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  1. Well, my PC will be back soon with a fresh copy of Windows. Will see what happens next.
  2. Prepare for some good ass EOC when Im back soon. Thanks Dev team and anyone who is helping to build this.
  3. I done that minimum of 10 times.
  4. Hello, back then I was having this problem So after a long long while with this problem where I have to delete pc_settings.bin before each launch of the game, I decided that I will try to reinstall the game after getting sick of it. ( Reinstalling was the only option that I did not do because i cba to download 92 GB again but I finally did last night) The game no more launches and remains like this: The game isnt frozen, the image keeps changing and the yellow bar on buttom right is moving but it just does not go beyond this stage. Checklist: .Verfied files through steam. .Reinstalled RageMP and redownloaded server files .Deleted Pc_settings.bin . Reinstalled the game No mods installed at all, still a fresh game. Computer specs: i5 9600KF 3.7 up to 4.6Ghz Asus Geforce GTX 1660 Phoenix 6GB OC. 2 X 8 HyperX DDR4 RAM. MSI B360M Gaming Plus MB.
  5. I have to say it... I was one of the many who had 0 faith in OwlGaming V when it launched ( because we all know it was not really ready on that launch date) and I always preferred OwlMTA. I can now peacefully take back my words and I can already imagine where OwlV is gonna be in like 1 year from now. Huge thanks to the scripters.
  6. yeah I will soon upload my Lead Masturbator Novarnards Nice to meet you Maxvell
  7. WhaleCome frenn, enjoy your stay
  8. Well, even though I dont play but this requires two types of phones, a smart phone and an old one ( for illegal rpers) old phones can not share their locations. or if a phone is an old one it can be set as /setoldphone by admins or something to prevent it from being PGed.
  9. Glad that I took a part in this community when it actually was superactive and was usual to see 120-140 players on a weekend, Goodluck in the future.
  10. Novanard.exe has been activated.
  11. If you not looking to spawn loads of money, then make it a percent of it? Like being able to transfer 50% of your cash or something? Because most of us sold their stuff after leaving MTA.
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