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  1. Faction Management Team: Best FMT Leader(Including Departed): I don't fucking know? @Franco ?questionmark? Best FMT Member(Including Departed): N/A Best FMT Decision of All Time: Paying for the massive bars my rapper spitted Worst FMT Decision of All Time: Taking long to pay for my massive bars Government Factions: Best Overall Government Faction: FD obviously, kek Best Mayor/County Commissioner: @Wright shine on bby Best PD Chief: @Tremmert Best Chief Justice: @ThatGuy Best FD Chief: @Franco again?? Best Cop: @Skully love Best Firefighter/Paramedic/Doctor: @ZythuM & @Chillz the vigilante Best Departed Gov Roleplayer (Either Departed from Owl, or simply from government faction.): idk?!?!? Best Former Government Faction: ?!?!? Legal Factions: Best Overall Legal Faction: Pizza Stacks Mob Best Legal Faction Leader: @GentleFart Best Legal Faction Idea: Same as above kek Faction most likely to succeed: Pizza Stacks , AgAiN? Best Departed Legal Rper: i dont fucking know Best Former Legal Faction: N/A Illegal Factions: Best Overall Illegal Faction: Best Illegal Faction Leader: @Craazy and @Lewis / @Shanks fuck man, many choices Best Gangster: @Serx the realest, Lord Jah the whack. Ricardo Truji- Best Mobster: @LokiHavok Best Biker: @FAILCAKEZ x and @mTamas <3 Best Overall Criminal Rper: @Shanks Best Departed Criminal Rper: @BboyEnzo Best Former Illegal Faction: Hoovers or Rollin' 60's General Faction Awards: Best Overall Owlgaming Faction: ASF-13 Best Overall Faction Leader: @Craazy Best Overall Faction Member: Hard call, probably stevenramos x Best Former Owlgaming Faction: Hoovers
  2. Name: Private Bid: $50,000 as buyout? (( @Cryotich ))
  3. That's hard, rock solid type of hard.
  4. Name: Anonymoose Comment: you're hard
  5. This is proper hard. Still not selling my house tho x
  6. You've won the auction! **Message bellow is only visible to auction winner.** Contact me via 502-623 to finalize the purchase.
  7. Cash only, sorry.
  8. Leading!
  9. You've won the auction, i'll send you my contact info shortly.
  10. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 1969 Make: Dodge Model: Charger VIN: - Mileage: Relativly low mileage. Description: A true work of art. Black exterior and silver-ish rims. Images (( It's a black Sabre lads. )) Starting Bid: $27,000 Minimum Increase: $2,500 Buyout: $49,999 Auction ends: 23/07/2017 Contact Information: Will be given to the winner.
  11. Los Santos Auction House - Residence Description: Very nice residence, with a good location. Renovated interior. Two floor house. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, common room with a huge television, kitchen and gambling / gaming room. Images http://imgur.com/a/5fjQv Starting Bid: $55,000 Minimum Increase: $2,500 Buyout: $85,000 Auction ends: 23/07/2017 Contact Information: Will be given to the winner.
  12. She paid x
  13. Already done with my skin? Die.