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  1. Exactly what I meant... there's no need to spam the rule. I knew there was a limit before I even robbed you, then you reminded me of the rule by pasting it to me, which specifies exactly what I was trying to do. I was not breaking a rule.
  2. I never MGed it, I could find it out ICly. A man walks up with a credit card and goes back without it, What could have happened?
  3. It was a house, and there was a modern car, so we robbed you thinking you had money. And can you give a reason for entering your pin 3 times wrong?
  4. Proof is you're rich enough to have a McLaren. If you could convince me that's enough for 5k, then do it.
  5. You posted it in the logs, literally.
  6. I think I told you to get the money, and you COULD have got it, but you didn't. This is a mistake you made that costs your life. I am not dumb, I have warned you more than three times, and now you're saying words opposing to what actually happened. I didn't need to see the locked card. I could only see that you had a McLaren and didn't pay five grands over your life.
  7. So he locked it out by himself at THAT moment to avoid paying 5k which proves that he values it over his life. Especially when he had a gun pointed at his head as he rejected the card, as being told "The card gets rejected, you die"
  8. Do you have an instance of you roleplaying having a locked card? Or 'applying' to get it locked?
  9. That means you disregarded your life for five grands because you lied to us about the card being locked because you didn't want to pay.
  10. I never actually meant for this to be a CK, but you just breaking your ATM Card so that you don't pay is another way of getting PKed so that you don't get robbed. If you complied accordingly to us, we wouldn't have even killed you. I read it very well, and once again. I DID NOT ASK FOR YOUR CARD.
  11. I guess you could've said that to my character who found texts claiming you have a McLaren and ARE searching for parts for it. Isn't that rich enough for 5k?
  12. I never asked you for your card, I just told you to get money from it. And I am allowed to force you to give me up to five grands.
  13. If you can understand correct english, the rules state that you CANNOT ROB:- More than $5,000 from someone’s bank account utilizing their stolen automated teller card (unless the player agrees). (UNLESS THE PLAYER AGREES.) Breaking that down, I'm not allowed to rob more than 5 grands without the player's agreement, and I did NOT ask for more than five grands, so I technically have the right to rob it.
  14. I was involved in this robbery as one of the robbers. We gave him more than one chance, and we knew that our limit is 5k, so we told him we don't need any more ICly. ICly, I took his phone earlier when I stole his wallet which had little money, and upon checking it, I saw a text sent 18 hours ago saying that Kane was buying parts and upgrades for his McLaren. This gave my character an OKAY that he HAD the money. We threatened him more than once, and kept a gun on his head all the time. At the last moment, we threatened him one last time, saying what was said up there, and the admin was reconning. I believe we did nothing wrong, as I gave him a last chance, asking him to give us only 5k, but he lied to us and said he didn't know his ATM account ICly, which I figured out ICly that he HAS money. I thought I'd come here and add this part, for those who believe I metagamed the fact that he HAS money, and think that I killed him without any right - He completely disregarded his life for five grands.
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