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  1. @GioSerpo is having PC issues and I'm having loads of stuff with university, we will attempt to keep this going as much as possible.
  2. ~Novanard has joined the chat.
  3. Thanks for the endless work. Regarding the players who are complaining about MTA, it is not in Chaos’s or staff’s hand that it is a dead server. We just got bored of it and we do not want to play it, It’s us who make it active or dead.
  4. I did not notice that you have put 2 soloutions, Social Club thing did not work, but this pc_settings.bin thing did work! Thanks.
  5. Still seeking help, sick of having to re install Nvidia components each play.
  6. كل عام وانتي بخير

  7. I will try that once I’m home, thanks.
  8. Does not matter, Story Mode, Rage or GTA Online.
  9. Hello and good day. During the last week Vubstersmurf and I have been trying all types of solution starting from logical solutions to stupid ones but nothing works. To cut it short the story is that my GTA V keeps crashing after 20-45 minutes of play randomly ( no freezing, instant crash). We tried many solutions such as: Turning Vsync off. Lowering Res Downgrading gameplay from Ultra to High Checking the latest drivers Verifying Game files In addition, I have also went through a live chat with a RockstarGames Support member and we were able to find a soloution, but it is a shit solution. Each time I have to play GTA V, I need to uninstall all of my Nvidia related items ( Experience, Audio Driver, GPU Driver, literally everything even control panel) then restart my PC then install the Nvidia things again and I would be able to play freely, but if I restart my computer or quit GTA V, I would need to re do the same Nvidia process again in order to play without crash. Intel Core i5 9600KF (6 cores) 3.7Ghz 2 x 8GB RAM Nvidia GTX 1660 6GB Win 10 pro 64 bit.
  10. Bashkov - Dan
     AWP - M4A1-S 


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