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  1. Ultimate supercar auction.

    name: S.LBid: 120k on car #2
  2. Ultimate supercar auction.

    name: S.L Bid: 100k on car #2 comment: seems like a nice little patch up project for me
  3. We are hiring new workers to the following positions! LSMA Event Marshall Format: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/73697-los-santos-motosport-association-application-format/ If you wish to apply for Los Santos Motorsport Association, make an application using the correct format and in the correct sub section and we'll get back to you in the post! Good Luck!
  4. [SOLD] 1996 Nissan 200SX S14 Zenki + Tuning Parts

    Name: Unknown Comment: Had the same shit happen to my car I owned for over one year ( registered and well ). FTF shows up and poof it's gone with no mercy.
  5. __________________ Who are we and what do we do? __________________ Los Santos Motorsport Assocation was founded by Jasmine Rylands and Richard Hawkins in late 2016. The duo collected money together to buy assets from SACMA and formed LSMA from it. After serveral discussion with the government they managed to set up a contract to rebuild the Drag Strip for future events to be hosted on. The company also managed to get ahold of the Short Course in the Stadium located at Forum Street. After a unfortunate drop out from both Jasmine Rylands and Richard Hawkins in mid 2017. Stephan Lowerbridge has been given the position of CEO and now is the owner of the company. Los Santos Motorsport Association is based on automotive activies. Therefore we as LSMA provide Los Santos with automotive activities through out the state of San Andreas. As for an example, we host Drag Races, Autocrosses, and karting events ________________________ Our Event Locations ________________________ Los Santos Motorsport Association Headquarters - Liberty Ave LSMA Karting Centre - Pius XL Street Short Course Track ( Drifting / Autocross ) - Forum Street Gatehouse Speedpark ( Drag Racing ) - Bone County Airstrip ____________________________________________________________________
  6. It is being used as an inside track for car enthusiasts. I admit it hasnt been as active throughout the past few months but increasement will come back up once the winter event comes to an ending...
  7. LSMA Forum Perms

    @Tailor In fact let me ask Gazzeh about that.
  8. LSMA Forum Perms

    I lately took ownership from LSMA after Gazzeh quit owlgaming. The only thing that is missing for me is acces to the actual forums. I hope there is a possibility to give me acces to them. Thanks in advance. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1060-los-santos-motorsports-association/
  9. 2011 Factory Five Racing GTM

  10. [LSPD Auction] 1987 Honda Civic GL

    Name: Steph Contact Info: 615604 Bid Amount: $320,000

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