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  1. Novanard

    Tribute to X...

    But I am a muslim and I am here since 2 years, none was racist or hatful towards me. Nothing you can say about players who make muslim characters and act as terrorists or whatever, we can also create a " father" character and rape ladies too but its just not interesting rp lol.
  2. Novanard

    Tribute to X...

    I dont really mind what he is, his color aint black so once he says it ,hes terribly racist. Boy, why dont you make a topic about people in Gaza? around 15 people die there daily. on Eid eve 55 were killed and 20 of them were kids who died due to their roofs collapsing on their faces. I am not against your topic, but people should stop making a fuss about celebrities. I love X's music but your rage comment made me reply this.
  3. Novanard

    Tribute to X...

    omfg I hate him af, a white ass saying " nigga" in all of his music with a dumb ass "gang" which holds his back :fp:
  4. Novanard

    VT Update - June 2018

    I vote for @Bum
  5. Name; Auction ruiner Comment: The bike is street illegal
  6. Novanard

    My GAT Experience

    I feel sad for @JohnM
  7. Novanard

    SAUM - San Andreas United Mechanics

    I'd suggest more effort into the thread, good luck bud.
  8. Novanard

    AV Jewelers

    Still active?
  9. Novanard

    [GUI] - New way of showing "age" in /look

    Dont force an age by the look, many people look older/younger rather than what they actually are. For example nowdays a kid whos 2 years younger than me aka 16 years old has a full beard and I still got none.
  10. Novanard

    The Shadow Syndicate

  11. Novanard


    Name: Steven Woods Comment: Im alive bois.
  12. Novanard

    Confusing options

    @Squirdo had a thread about this a while ago and forgot how he solved it
  13. Novanard

    Suggestions to improve illegal RP

    Okay let me clear the story: Timeline:(2016- late 2017): Yeah fuck Khram so op faction .. drops and eveything and Wright assists them along with the rest of UAT. LokiHavok: Ok, Khram is down Timeline(Now): Where is the illegal rp? where are the weapons etcetra blbablabla Nothing you can do, Khram played a huge factor in the illegal rp and you - anti khrammers - asked for it to be taken down. I am attempting to make a change as well in my Shadow Syndicate faction and I am having a good change being made, all we need is time and my personal time to recover as I spent last month in the hospital.
  14. Novanard

    Why I love owlgaming

    I love Owl because of @Script , @Loke @BremboBG and the whole discord of Mama Salad.

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