s a Camera pointing directly at him from St.Lawrence Function Apartments 4.Another Apartment Complex right next to the scene where he rammed me. Evidence- http://imgur.com/a/aafrw http://imgur.com/a/fUjQy Method of Death- I was shot. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  12. @Chaos Sad. And it's not my suggestion lol
  13. another great thing would be if there wouldn't be so many interiors causing countless lags in some places.
  14. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- The death and clothing/accesories system. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- My suggestion is to , add the death script like it's in LSRP allong with clothing/accesories system. What are the advantages?- First advantage of death script would be that , after players would get beaten up or shot , just recieved any damage in general it would be possible to view the actual damages /damages ID . It would make rolleplay for the FD's and PD'S easier because they could just /damages ID and see all the possible visual injuries of players. Clothing system - It would make your charachter more appealing to others like ...for example when people RP having shades ,or hats etc. on they can also wear them , well you understand what I mean. What are the disadvantages?- I don't see any disadvantages. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I don't , but i've played in other MTA servers not English'' that are using these scripts, so I'm sure it's easy to look them up in the web. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Maybe , if possible do a survey ? Q&A see what people think about this idea, because I am sure that there are people who have played LSRP and understand what I'm tryna say.

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