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  1. 2017 Nissan GTR - GODZILLA

  2. GAT Update - March 1st, 2018

    oh god... not you @RayPayne grats boiiiii
  3. [Mckenzy-Corp]Male Supreme Outift!

    Los Santos Auction House - Clothing Description: Official Supreme Hoodie designed by Mckenzy Corp. Starting Bid: $2,500 Min Increase:$500 Buyout:$7,000 END: 2/25/2018 (( SERVER TIME)) (( ALL TYPE OF COMMENTS ARE DISABLED // The Logo is mirrored due to DFF Viewer, ingame it is gonna look normal))
  4. What kind of jobs that makes good earning?

    What I understood from what you stated above is that you are rping a legal character, legally there are many things you can do to make good money which go on the following: - RealEstate - Mechanic (If you know how to rp as a performance mechanic this can be a huge advantage) -Stores Virtual Market - Cloth design ( you must know how to design as well) -Car dealing which goes on the following that you buy a cheap vehicle and attempt to sell it for a grand or two profit but theres a huge risk doing this because you gotta be smart on which vehicles are worth an investment or
  5. Casino?

    You can also host card decks games, scriptwisley divide cards to the participants and play Tarneeb, Hand etcetra.
  6. Developer Diary #2 - Character Creation

    Thanks to everyone who’s putting this time in this! Enjoy you mongs I hope if feels bad withoutme #LowEndPc
  7. Mckenzy Corporation

    The Mckenzy Autowork - The Garage only offers performance upgrades - SERVICES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! Price List:( This Parts list is what's common among vehicle tuners, if you are looking forward to install a part that is not listed below, you can contact us via email) Engine Swap: $65,000 ECU: $30,000 Turbo/Super: $50,000 Exhaust: $40,000 Tires: $20,000 Suspension: $30,000 Brakes: $35,000(Full brake kit) - We work with a professional mechanic team and we guarantee our clients a pass of their DMV Inspections. - Our prices are high, but quality is what matters, prices are going up accordingly due to the strict DMV Inspections on vehicles. -Keep in mind that you MUST buy you car parts and you must contact the DMV regarding your modfications (( you must fill in the VCT application and get the parts, we only rp the install))
  8. Leopard Squad

    Goodluck, they can do manythings, such as selling at the black market its not just hacking.
  9. GTA 5 Server

    Goodluck to everyone who's gonna play it and may it be a good experience, when it comes to me I have a low end PC that does not allow me to run the game but indeed the GTA V server is going to kill MTA one. I understand that people are going to say it wont, but time will tell.
  10. Mckenzy Corporation

    2/6/2018 Update: -Services section updated -A new deal with a talented seamstress - Moving over to a new HQ.
  11. Mckenzy Corporation - Garage - Saints Blvd East Beach

    @InDiGo28, you have been outbid.
  12. Mckenzy Corporation - Garage - Saints Blvd East Beach

    Noted, @Maboo you're outbid
  13. Mckenzy Corporation - Garage - Saints Blvd East Beach

    Noted @InDiGo28 outbid.
  14. Mckenzy Corporation - Garage - Saints Blvd East Beach

    starting lowered from 35 to 25.

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