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  1. ZythuM

    Show yourself!

    @Serx why is there no picture of you here
  2. I think you mean [BR] sir Also.. to respond to the original poster.. Yes, MTA had it's time, and you'll go back to screenshots to relive memories, but there's also memories to be made on Owl V (i sound like a faggot, shit) . Using a platform allowing you to do the same as MTA did but in GTA V is far better and more immersive roleplay wise. Just let the UAT and everyone involved into making Owl V figure out and fix what needs to be fixed or added. When things start rolling you'll notice that this platform is not bad at all.
  3. Still fascinated by that avatar
  4. yellow nametag zythum reporting for duty :3
  5. Ah yes.. enslaved multi million dollar companies.. What happened to the good old days and american traditions of fair and equal opportunity when it comes to business ownership...
  6. Name: Ray Comment: Yooo, this place lit. Heard that if you get called a chimp or other racist insults you get a free drink. Came out wasted my guy!
  7. *Raymond enters the mosque wearing his kufi hat and nike cortez, apologizing to Allah for the sins he's about to commit* back in bidness lads
  8. Go get it man, I barely even open forums but when I do, I support my holmes in any battles. Adios y mucha suerte pendejo -Jorge
  9. Name: J Comment: Whiling to throw in a cheese puff and a The Rock floatie. Might add in chilli cheese bites from Burger King
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