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  1. I have tried OwlV, or lets say RageMP quite much times, on Owl and other servers but for some reason I were never into it and failed to cope with it, never the less goodluck for everyone who is taking a part of this contest and thanks for the staff team for the endless effort.
  2. One of the real few people that I would like to thank Owlgaming for making us friends.
  3. Novanard

    JW Outdoors

    Reserved.??? On topic, good luck!
  4. Name:Ameen Age:19 Country:Israel Time Playing OwlGaming: 2016 Active/Inactive:Inactive. Tag them friends: @Vubstersmurf @LokiHavok Favorite GAT Member: @Script Favorite UAT Member: @Vubstersmurf How did you find OwlGaming: @iV7Z OwlMTA/OwlV: OwlMTA On a scale from 1-10 rate OwlGaming(Might also consider stating why): 7, for the endless effort that the scripters are putting into the server and the minus 3 were for the small playerbase. What do you aim for in Owlgaming: Nothing. If you wake up as Chaos, what would you do for the server?:Re-op
  5. True, plus on the worst case it can be made toggle-able by admins like once the server has +50 on admins tog it off.
  6. /me rubs his hands Amazing good and thanks for every single one who is putting effort into this, well done. Regarding the store robberies I guess on night time you can lower the chance of alerting cops by 50% , is there gonna be restrictions on it too? Like can it be done when no cops are online/onduty?
  7. Is this RPed as a darkweb page? On topic: Good luck man.
  8. To be honest, faction system ( if possible) should be copied from OwlMTA 1:1.
  9. Good luck, looks promising.
  10. Well, my PC will be back soon with a fresh copy of Windows. Will see what happens next.
  11. Prepare for some good ass EOC when Im back soon. Thanks Dev team and anyone who is helping to build this.
  12. I done that minimum of 10 times.
  13. Hello, back then I was having this problem So after a long long while with this problem where I have to delete pc_settings.bin before each launch of the game, I decided that I will try to reinstall the game after getting sick of it. ( Reinstalling was the only option that I did not do because i cba to download 92 GB again but I finally did last night) The game no more launches and remains like this: The game isnt frozen, the image keeps changing and the yellow bar on buttom right is moving but it just does not go beyond this stage. Checklist: .Verfied files through ste
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