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  1. Yeah, it actually saddens me supercars and/or hypercars dont have any true value here. A 1 mil ferrari is up for auction with a starting of 400 grand.. 400 GRAND and people even have the balls to offer 150k as starting.. The car community in this server is horse shit, only a VERY small percentage of the roleplayers actually value and appreciate cars properly. Owning a supercar or hypercar doesn't add any value to you since a shitty ass fiat punto with blacked out rims and 15 grand in mods can actually be more valuable than your car.. Not to speak of the several drift vehicles around and how i can say with most certainty that 80% of the people driving them and taking them to events doesn't even bother roleplaying the development of his character. Insta drift god.
  2. Buying ANY farm or similiar real estate.

    Yeah welp, this'll keep up when they do
  3. [Hoonigan Automotives] 2018 KTM 450 SX-F

    Name: JWantsYouToFuckOff Bid: $27,500
  4. [Hoonigan Automotives] 2018 KTM 450 SX-F

    name: Jakemyfuckinghead bid: $17,500
  5. Nice way to get that like count up Xd
  6. New YouTube video for OwlGaming.net

    this is some dank ass latvian porn music i'd assume
  7. Joseph

    Classic batman story, dead parents, revenge, a bit of memes in the middle and ending in disgrace.

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