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  1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street Stock 06/05/2018 Street Mod 06/05/2018 Street Pro 06/05/2018 Street Stock 10/06/2018 Street Mod 10/06/2018 Street Pro 10/06/2018 Street Stock 24/06/18 Street Mod 24/06/18 Street Pro 24/06/18 Street Stock 08/07/18 Street Mod 08/07/18 Street Pro 08/07/18 Street Stock 22/07/18 Street Mod 22/07/18 Street Pro 22/07/18 Street Stock 26/08/18 Street Mod 26/08/18 Street Pro 26/08/18
  2. Skiizion

    Moving main roleplay to beach/marina?

    at least they can afford being there xx lets make idlewood a gated community yeah?
  3. Skiizion

    Moving main roleplay to beach/marina?

    yeah lets have black wannabe thugs walking around in the middle of a rich neighbourhood
  4. Name: Whatisyoudooing Bid: $225,999
  5. Name: MistersBack Bid: $215,000
  6. Name: Auctioner Comment: Offer denied.
  7. name: Auctioner Comment: Leading with a bid of $190,000.
  8. (( Fixed as well @Thomasmith ))
  9. (( Fixed @Thomasmith ))
  10. (( there u go )) Name: Auctioner Bid: Denied, there's a starting bid for a reason. I'm not letting a barely driven $200,000 car go away for that cheap.
  11. Fok off I got myself some hondas instead
  12. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2010 Vehicle brand: Lamborghini Vehicle make: Murcielago LP640 VIN: ****** Mileage: 11*** Description: A beautiful Lamborghini Murcielago for sale. Has been used regulary. Drives well, no issues yet. The car is fitted with custom plates saying "No Murci". Overall a great car, turns heads well. Images (( )) Starting bid: $130,000 Minimum increase: $2500 Buyout: $230,000 Auction end date: 7-26-2018 Contact details: E-Mail [email protected]((Forum PM))

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