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  1. The Hong Bihu Association is a fraternal organization active within some of the largest Chinese communities in San Andreas - its main objective is to both serve as a representative and a defender of Chinese-American identity in modern America and as key players in the development of existing and blossoming communities. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL PRESIDENT - BERNARD "UNCLE BENNY" CHOW https://ibb.co/tLq6cbw
  2. the VM systems obv need to be redesigned - - but the biggest problem isn't really the economy and that's why I've put this under spoiler tags. the thing that sucks for me in illegal rp is that the majority of people in illegal rp are just dicks - dicks to each other, dicks to other roleplayers on the server, dicks to the admins and dickish in general in the way they conduct themselves within the community. years later it's still that same mash of people who spend forum pages arguing about the realism of faction x or y or cry out for detailed roleplay and "faction development" and lash at each other out for ic gone ooc beefs that happened years ago you can see it by the replies on this thread - owl nowadays is fucking riddled with memster incels going around posting trash and being generally annoying to anybody who's really here to fucking roleplay. and some people just don't really wanna deal with all this shit - I stopped roleplaying illegal characters exactly because I was getting tired of being constantly under fire and shelling out both at admins and other illegal roleplayers everyday over almost everything. people still don't take this seriously - and when you find a way to filter out the people that don't and keep the players that do then illegal rp and the whole server will flourish.
  3. here we post screens of your roleplay in prison whether you're a a lifer or in there for a couple of hours.
  4. mate you could have a roleplay server set in a basement interior with text and emotes and still be able to create better roleplay than a lot of people here who have the entire town and a wide-array of assets and scripts - having the freedom and the tools to do whatever you want doesn't mean that better roleplay is gonna come out of it. you need a common thread to give roleplayers safety and some common ground for them to create shit that isn't radical different from each other - you don't see people on WoW roleplaying aliens. plus this whole "you can't ask players who own expensive assets to drop them" mindset is part of the reasons why servers collapse - owners and other roleplayers are constantly kept hostage by these dudes who foot the bill for the server through donations and then expect some sort of preferential treatment or lest they flock somewhere else. stats are stats and honestly I give zero to little recognition to someone who brags about making bank ICly - the objective is to tell a story and while making bank and being profitable is important to tell one it isn't the fundamental goal of roleplay.
  5. limit the playing area from the entire LS County to either East or West Los Santos - a small playing area is gonna force people to concentrate and congregate more easily and thus increase the chances for shared roleplay and get rid of the whole empty server feel. automate some stuff like @dusty said and step into the 21st Century - people in other roleplaying hubs do stuff through dice-rolls and the type of shit they produce is miles away from the best faction drama produced in the entire history of MTA roleplay. in general switch the place up a bit - there's been some great progress in rule and script changes over the years and we're doing shit now that we'd imagine being impossible a few years ago but the rest of the server needs to urgently catch up to that pace of change or face being replaced with another Owlish clone that manages to be a little more lucky than the previous ones. stuff doesn't really seem that dramatic though - this is what I could collect from the playerbase fluctuations.
  6. this shit is a real life groundhog day.
  7. why though? I honestly can't get my head around the obcession that people have in GTA Roleplay with the concept of "realism" and "realistic" and 90% of the times it just seems like nobody at all is interested in being realistic at all - and in a way that doesn't even suit the notion of roleplaying or at least roleplaying as a hobby or a game to play with friends or strangers at all. no other system/game forces players to know everything about what their characters do/know and that's the beauty of it - whereas there I can roleplay as someone smarter than me (the roleplayer) because my characters operate and interact with the world through skills and abilities defined by numbers rather than what I as the roleplayer know about these skills or abilities. it seems like something that needs revisiting - to the point that some people in the community are more concerned about realism on a quasi-scientific level (the guys doing the automotive roleplay and the people in EMS/FD per example) rather than storytelling.
