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  1. ZythuM

    Admin zythum

    Oh shit, just saw this, bit late but hey. Good times those were
  2. ZythuM

    VT Update - June 2018

    dylanjeter should be vt leader
  3. ZythuM

    GAT Update - June 12th, 2018

    Gz @Law
  4. Name: J Comment: Real heroic indeed.. snatching a bomb and handling it like it was a fucking ball. Sure it worked out well, but imagine if the bomb exploded as soon as it was moved? Pretty damn sure you people would be scraping brain matter out of the pier along with other limbs. Goes to show that protocol is there to be disregarded.
  5. ZythuM

    Kendrick 'Kenny' Tyson

    Man, Craazy is too busy scheming in Idlewood and Kenny is in Finland
  6. ZythuM

    Disregarding life, right?

    Yeah you used the extreme dickhead roleplayer with those logs. Some people push their luck through it and expect nothing to happen to them, but if it does happen, it’s their fault and no one else. Idlewood promotes the most RP since a large portion of the server concentrates there. Just because I drive a fancy car it shouldn’t mean I should continuously be watching my back or avoid entering Idlewood like it’s Area 51 or something. There’s a large difference between roleplaying a high class person or just being a new-rich dickhead. I believe admins are able to evaluate the situation and determine wether or not it was indeed disregard, so there is no need for rule revamping.
  7. Name: J Bid: Starting.
  8. ZythuM

    Disregarding life, right?

    *James slowly passes by idlewood niggas in his red Ferrari F40 with his windows open, left arm out flexing a rolly on them.*
  9. ZythuM

    Senior Administrator Antonia

    Was better off as a supporter tbh..
  10. ZythuM

    Your Daily Dose of Khram

    Not too shabby Craazy, but needs more khram..
  11. Name: J Bid: Buyout. (( @Shanks ))
  12. ZythuM

    Car - 1989 Ferrari F40 [ENDS: 21/05/18]

    Name: J Bid: Starting. ($700.000)
  13. ZythuM

    Car - 1989 Ferrari F40 [ENDS: 21/05/18]

    Name: J Bid: $650.000 as starting
  14. ZythuM

    Car - 1989 Ferrari F40 [ENDS: 21/05/18]

    Name: J Bid: $575.000 as starting
  15. ZythuM

    Apple or Android?


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