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  1. Not all of us have a sugar daddy for the perfect time to upgrade, here in Israel a PC that runs GTA V and the modern games costs you a thousand dollars.
  2. -Owl peaks at 100 nowdays, do you realize that most of the community run the game on toasters just like me. -OwlV is gonna kill the playerbase of MTA, because none with OwlV will go like " I miss MTA"
  3. Unfortunately, I been moved to the hospital again, cya in 1-3 weeks

  4. I been Iphones except for the Iphone X, I owned I phone 6, 7, and now I got 8, my thighs are fatter than a milf and a so tight pocket, and it never bent. 👲
  5. No bids - Auction is over
  6. Novanard

    All Vehicles should have Logos by default

    A logo makes you know only the brand not the model. For example lets say two black huntleys have Mercedes logo. One of them can be GLE and the other one can be G Class. how can we know?
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year:2017 Vehicle brand: Mercedes Vehicle make:G550 4x4 Squared VIN: ***** Mileage: 6,584 Description: Who doesnt know what a Gclass is? Especially when it is a squared edition. Images Starting bid: $200,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: $260,000 Auction end date: 10/08/2018 Contact details: Will be given to the winner ((IC AND OOC COMMENTS ARE DISABLED))
  8. Novanard

    Developer Diary #6 - Community Feedback

    I mean, this seems so exciting and I appreciate all the tile that’s put into this but the community would be separated in half and I am sure about it. MTA Server - Home of toasters OwlV - Home of people with a sugar daddy Reason goes on common sense, why would someone play San Andreas over GtA V?
  9. Novanard

    Go-To Nat's

    TFS - is a new service under the company of Go-To Nat's which offers Armed and Unarmed Security officers , TFS is willing to provide security to nightclubs, house parties, bars and pubs , and any other property that needs to be protected. Our pricing depends on the hours that clients and business managers need. (( @Maximas Recruitment: We are currently hiring for the following postion(s): -Armed Security Officer Application Form: Send in your applications for [email protected] (( Forum PM @Novanard))
  10. Novanard

    Go-To Nat's

    Nat with her time - to time charity nights! (( @Kozinski @disappoint @Maikeyy2 @FartingFace @Maximas @mTamas , @Diogo @violet23and everyone who attented, thanks. // Main idea of this was to move rp out of Stacks for the good.))
  11. Novanard

    Moving main roleplay to beach/marina?

    Although I drive luxurious rides at Idlewood, but I strongly support ghetto people to just harm our stuff, it makes no sense, imagine millionares meet up at uhhh Pizza Hut daily and talk about their issues there.
  12. Novanard

    Delta Security Group

    Looks neat! Best of luck.
  13. Novanard

    Go-To Nat's

    Thread updated. Added, Nat's Gas and Listen - To Nat's (( @Kraze ))
  14. Novanard

    [Vehicles] - Updating fuel prices.

    What I would suggest is, let each gas dealer decide his prices, ( should be a limit from 1-4 dollars per liter to avoid scamming) which allows a competition among gas dealers.

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