  8. I came up with this system a while back while fiddling with my brother for a personal project of ours - we were trying to run a tabletop campaign based on hackers in the 1980s (more Sleepers meets Synthwave rather than Sleeping Dogs or Uplink) and we wanted to make the actual hacking into a "minigame" of some sorts rather than just having it as a simple skills contest made by dice rolls. We came up with this maze concept (made at http://www.mazegenerator.net/) that was supposed to represent the server hacking process - the player (my brother's character) had no idea of how the maze was designed and his job was to pretty much enter the "maze" from the top and make his way to the bottom to have his character successfully invade the server and either steal the data/funds or shut it down all together. The mazes could be solved in a solitaire-like mode (the hacker needed to exit the maze in a x number of moves or the par in order or risk being disconnected and possibly traced by the system administrator) or in a multiplayer mode - in this multiplayer mode players may use programs (or risk a turn and code them on the spot - the green barriers on the image are the BLOK3R program that hinders progress for the hacker unless he uses a CRACK3R program of higher or equal level) to lay traps for either the defending administrator or the attacking hacker and the situation unfolds in a very dramatic battle determined by actual skill. I'm gonna leave you with an example of the first system of the campaign below (a small government server) in order for you to get a better example of how it works - don't have the logs right here at the moment. I figured I'd suggest this because I feel like while something that wouldn't be used by the majority of the server it'd probably help the few people who in the past have tried to roleplay hackers and cybercriminals and were intimidated by trying to figure out research on the matter or honestly couldn't get their heads around it - this is one of the few types of roleplay who shouldn't be one hundred percent realistic for obvious reasons. How do you feel about it?
  9. why is this vital though? i don't honestly feel comfortable with the idea of people roleplaying children and I can't see how it'd fit the type and mood of roleplay we're doing - its gonna be nothing but troll bait or worse if you get where I'm getting at.
  10. this shit should just be banned all together doesn't remotely fit the setting of what we're doing here and it's just creepy as fuck.
  11. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- RS Haul on the Docks What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Miscellaneous What is the suggestion?- Scrap the current RS Haul depot located in the outskirts of West Los Santos and either copy/paste or create a brand new depot located at one of the many warehouses on Ocean Docks. What are the advantages?- + Common sense sorta implies that the major logistics hub in the city would be in the docks. + Location would generate activity and use up a considerable part of the map that's currently depopulated aside from the tow/recovery factions. + The area itself has a great number of warehouses/depots - custom mapping wouldn't really be necessary and deleting the current RS Haul depot would free up some room for other stuff. What are the disadvantages?- - I assume changing the location of the depot would involve fidgeting with the trucking script and that may be very time consuming. - Time spent on this suggestion could hinder the development of more important script suggestions (considering that this is mostly flavor rather than new/improved scripts) Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- I'm not a scripter but I assume it would involve editing the trucking script to place the job markers at Ocean Docks somehow.
  12. idk how things work now but in general getting your character to work with the police department and then getting your license issued while there used to be a sure thing but icly and oocly - people would then use the license to have their characters do private security or for self-defense



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      I don't understand a single thing from this...

  13. The County Bureau of Traffic Services (BoTS) is currently looking for candidates to hire as a means to rebuild our recently reformed office and provide manpower for the excelent service we intend to provide - candidates will undertake jobs connected with the Highway Operator position. Accepted candidates will play a direct role in enforcing parking law and being a part of vehicle recovery operations in MVAs and police calls after orientation and a short period of training that includes education on basic T&R procedures followed by a probationary period under the guidance of a seasoned professional. Accepted candidates may also expect to earn a stable hourly rate and be included in a challenging and yet warm work enviorment surrounded by highly motivated professionals all aching to do use their experience and might to make the city a safer and better place - one vehicle at at time. Submit your application HERE and do your part for Los Santos!
  14. CCTVs in general are useless since anybody can provide as much or as little information as they want be it true or false - they shouldn't be spawned unless staff decides what to do and how to roleplay around them and creates rules to enforce that or on the best case scenario create an actual script that records emotes on a certain radius depending on the quality of the camera.
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