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  1. Need a new section called "Administrative" to be created under Dinoco Cargo Services subforum https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2102-dinoco-cargo-services/ Need its perms to be set as only leaders would be able to see it.
  2. *Aaron Olsen gets off from behind the defendant's desk, slowly stepping towards the judge's bench*
  3. "Yes, your honor; but if you'll allow me, I'd like to approach the bench." (( @ThatGuy ))
  4. "Very well." (( @ThatGuy Yes it is and I would appreciate it if we cut it short and get this over with. ))
  5. "Yes, your honor. I'd like to proceed with a motion to dismiss." (( @ThatGuy ))
  6. "Your honor, the prosecution still seem to err in understanding the point behind my phrasing in a prejudiced manner. Allow me to quote myself here, "catch that motherfucker" was never intended to falsely imprison any individual without appropriate legal action provided with proper evidence and since we had no evidence whatsoever to apprehend them I didn't even attempt to do a pat down on their persons let alone imprisoning them; and again, the sole purpose of me asking them to "stay inside" the club was for their very own safety because I feared there was a shootout that may cause harm to nearby civilians. Moreover, I'd like to file a motion against the the aforementioned charge to be dismissed due to the lack of evidence that alleges me executing said offense and I would be more than happy to recite my statements about it and back it up with footage from my bodycam if we could retrieve them from the precinct." (( @ThatGuy @Zebulon ))
  7. Additionally this script can apply restriction to the revived player's movement as to prevent PG, trolling, etc that could also be enforced under FD's discretion, have something like /freeze that admins have maybe?
  8. Chaotropy

    Dinoco Perms

    Need Dinoco subforum perms removed from @Frankie @fr0sty00 @Cosa @Fez @Collis @Fuzion @disappoint @QueenC
  9. "Your honor, what I had in a mind of a "slip" was ought to be as mild as some vehement verbal encounter with the individuals who we deemed were suspects of the shooting at The Mint. However, I will not deny that I haven't collaborated with Stakic in the performing of his wretched act but that was solely because I thought I had been following a superior's orders who I considered surely had much more expertise than I had as I have been in the department for only about three months now. After the scene was wrapped up, Stakic had called in former Sergeant Mednikov to have a private discussion with him. I merely thought Stakic had already come clean about it and confessed it, which he apparently did not because few days after it had come to my attention that an IA case had already landed on myself, on which I've truthfully given my statements and even provided legitimate evidence. Additionally, if you'll allow me your honor, I'd like to ask the prosecution on what basis have I been charged of SF008, False imprisonment; because I can't help but notice you had only provided a small portion of the evidence by cutting out the rest of it. On Exhibit 3, excerpt no. 2, bodycam footage shows me heading out of my cruiser, brandishing my firearm - to which I'l return later -, and asking the surrounding civilians to remain put inside their club. How is that unlawful and forcefully imprisoning them inside the premises when I had absolutely no intent to be forceful nor to do any harm, when I had not pointed my gun at any of the nearby bystanders but also simply asked once and then just left them be, letting them muster around my person when I had then called in for additional back up, fearing they might begin assaulting me. If you take a look at the full bodycam footage, you will see that this was my only attempt to induce them to stay inside the premises only for their very own safety. As for why I had withdrawn my duty weapon was because Stakic had told me that he was going to "shoot a bullet", I heard multiple shots being fired which raised my suspicion as to think he had encountered another individual and they had started trading bullets in a stand-off." (( @ThatGuy @Zebulon ))
  10. "No pre-trial motions of any sort nor bail is desired by defense, your honor." (( @ThatGuy ))
  11. "Not guilty to all the charges, your honor." (( @ThatGuy ))
  12. "Yes, your honor. I'll be representing myself." (( @ThatGuy @Zebulon No point in waiting any longer honestly let's just get this over with. ))
  13. (( @ThatGuy I wouldn't mind if he is willing to take the case. ))
  14. *Aaron Olsen walks into the courtroom as he runs his eyes across the gallery silently, seating himself at the defendant's desk*
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