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  1. JGC Security - Hiring

  2. 2017 Ford Focus RS

    Name: B Comment: rice af
  3. Joe "JayJay" Johnson Junior

    jayjay times
  4. Two minor players in this beautiful ss

    I assume that the amount of posts you have, defines your activity at forums, so the community reputation defines how famous you are. Easy as that.
  5. Two minor players in this beautiful ss

    @MrMikser999 Me neither.
  6. Spotted @MrMikser999 @Fisupingu
  7. RPMF

    Me too.
  8. 1986 Ford Mustang LX [+4000 HP]

    Name: BF Bid: 81,000$
  9. 2016 Noble M600

    Name: Brian Offer: Would you consider 100,000$ as a starting bid?
  10. You need to put MTA:SA to borderless window mode and record the window.
  11. It costs, but it's better than OBS. I would suggest to use a Sony Vegas Pro or something related to cut the video and compress the video file with it, so it won't take a long time to upload. You can easily lower the resolution of the video down to 720p if it's necessary. @Boody
  12. Residential - #35, Crest Street, Palomino Creek

    Name: Private. Bid: Starting.
  13. 1986 Toyota Celica Supra Mark II (STARTING BID 1$)

    Name: Fisherman Bid: 100,000$

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