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  1. Using a disease as a form of insult doesn't make you any better than me.
  2. You're more pathetic than this.
  3. Wish you the best, take it far.
  4. Loving the screenshots! Keep up with the amazing work.
  5. @Vubstersmurf She handles reports precisely and very well and she is always available to help more than what she was asked to. @ItsMelodyy Well I dont have anything more to add, one of my favourite admins and my best mate. @iii He's also one of my favourite admins, if not the favourite one. always available and handles reports very well.
  6. Name: Private Bid: Half cookie and a slice of pizza.
  7. Name: Privy Comment: Jokes apart I really hope that the miles are just a typo cause a cadillac with almost 1m miles it won't run smooth at ALL.
  8. Luxrayy

    2017 KTM 450 SX-F

    Name: Thisisajoke Comment: 40 fucking grands for a KTM? I am literally done. That was a ripoff whoever bought it.
  9. Name: Rallo What's the top speed of the car?
  10. Name: Vince Comment: Top speed?
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