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  1. that could work, then selecting each song would let you stream said URL +1
  2. yes and i've been told by various people that it's bugged and doesn't work, though you're missing the point, speakers are more do-able when it comes to music.
  3. lately browser textures don't seem to work properly, that's why i'm suggesting this as an alternative
  4. This can be discussed in a different post with a different topic, right now we're talking about this item.
  5. if that's the problem then how about you make in an interior-only item, how about not making it an item at all, just roleplay it as an item like a home stereo system but really it's just an interior command for custom stream URL's.
  6. Yes that is my point, It won't be mobile it'll just be a fixed speaker, like how it already is.
  7. Custom radios are mainly for cars, It won't hurt to have your own music in your interior imo This would not work on cars, only on the Speakers item, you get to choose either to use a stream URL or the available owl radios
  8. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Adding Custom Stream URL's to speakers What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- The speaker is used to broadcast the radios available in Owl, but some businesses want custom music that isn't in Owl, so I think having a custom stream in your speaker is quite reasonable. What are the advantages?- More variety of music in-game, especially with businesses like 50's themed bars/restaurants or any business really, What are the disadvantages?- I don't see any disadvantages to this, maybe It'll be hard for some players to find direct stream URL's for the speakers, but a guide can be posted I guess. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Not really How would you go about implementing this idea?- This wouldn't be a huge impact to the server, but It would make a noticeable difference.
  9. لما حبك يبقى فيك يبقى فراقك عادي نيك

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      ده احنا ننام بدري بقى عشان نصحى للكلام

  10. it really do be like dat..

  11. Alexis 'James' Dawnheart "..and your heart'll always mend by Dawn." The "Dawnhearts" lived in Chicago, Illinois. The hometown of Alexis 'James' Dawnheart who prefers to be called "Lexi" as her father once called her, She was born on the 14th of September 1996, Alexis graduated from Roosevelt High School in June 2013, She is from a middle-class family and has 3 siblings. Home Chicago, 14th of September, 2008 It was a cloudy and sad afternoon in the North-side, where the Dawnhearts lived since 1992, It was Alexis' 12th birthday yet she did not seem very excited that day, nor was she waiting for her birthday or any presents, she didn't even remember it was her birthday till her mother decided to surprise her that afternoon at home with her brother and sister too, Lexi felt like she was forced to look happy and draw a smile on her face so she doesn't make her family feel how she feels, how she's felt for the past 3 years. After the "party" was over and the cake was eaten, Lexi went back to the garage where her grandfather's old, damaged & rusty '60 Chevy Impala was parked, She remembers how her father always used to love riding his dad's old Impala, how he fixed it up for Lexi's brother "Thomas" so he could ride it one day, but after what happened to her father nobody felt the same, everything changed, it's like time stopped since the Crash, nobody forgot about the unfortunate incident since the day it happened in 2006 when "James" (Lexi's father) took the car out for a drive near the South-side of Chicago. (More about James Dawnheart, her father) Moving In Los Santos, 4th of July, 2018 Los Santos was a new chapter in Alexis' journey, She left a crime infested city (Chicago) to a mildly less dangerous one, She lived in the Jefferson Low-Class Residence Area (Trailer Parks), She owned a Suzuki motorbike that she rode to LS from Chicago. Life was hard at first, considering she only had her bike, her trailer and a thousand dollars in cash, how could a 21 year old girl survive these conditions?, you'd be surprised how strong and independent a girl from Chicago is! Weeks had passed and she already got her job as a delivery driver for RS Haul, where she worked extra shifts just to have the right amount of money to get her going in this wretched city, her family couldn't afford to buy Lexi a car, she only dreamed of riding a car like the Evo X, she decided to get a good stock car that she could build -like how she used to do with her father's Impala as a child-, she always loved admired the 2015 Evo X design since she turned 17, and since she could afford it, the first thing she did before moving out of that trailer is order her new 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR from Dinoco Imports, she was a true oil-head, she was obsessed with the idea of her finally owning it that she searched everywhere for the right parts and modifications for her new car, once everything was in place and she went to get her new car, she knew then that she'll keep buying mods and tweaks for her Evo till she goes broke, so she worked even harder; double shifts at RS Haul, worked 3 jobs (2 jobs daily and 1 job on the weekends). Alexis eventually got a job at Dinoco Cargo Services as a Courier, The income she got every month ((every hour)) of work was overwhelming so she decided to take it on as a full-time job next to her weekend job as a bartender at The Tableau Club, Eventually she moved into a big house with a bunch of her co-workers/friends that happened to work at The Tableau too; Debra, Brandon, Moka and Ethan, which was also her boss and the co-owner of the house, It was a big move for Lexi since she's never lived in such a High-Class residence, nor has she ever had a roommate other than her younger brother Thomas. A Haunting Memory Blueberry Bus Stop, 5th/6th of August, 2018 Lexi did not sleep that night, nor did she go to work, her father's birthday was the next day so she decided to take the car for a drive throughout the whole night until it was dawn, she remembered when her father said; She couldn't help but cry so hard that her eyes were dried out, her father meant so much to her, he was her mentor, her guide It was dawn, and then she figured she needed to do something for her father's birthday, so she decided to go back to Chicago that day to visit her dad's grave and see her family so she took the first bus heading to Chicago. Riding The Memories Los Santos/LV Tolls, 8th of August, 2018 Alexis was so happy on her way back home, it's like she felt alive again, she finally felt her father's presence after his devastating death, like he was riding right beside her, just her, the road, the sunset and her father's 1960 Chevrolet Impala Coupe, Yes! She did it! She fixed the car up and filled it and came back home with it, then she went to register it at the DMV of Los Santos, Alexis truly wanted her father's memory to live on for even more years to come, maybe she'd pass the Impala to her son or daughter one day! The thought of that just thrilled Lexi so much that she felt so proud of herself, she was never happier, she always loved how every single day had a happy ending, either if it was a memory of her father, or an accomplishment she had made, she always felt her father was proud of her, she knew he was truly there now, as if his soul tended to be present around her grandfather's Chevy, "I love you so much dad, I'll never forget what you've done for me, I'll always be your little Lexi, and I can't wait to finally see you! I have so much to talk about!". To be continued.... (( Coming up with Alexis' story was kinda hard, considering that the only thing I know about Chicago is the increased crime rates, Kanye West and Ice Cube's "Barber Shop" movies (which I really fuckin love btw lol), I had to put myself in her shoes to imagine every special moment she lived throughout her life, I also put in some twists in the story so I can continue it later on -maybe smth about her father's murder?, I hope you guys like it xx ))
  12. ASTROWORLD IS FUCKING LEGENDARY, it was worth the wait man, god....C1gIF0K.jpg

  13. @Weelawn @DrJoseEviI im so fucking glad you guys are here, my two favorite admins anywhere and anytime, cheers
  14. Bxhey

    DCS Perms

    Want perms for DCS, @Vader can confirm
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