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  1. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    set back to @DreadKingxp @QueenC x
  2. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    removed from @rosemarie & @DreadKingxp @QueenC x
  3. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    removed from @Layla as she got banned apparently @QueenC x
  4. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    removed from @cosmin2000 @QueenC x
  5. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    For @LilManiac as well x @QueenC
  6. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    give'em to @cosmin2000 please x @QueenC
  7. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    revoked from @Deepzone & @Sackman please
  8. "Logistics through innovation, dedication, and commitment" Policies Refund/Cancellation Policy Order is eligible for a refund/cancellation if: Order wasn’t yet processed (i.e no invoice was sent to the customer/account holding ownership thereof); ergo, no processing fees will be applied. Order is processed and within a timeframe of 4 days (( 12 hours )), a cancellation request is made; thus, 15% of the invoice total cost must be transferred to Dinoco Ltd.’s bank account as processing fees. Order is processed and paid for by requester, 80% of its total value shall be refunded to the customer. Order has been paid for and wasn’t delivered in a timespan of 10 days (( 48 hours )), customer is to contact Chief Executive Officer, Huw Edwards (( @Mogs )), and/or DCS Manager, Sam McGinty (( @Chaotropy )), for a refund that is worth 50% of total invoice cost. Order is not eligible for a refund/cancellation if: Order was processed and a cancellation request has been made after given time frame mentioned prior. Order has been processed, paid for and freight set out for delivery by a DCS courier. Failure to meet said criteria will result to a strike (out of 2 strikes) given out to the customer/account holder before being blacklisted from Dinoco Cargo Services temporarily, or in some cases permanently. More policies to be added on a later date. Useful Information & Guidelines Current active discount codes #EMPLOYEEDISCOUNT #LOYALTYACCOUNT #BUSINESSACCOUNT #DISASTERRELIEF - 45% off #ORDERTHROUGHDCS - 10% off (only applicable to orders >= $3,000) Business Accounts In order to have a Business Account associated with Dinoco Cargo Services please follow the instructions on the following link: However, if you're looking forward to having a Business Account established, you are expected to transfer $5,000 to Dinoco Ltd.'s bank account for your account to be fully active and functional.
  9. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    Added to @Layla and removed from @eoozy please thx x
  10. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    DCS Perms to be set for @rosemarie & @Frankie please.
  11. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

    Need DCS perms to be revoked from @Gameplayer0575
  12. ** Sam McGinty slowly strolls inside the court room, runs his eyes over the vicinity, inspecting the crowd before he walks over to Thomas, seating himself next to him, greeting Valentin, Charlie and Leon. **
  13. Chaotropy

    DCS Perms

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